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The latest popular trend among K-pop fans and flooding social media is posting outfits inspired by K-Pop albums. The tendency emerged in 2020 at the start of the pandemic, with many people home quarantined due to COVID-19. Since then, it has proven to be a fun and safe way to interact with other K-pop fans while sharing their favorite albums.


A lot of fans don’t just recreate only one outfit. They make two, three, and even more, these outfits are inspired by all the K-pop albums that are part of their repertoire. Maybe you are wondering how to achieve these looks most successfully and appropriately. The truth is that it all depends on your creativity. This time, we have prepared a small guide on how to dress as aK-pop album. Scroll down to know more about this fun trend!


3 steps to achieve an outfit inspired by your favorite K-pop albums


Before we begin, it is essential to clarify that this trend of dressing like K-pop albums is not necessarily about recreating the outfits that idols wear on the album cover. The tendency, more than anything, is about recreated sets derived from the vibes of the album.


What does that mean? That you are not obliged to consider the clothes of your idols. So, you should pay more attention to the aesthetics of the album, its colors, and its design. Those are the elements that will inspire your outfit. Everything’s clear so far? Great, Let’s discover the three steps you must follow to dress like K-pop albums!


Step 1: Choose your favorite album


It is the most significant step. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to recreate the outfit from your favorite album. As we said before, there are no limits when choosing the album. You can pick as many as you want and get inspired not only from one direct outfit but from all of them! Take this opportunity to let your love and admiration for those K-pop idols inspire your style.


Step 2: Choose the theme


What’s the color palette of the album? How is it designed? Does the album have geometric elements, numbers, and shapes? By asking yourself these questions, you can get closer to a more album-like look. However, as everything depends on creativity, sometimes the color palette and the design are not enough. So, if you want, you can incorporate album-like vibe styles that idols have worn in the videos or shows where they promote their albums.


Step 3: Take a photo and share it with everyone!


One of the funniest parts of this trend is that you are not alone. Like you, many other people are making or wanting to try out outfits inspired by K-pop albums. You have to check social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, and you will see K-pop fans wearing outfits inspired by K-pop albums.


So, as soon as you have finished your look, do not forget to take a picture and show everyone that you too joined this creative trend! In addition, it also serves as an opportunity to share experiences and emotions about what it was like to dress up as your favorite K-pop album. Sounds exciting, right? Because of that, this trend is causing a global sensation.


10 ideas to dress up like K-pop albums


1. Dark and wild – BTS


Korean Fashion Trends - Outfits inspired by k-pop albums - bts

The color palette of this album is full of powerful colors like black and red. They have white letters. It is quite a striking album thanks to its dark appearance.


Besides, the title of the album is Dark and Wild for a reason. Just based on the name of the album, you can get an idea for your look.


You have to make it dark and wild! Integrate dark-colored garments, preferably the same ones from the album, and use accessories that enhance your outfit. Also, you can wear a cap, a belt, and some pieces of jewelry.


An outfit inspired by this K-pop album would be a grunge-style look. A bit more urban and street style but casual at the same time.


2. Feel special – TWICE


Korean Fashion Trends - Outfits inspired by k-pop albums - twice

The pink, purple and blue tones are the ones that predominate on this album. They have bright and very feminine tones.


The album has vintage vibes and a lot of dynamism. To achieve an outfit inspired by this K-pop album, you can wear pieces that are a bit more classic but at the same time modern.


For example, a pleated skirt, a blouse in the colors of the album, accessories such as pearl jewelry, and boots. You can also wear a tight dress if you wish.


The important thing is that you get a look that fits the colors and aesthetics of the album. That is a casual look but a bit elegant too. It is a type of look that fits the girly style.


3. Follow – MONSTA X

Korean Fashion Trends - Outfits inspired by k-pop albums - monsta x

The predominant color of this album is an intense and electric blue. It has a figure and dynamic letters on its cover.


The best thing to achieve a look inspired by this album would be to use clothes with strong blue tones. Also, you can try to combine them with white garments.


The album gives a vibe of mysticism and has a look that makes you think a bit of the galaxy.


Maybe you can wear a long dress or a blouse with a long skirt, and a tunic or coat would help you achieve the perfect look inspired by this K-pop album.


4. Young Forever – BTS


The white, blue, and yellow colors are the most prominent on the album. Both the tones and aesthetics of Young Forever convey tranquility. Because of that, try to make your look inspired by this album simple, comfortable, and above all, fresh. You can wear pastel yellow pants or a skirt, accompanied by a basic white blouse and a denim jacket. You can add accessories such as a black belt and a yellow headband.


5. The ReVe Festival – RED VELVET


Korean Fashion Trends - Outfits inspired by k-pop albums - red velvet

It is full pink. It barely has a picture of the members, it’s in black and white. And black letters as well.


Its color palette is a bit basic, but that serves many ideas. It has an elegant and sophisticated look. Because of that, try that the clothes you use adapt to this style.


You can wear a black turtleneck and long sleeves shirt accompanied by a pink satin dress. Add some white or black boots and an accessory of your choice. A beret, for example. If you want, you can recreate a more casual outfit, but try not to overdo it because the essence of the album could disappear. The classic style also fits the vibes of the album.


6. The War – EXO


Korean Fashion Trends - Outfits inspired by k-pop albums - exo

This album is full of primary colors and prints with beaches and lots of nature. It’s very laid back and summery, so try to pick an outfit that has character.


You can wear yellow pants and balance them with a black or white blouse. Preferably with a floral print.


Remember that it should be a fresh and casual style. When you do this look, imagine that you are going to enjoy a relaxing beach vacation. Wear light and colorful clothes.


This look is not very difficult to achieve.


7. Wings – BTS


Korean Fashion Trends - Outfits inspired by k-pop albums - bts

It is another album where black and white stand out. Taking those colors into account, you can achieve a casual and street look.


Wear black leather pants, a long-sleeved white blouse with some print, a chain belt as an accessory, and tennis shoes or boots.


You do not need to put in a lot of effort to achieve a Wings-inspired look.


With basic garments, adding some accessories, and without forgetting the predominant colors, you will get an outfit worthy of this album.


8. The Album – BLACK PINK


Korean Fashion Trends - Outfits inspired by k-pop albums - blackpink

On this album, the color black predominates. However, unlike others, it also integrates bright pink.


If you want a fresher look but at the same time girl crush style, a look inspired by this album is your best option. Integrate dark-hued garments and pink garments.


Better if they are garments with some glitter decorations.


You can use accessories such as caps, chokers, simple makeup where the protagonists are your lips, and platform boots.


9. Return – iKON


Korean Fashion Trends - Outfits inspired by k-pop albums - ikon

If red is your favorite, then you have to try a look inspired by this K-pop album!


Red is the predominant color on this album. It has white lettering and a dynamic line design.


For this album, you can combine a red plaid skirt with a white crop top.


You can also integrate long stockings and black boots. If you want to add accessories like glasses, it is a good idea.


10. Map of the soul 7 – BTS


Korean Fashion Trends - Outfits inspired by k-pop albums - bts

We opened and now close the list of outfits inspired by K-pop albums with BTS. This album is also of a naive and more delicate aesthetic. White and blue are the leading colors, but you can also find yellow tones. To achieve a look inspired by this album, we recommend wearing a white blouse accompanied by a denim jumper and adding accessories with yellow tones.


Do not try a very extravagant style because that’s not the aesthetic of the album. However, you can wear other clothes of your preference. Just do not forget the focus: simple and light colors.


The trend of wearing outfits inspired by K-pop albums shows us the influence that idols have on fashion. Not only are the idols’ outfits inspiring, but so are the aesthetics of their albums. Many people have joined this trend, and all the looks they achieve are attractive and bright.


Maybe your favorite album did not appear on this list. But do not worry. It is not a definitive list. It just wants to guide you on how to achieve an outfit inspired by a K-pop album. You can take the ideas and adapt them to your style or the album you decide to choose. We hope that you have liked this post and that it has been helpful to you. Like you, we also love K-pop and K-fashion. Do not forget to keep visiting our blog to keep up to date on all the possibilities that Korean fashion offers!


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