5 must-have Korean fashion garments in summer 


Every season trends change. Although some remain all year round for many years, others only appear with the changes of seasons. And also leave with them. Luckily, we are now enjoying the warm weather of summer. There are many Korean fashion options to wear during this season, and they are all perfect options. However, some pieces are essential, and you need to have them in your closet no matter what. Because of that, in Korean Fashion Trends, you will be able to know the 5 must-have Korean fashion garments in summer! In this way, you will have the most necessary garments during this warm season. If you have these pieces, we guarantee that you will be able to achieve a Korean fashion style more easily. Are you ready? Keep scrolling down to continue reading!


5 clothes you need to elevate your Korean fashion outfits during the summer


When we think of summer in Korea, tennis skirts, floral dresses, and pastel colors inevitably come to mind. One reason is that Korean fashion is known for its ultra-feminine and delicate aesthetic, with clothing that hugs the wearers’ figures. For that reason, it is usual to think of miniskirts, oversize clothes, or romantic blouses worthy of a K-Drama. However, Korean fashion is no longer what it used to be. Why? Because little by little, it is changing, evolving towards something new and less traditional. For that reason, today, we can see dresses that reveal more of the shoulders or tops that reveal the abdomen. However, many of the clothes are still part of K-Fashion trends. After all, they are comfortable, feminine, and fit perfectly with the Korean fashion aesthetic. This is the opportunity if you want to know the 5 must-have Korean fashion garments in summer! Let’s get started.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-WIDE-PANTSWide leg pants are another direct evolution from the 2010s skinny monopoly. Mid-rise skinny jeans gave way to mom jeans and high-waisted pants. But finally, we have reached the last metamorphosis, the baggy pants. These pants are perfect for summer because they are light and fresh.


Also, they add a lot of styles. For that reason, they are part of the must-have Korean fashion garments in summer. You can wear them with an oversize shirt or tops and a hoodie. You can add the sneakers of your choice and accessories such as a bucket hat, sunglasses, etc. Accessories are essential to elevating your outfits. Summer is no exception!


To complement your combinations with wide pants, use the accessories you like the most. You can also wear wide-leg cuffed pants! Because while the whole world turns its back on the hem of the pants, Korea swims against the tide. Pants above the ankle, and sometimes even mid-calf, are the new trend.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-KNITTED-TOPSThe tops are another summer hit. For that reason, it could not be missing among the must-have Korean fashion garments in summer!


In addition, knitted tops are another trend from the beginning of the last decade that, instead of dying, returns to our closets. How many colored knit tops did we have in the closet? Now they have returned and are gaining more prominence.


You can also accompany these tops with knitted jackets or cardigans. The combination of both knitted garments is a perfect choice. To that look, you can add wide pants or baggy jeans instead. With some sneakers or chunky shoes, it could easily fit. These knit tops on their own make for a stunning style. However, combined with the complete pieces, they are simply a total success in Korean fashion.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-BUTTON-UP-DRESSESYou will know that they favor dresses if you are a Korean fashion fan. Whether they are midi dresses, short dresses, oversizes, a shirt on top, flowery dresses, etc.


The dresses are part of the must-have Korean fashion garments in summer thanks to their versatility, comfort, and style. So we can say that Korean fashion with summer dresses is a true love story. Walking through Seoul in the middle of August, you will see more dresses than in the rest of your life, and we love it. This year button-down dresses are at the top of the pyramid.


Above all, the flowered dresses with tennis shoes and oversize hoodies. It is a pretty summer look that you can safely wear during the warmer days of summer. If you wear a flowery button-down dress, you can combine it with other clothes or accessories in pastel colors. They combine very well. You can also add a bucket hat or caps and a canvas tote bag. Regarding shoes, you can wear sneakers or chunky shoes where you can leave your stockings uncovered. It is a very Korean and summer combination.




korean man - ulzzangDo you like tie-dye shirts? Then they should not be missing in your summer closet. Because these are a success in Korea, they are part of the must-have Korean fashion garments in summer. Did you know the comeback of these shirts is sponsored by two aspects that have gained popularity in the last year? That’s how it is!


On the one hand, seventies fashion with its peace and love, and on the other hand, skater aesthetics with its free spirit. So this type of shirt is a good friend in street outfits but also more casual. The idea is to use them in an oversize style to be able to wear part of the shirt inside the pants.


They look good with sneakers and other shoes. If you want to look comfortable and perfect in summer, and at the same time add a retro touch, then do not forget to wear this type of shirt.




korean man wearing white sneakersAnd to finish with these must-have Korean fashion garments in summer, we have the sneakers.


These kinds of shoes are popular and worn in Korea. You can tell by looking at the styles of idols or any Korean celebrity. Sneakers are such versatile shoes that they can even accompany a more sophisticated and elegant look.


Even so, they are allied shoes for casual looks. To mix any summer look with the garments mentioned here, you can use sneakers to elevate the outfit.


In addition, they are very comfortable shoes. There are all the designs and styles you can choose for each different look. However, having some in a neutral color will be more than enough.


The 5 must-have Korean fashion garments in summer are perfect pieces that should not be missing during the warmer months. They are comfortable, fresh, and basic garments. If you have these clothes in your closet, rest assured that your outfit will last during your summer days. And you, do you already have some of these garments? We hope so! See you next time here at Korean Fashion Trends!

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