Know these neutral Korean fashion outfits for men

Korean fashion trends - Know these neutral Korean fashion outfits for men

Neutral colors have one advantage over all the higher-color families: they work perfectly, either together or separately. They also harmonize well at any time of the year. However, we must admit that color has been the subject of debate in menswear for a long time. While some like to dress in bright, saturated hues, most stick to monochromatic, conservative colors. And we don’t deny it. It is true that the colors that have become the standard of men’s fashion, such as gray, black, and blue, are infallible. Neutral colors play the main role in Korean fashion trends. There are many combinations of neutral tone outfits not only for women: men can also enjoy the looks in these colors. So today, in Korean Fashion Trends, we talk about how to pull off some neutral Korean fashion outfits for men. Are you ready? Keep reading!


How to combine neutral colors?


korean fashion trends - How to combine neutral colors?The neutral colors cause a minimalist aesthetic and sensations of solidity, stability, and security. Using several colors from the neutral and basic range will make you feel balanced.


Combined with other colors, they will alter the energy of the whole, defining your image, enhancing the message of the most visible color, or contrasting it.


Before starting with the neutral Korean fashion outfits for men, we want to clarify that wearing neutral colors does not always mean wearing looks in those colors. You can also combine them.


However, you need to know how to do it correctly. Here are some tips to help you combine neutral colors with other tones.




 COMBINE WHITES AND CREAMSDepending on the tones you choose from the universe of types of white, you will project curious neutrality.


Both creams, beiges, broken white, bone, and grayish-white, express a state of reflection and inspire integrity, personal coherence, and simplicity.


It is a good choice when combining white with other colors.







korean fashion trends - COMBINE BEIGE WITH BROWNS, REDS, AND YELLOWSThe beiges that you present in your wardrobe with brown, red, brick, orange or yellow tones.


Also, their more neutral versions are the warmest combination that exists.




Because they all contain yellow.


And by using these colors, you visually increase your temperature.




Korean fashion trends - BEIGE WITH GOLDA visual sense of expansion is produced when beige accompanies the purest yellows and even gold and other burned yellows.


This combination will help you strengthen your self-esteem and confidence.


These ranges add brightness to your aesthetic personality and affect the kind of feelings you have about life.


Combining them will not only make you look great in style. It will also help your mood.





korean fashion trends - GRAY AND PINKGrays and their varieties help pink rise from the everyday.


Also, adding white to the mix will cause a visual effect of purity and ingenuity.









Korean Fashion trends - GRAYS WITH GREENIf you want a successful gray color look, you can combine it with a green shade.


It is curious how the green color changes slightly next to the gray ones.


Naturalness is not lost but power, especially when we use medium turquoise or mint green tones.


Combine them for a sophisticated and avant-garde style.



3 neutral Korean fashion outfits for men


Now that you know some combinations you can achieve with neutral colors, it’s time to discover those neutral Korean fashion outfits for men! So take the opportunity and recreate some of these looks if you are a boy. And if you want to improve your outfits with these shades!




Korean fashion trends - korean manThe first option among these neutral Korean fashion outfits for men is an earthy look. As its name says, in this combination, you should look for colors that remind you of earth tones.


Khaki, mahogany, terracotta, and brown will be the most indicated. This color palette is the most versatile. And contrary to what they tell you, these shades go perfectly together.


Mix a more pigmented garment like a terracotta shade with olive green, light brown, or beige to take the ‘desert’ look out of your color palette.


You can wear white jeans with an olive dress shirt. Add a terracotta-colored jacket and brown shoes. It is a sophisticated look, but you can make it more casual if you wear it with sneakers.




korean manThe second option in these neutral Korean fashion outfits for men is a look you can wear to the office. Why? Because office outfits in neutral tones are the best. They are more elegant, sophisticated and give you a more professional appearance.


For that reason, leave behind the navy blue suit. Forget it. Try something new like a beige outfit. And if you still miss blue a lot, add it to your new look in the form of a tie.


Neutral tones like beige are ideal with dark colors like wine, oxford gray, and navy blue. Invest in this new suit because you can wear it from fall to summer if you know how to combine your accessories well. In addition to fashionista, it is practical and versatile.




korean man - black suitAnd the latest look among these neutral Korean fashion outfits for men is a monochrome outfit. The term suggests wearing a single shade from head to toe. Today, we suggest you leave aside the most boring monochromatic look.


Instead of an “all black”, how about you try wearing an “all white” instead? You can combine white pants with a long-sleeved white cotton shirt and add some brown shoes. Or you can do the same combination but use beige as the main color.


However, if you need a little more guidance and don’t want to achieve an all-color outfit, we suggest choosing a single color as the focal point. On that color, you will build the rest of your look. That will make your life easier, and if done well, you will achieve a look of ten with practically zero effort. This is achieved with a garment that catches your attention due to its color. Mix that piece with shades like beige, khaki, white, or bone, and let it take center stage.


The neutral Korean fashion outfits for men are combinations you should try if you want to take your style to another level. Get out of the monotony and boring outfits and conquer the streets thanks to your great Korean style and outfits in neutral tones. Do you dare to join this style? We hope so. See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog!


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