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Recent K-pop comebacks brought us music full of rhythm. But also the best outfits of the season! Did you know that you can achieve outfits inspired by recent comebacks? Doing so is not a problem. On the contrary: you will enjoy the process, and the results will make you want to try it again and again. Getting outfits inspired by K-pop videos is one of the hottest trends in recent days. Do not stay behind and join this trend that has a lot to talk about on the networks. Do you know how to do it the right way? Here we explain how. Read on to find out how to achieve an outfit inspired by recent K-pop comebacks.


Steps to create the perfect outfits inspired by K-pop comebacks


Style is a big part of any comeback. No matter how good the music is, it won’t get enough of our attention if they don’t look good while singing it. Maybe it’s a bit of a sad fact, but the K-pop industry is very visual. But the fantastic advantage of that is that you get some terrific comeback looks. Follow these three steps to achieve the perfect K-pop outfit.


Step 1: Play the video


It is the most significant step of all. You will be able to enjoy for the first time that video that you were waiting for. But also because you can visit your favorite K-pop group while also admiring their outfits. You can repeat this step as many times as necessary. You have to take a good look at the aesthetics of the video. And do not forget to look at its colors and also the clothes of the idols. That will help you get the outfit you dream of so much.


Step 2: Define the style


Once you have enjoyed the video, you have to define the style you will wear in your outfit. Since this is quite a creative trend, you may combine the style of the video with your own. This way, you will give your look a more personalized touch. Choose what colors you will use, what clothes will be appropriate, and with what accessories you can combine them.


Step 3: Dress up and dazzle everyone with your outfit inspired by the latest comebacks


When you have already chosen what to wear, it only remains to dress, comb your hair, and put on your makeup if you prefer. We are sure that you will achieve the best results. When you are ready and rocking like a true K-pop star, take your best selfies and share them! You are sure to get a lot of attention from other girls in your fandom.


Outfit ideas inspired by recent comebacks


Butter – BTS, Outfits inspired by recent comebacks


Korean Fashio Trends - Outfits inspired by recent comebacks - BTS

After the last success with Dynamite, BTS is back to break records. If you like this K-pop band, you probably already saw the video. Or if you are an Army member, you have most likely been among the first to see it. In addition to the contagious disco beat, BTS once again brought us inspiring outfits.


If you look closely, the video is predominantly yellow, gray, black, and other colors such as red and green also add to the palette. The boys appear in elegant outfits and then with more sporty and casual outfits. Actually, from this video, you can have multiple outfit ideas.


Combine clothes in black colors, such as pants and jackets, and mix them with a yellow blouse and accessories of the same color. The outfit must be dynamic, colorful but also include dark tones and, above all, creative. After all, the comeback is about that, having fun.


Dun dun dance – OH MY GIRL, Outfits inspired by recent comebacks


Korean Fashio Trends - Outfits inspired by recent comebacks - dun dun dance

This song is the summer anthem of the year! With disco and summery rhythm, the OMG girls have arrived to conquer the hearts of everyone once again. The style of these girls is undoubtedly one of the chicest and most feminine. Also, with their comeback, they remind us of one of the most popular trends in K-fashion: denim.


The girls in the video wear colorful clothes and more casual and street style combined with sporty details. Like the song, a look inspired by this video should have a lot of movement and shine. However, denim is one of the outfits that stands out the most. We see ragged jeans, skirts, and jumpers in denim.


Because of that, to achieve a look inspired by Dun dun dance, combine colorful garments with denim items. Add platform shoes or accessories like fabric headbands. You will have a look inspired by this comeback.


Advice – Taemin


Korean Fashio Trends - Outfits inspired by recent comebacks - Taemin

The comeback of Taemin has us very excited and in love! This talented K-Pop singer will enchant everyone with each of his comebacks. But it is natural: He is a K-pop star who sweats success thanks to his prowess in dancing and singing. Besides, his songs are always like a happy virus! So contagious and iconic. The aesthetics of the MV are cool colors.


White, gray, and other cooler tones are part of the color palette. However, black is also noticeable. The clothing of Taemin and his dancers looks lean more towards the grunge style. For that reason, if your tastes lean more towards these types of outfits, Advice is the best inspiration you can find.


Combine clothes in cold tones, accessories such as chains and striking earrings, a black or white leather jacket with high boots, or those that best suit your preferences. Shine wearing an outfit like the Advice video.


First – Everglow


Korean Fashio Trends - Outfits inspired by recent comebacks - everglow

With a powerful dark style, these girls are conquering the charts with their comeback.


In the video, the color black predominates but also red. The style of the song and video and his garments is a bit gothic elegant.


Recreating an outfit inspired by this comeback is not very difficult.


You have to wear black or red. However, you can perfectly combine both tones to achieve the expected look.


Next Level – AESPA


Korean Fashio Trends - Outfits inspired by recent comebacks - AESPA

Since their debut, these girls have given a lot to talk about. The concept of this K-pop girl group is very far from the usual. With this comeback, they have brought us again a video inspired by artificial realities.


It is a colorful video, where the pink color predominates and also other tones full of electricity. For a Next Level-inspired look, we recommend including the most extravagant pieces you have. You can wear ruffled blouses, loose skirts, and embellished jackets.


Combine white with blue. You can also wear black socks that stand out from long black boots. It is a pretty grunge and flashy style.


Mafia – ITZY


Korean Fashio Trends - Outfits inspired by recent comebacks - ITZY

The girls of ITZY are taking the internet by storm with their comeback! And they do so with a different style than what we were used to seeing in them. Previously, we saw them sporting colorful styles that are a bit sporty.


But also the street, even with touches of cute style. However, this time around, ITZY came back with a song full of power and a video with a dark aesthetic.


Black is the predominant color, and leather outfits are the most seen in the video.


If you want to inspire your look in the Mafia video, try not to forget the darkest tones of all.


K-pop videos are a source of inspiration for many fans. If you have ever dreamed of wearing an outfit inspired by recent K-pop comebacks of your favorite idols, this is your chance. Do not miss it and join this trend that is becoming bigger among K-pop and K-fashion lovers. Also, do not forget to visit us every day to stay connected with this unstoppable fashion!


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