Off-shoulder oversized tops, a sudden current Korean fashion trend: is it worth the hype?

korean fashion trends - Off-shoulder oversized tops

We know that oversize clothes are a fashion statement in Korean fashion trends. In Korea, you can find clothes of this type in all clothing stores, from shirts, hoodies, to dresses and pants. The popularity of the oversize style is unstoppable, and that is because it is a style that integrates easily with others as well. For example, grunge, street, cute, casual, and even sophisticated style. However, we will hardly see this style disappearing from Korean fashion one day. And we’re happy about that because we love this trend. And the Koreans do too. For that reason, this 2022, the oversize continues to be a must. Especially since it reaches another level with the off-shoulder oversized tops, a sudden current Korean fashion trend: is it worth the hype? Today in Korean Fashion Trends, we will answer this question and find out more about this garment that has fascinated everyone since Seoul Fashion Week. If you’re ready, here we go!


Are off-shoulder Oversized Tops, a sudden current Korean fashion trend, worth the hype?


Yes, without a doubt, the hype over this sudden current Korean fashion trend is worth it. Why? Let’s review a few points. First, Korean women also love oversized clothes in 2022 as well, especially when it comes to a garment that, in its classic form, is considered a disrespectful garment. Therefore, we found the second important point that explains why the off-shoulder oversized tops, a sudden current Korean fashion trend, are worth it. The oversized clothing trend in Korean fashion has a rich history. In the past, they were associated with conservative fashion. Also, in the past, tight clothing that emphasized the shape of a woman’s body was considered inappropriate. However, even if a woman dares to expose much of her upper body, she is still subject to criticism. As a result, we can rarely find styles that expose the midriff or chest area in Korean fashion trends for long. 


That’s why the oversize style stays and endures in K-Fashion. However, new trends are emerging, like this one. They integrate new and slight modifications. These can be shoulder slits and off-the-shoulder styles to show a little more skin. While this particular product is edgier than what you might find on the streets of Seoul, it fits more in line with the trend seen in K-Pop fashion. This trend is more daring and can show a little more skin. In addition to being very stylish, this garment seems to be another step in the Korean fashion revolution. Because of that, yes, it is worth the excitement around this garment.


How to combine off-shoulder oversized tops?


The off-shoulder oversized tops, a sudden current Korean fashion trend, are very fashionable and versatile garments. In addition to being oversize and not completely defining your figure, it exposes the shoulders, which is a fusion of what is correct and what is not for many Koreans when it comes to dressing. Because of that, it is not only a glamorous garment but also a revolutionary one. If you want to know how to combine off-shoulder oversized tops, here are some ideas:


1. With mom, baggy or wide-leg jeans

If there is a garment with which the off-shoulder oversized tops, a sudden current Korean fashion trend, combine perfectly, it is with denim. You can combine these tops with mom jeans. Or if you prefer to play with layers, wear baggy or wide-leg jeans. That will add more dynamism to your look. Taking advantage of the neckline of the shoulders, accentuate the skin of this area of ​​the chest using a necklace. Add some sneakers, and you will have a very casual, comfortable, and chic look.


2. With shorts or skirts


And if you prefer to replace the jeans with something else, you could wear a short or a skirt instead. The important thing is that when wearing off-shoulder oversized tops, a sudden current Korean fashion trend, the attention is on your top. Why? Because by itself and because it leaves the shoulders uncovered, it is a key and different point in the outfit. You can tuck the top inside, and you will create a better style.


But off-shoulder oversized tops are the only sudden current Korean fashion trend?


No, it is not the only one! There are some other sudden current Korean fashion trends. In addition, they are very fashionable elements. Any Korean fashion lover could fall in love with them. Here are other sudden current Korean fashion trends:


1. Flared jeans


These jeans look perfect with casual sneakers. In addition, Koreans love to wear sneakers of all kinds, sports, thick, with decorations, classic, etc. Above all, they like to wear them with jeans with a wide boot. Flared jeans fit best with large belts and oversized tops. In this way, they achieve a natural look day and night. That’s why flared jeans are also suddenly a current Korean fashion trend.


2. Chunky shoes


This 2022, chunky shoes will invade the streets of South Korea. Since Koreans fell in love with this style of shoes, many buy them from Western store websites. We can understand why these shoes are a sudden current Korean fashion trend because they are sneakers with a different look. We must remember that Asian fashion has a preference for cute looks. Therefore, any fashion element that helps achieve the perfect look is welcome. Although they go well with almost any garment, it is better not to combine chunky sneakers with tennis skirts. The best way to wear these shoes in Seoul is with wide-leg pants or flared jeans.


3. Puffed sleeves

The puff sleeve trend was already in Korea. But it left and came back again for this 2022. That shows that, after all, fashion is a cycle. This Korean-style garment with feminine touches is a fashion statement. Why? Because it draws a lot of attention. Also, it provides a different and sophisticated style, even if it is a more casual garment. And what is its secret? The sleeve. They are balloon-shaped, short to the shoulders, and some cover the entire arm. These are usually folded at the end to create a puffy effect. That is what is known as the puffy sleeve in current Korean fashion trends. Since oversized clothing gets associated with youth in Korea, sleeves that reach lengths longer than the arm are considered a fashion statement.


4. Classic Tailoring


Did you know that no matter how much Seoul culture, streetwear, or K-Pop influences Korean fashion, classic tailoring is still part of sophisticated Korean fashion? That’s how it is. Many people in Korea even get their classic tailored suits from a local expert stylist from an online store or physical store. However, if you can’t purchase your suit in the same way because you are outside of Korea, you can use customer services to get a Korean-style suit. You will think that these suits are only worn for the most formal moments due to their sophisticated appearance. But not. They are also suits that you can wear for the most casual moments and in your day-to-day life.


The off-shoulder oversized tops, a sudden current Korean fashion trend: is it worth the hype? Yes, it is. In addition to all the style it brings, this garment is revolutionizing Korean fashion little by little. But apart from this garment, others are also a sudden current Korean fashion trend. All of them are fashion statements that you can’t miss if you want to be updated with all the trends in K-Fashion for 2022. Which one was your favorite? Tell us in the comments! See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog.

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