Mullet hairstyle is a trend in Korea in 2021?


During 2017, 2018, and part of 2019, the mullet hairstyle was a trend in Korean fashion. We could see many artists with this look, and many were surprised thanks to the radical change and style that this haircut provided them. The mullet hairstyle is a trend in Korea in 2021? The truth is that no, but this hairstyle still gives a lot to talk about, thanks to the 80s street vibes it has. And even though it’s not part of the 2021 Korean fashion trends, we can still remember how several idols wore it. Also, if you like it, it is never too late to wear it, no matter that it is not a trend in Korean fashion these days. Stay on Korean Fashion Trends to find out all about this haircut that many of your idols wore in different styles.


How did the mullet haircut originate?


Although there is no certainty of exactly how this style was born, maybe it became popular among fishermen to protect their neck from the sun’s rays as much as possible due to the long hours spent outdoors. And the cut gets its name from a fish called Mugilidae. In the music world, this look became popular in the seventies thanks to David Bowie, the rock icon, who wore the mullet for many years and was a trend at the time. But this cut is not exclusive to men. Women have also cut their hair in the mullet style like Rihanna and Taylor Swift. And in the K-Pop industry, this style couldn’t go unnoticed.


Are mullets in Korean style 2021?


For several years, it was quite a trend in Korean fashion. Why? Because Korean celebrities did not overlook this cut. Maybe that’s why many still wonder “the mullet hairstyle is a trend in Korean fashion 2021?”. And while this year is no longer a trend in K-Fashion, we are sure it is a matter of time to see some of our Korean artists with this haircut again.


What defines a mullet haircut?


The mullet cut is a style that plays with two extensions: shorter at the top of the head and sides, and longer at the back. It admits different types of bangs, and its appearance varies according to the lengths. This is an androgynous haircut that mixes two hairstyles, the long hair typically assigned to women and the normalized short hair among men (that if we take into account beauty standards, there is no specific length for each sex). It is a hairstyle that plays to mix opposites to achieve a functional and fun style. That is where its success lies.


How is a mullet haircut done?


The mullet is a haircut that has its styling in the scruffy look. That is possible with ladder layers in the back and very short layers in the front. The mullet haircut seeks to achieve a medium hair that gives the feeling of length but is full of layers that are very paraded, long, open, and faded bangs on the sides. In the version that swept Korean fashion, the layers and length became more subtle, making the transitions more degraded. It was like a fusion of a bob haircut and a shaggy haircut, and the result was that reinvented and flattering mullet. It is a rather daring and risky haircut. However, the mullet is recommended for oval and round faces, since it disguises the wide forehead and resizes facial features.


How to style a mullet haircut?


Do you want to wear this haircut but don’t know how to style it? Well, having a disheveled look, the ideal thing is to reinforce this concept. Why? Because the success of this haircut is its disheveled appearance. For that reason, we recommend wearing the tousled mullet haircut, with texture and showing its irregular shape. Symmetry has no place in this hairstyle.


To comb it, you only have to pass the brush back and give it volume with your hands, either with a texturizing product or with your own hands, and apply some heat to the roots. As a bonus, wearing it slightly wavy provides more style and glamor.


10 male K-Pop idols who have worn the mullet hairstyle


Jin – BTSKorean-Fashion-Trends-Jin-BTS


Jin sported a mullet cut during Seasons Greetings!




Given this new style, ARMY showed that the haircut made them all fall in love.


For this reason, many believed that this has been one of the artist’s best styles.



Baekhyun – EXO


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Baekhyun-EXOBaekhyun wore the mullet haircut during one of EXO’s comebacks.


It was in 2017, during the “Ko Ko Bop” era. The famous idol let his hair stand out thanks to the color red.


In that way, he managed to fit in with the summer vibe of the song and the eighties style of the boys.


Also, with this style, Baekhyun looks different and fascinating.


Do you agree with that?


Chen – EXO



But Baekhyun wasn’t the only one to sport the mullet style.


Chen also came back with this cut during the “Ko Ko Bop” era.


In addition, he made a difference because he used it with a braid on the back.







Korean-Fashion-Trends-Eunhyuk-Super-JuniorWho does not know Super Junior? They are SM Entertainment’s second-generation K-Pop boy group.


There is no one who does not know Super Junior, or at least not anyone who is considered a true K-Pop fan.


Eunhyuk also sported a mullet style and looks great with it.


He later wore it on stage, although he wore this hairstyle when he was 20 years old.


It fit him so well that even his fans suggested he revert to this hairstyle.


G-Dragon – BIGBANG


Korean-Fashion-Trends-G-Dragon-BIGBANGG-Dragon, the king of K-Pop, also wore this haircut in 2017. He set the trend with this cut!


Also, GD has strengthened his brand as a fashion icon in Korea.


His multiple covers in magazines and contracts with international brands such as Adidas and Chanel endorse it.


Therefore, seeing him wearing the mullet haircut attracted attention.


Many people said that his hairstyle looked quite great.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-V-BTSIn 2018, V showed his mullet style, and the ARMYS fell more in love with him.


V expressed that he felt sexy wearing this type of haircut, and many fans agree with that.


Also, he said that he chose this style because it helps him express his personality.


Despite all the outside criticism he also received, he still chose the mullet haircut.



Mino – WINNERKorean-Fashion-Trends-Mino-Winner


WINNER rapper Mino is a favorite among male idols who have worn the mullet haircut.


In addition to wearing this cut, Mino wore it in green.


That gave it an extra touch of style.







Korean-Fashion-Trends-The8-SEVENTEEN - Mullet hairstyle is a trend in Korea in 2021?This idol sporting a mullet style was quite a sensation.


The8 wore the mullet cut looking more sophisticated.


For that reason, his appearance looked more elegant and sophisticated, but at the same time, retained the vibes of an urban style.


Anyway, he looked stunning in the mullet style.


Do you agree?


Taeyong – NCT 127Korean-Fashion-Trends-Taeyong-NCT-127 - Mullet hairstyle is a trend in Korea in 2021?


The handsome Taeyong was not far behind! He also sported a mullet hairstyle.


With this hairstyle, Taeyong looked very attractive and shiny.


Even more than usual.


In addition, it is a haircut that fits very well with his facial features.



Jay B – GOT7


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Jay-B-GOT7 - Mullet hairstyle is a trend in Korea in 2021?Jay B looks stunning with the mullet haircut.


And that is not just said by us, many people agree with that.


In it, the mullet style takes on a modern and edgy look.


The mullet hairstyle is a trend in Korea in 2021? No, but the style was an instant hit in the K-Pop world for several years. For that reason, we were able to enjoy many male idols sporting this haircut.


While it is the eighties cut, the idols knew how to give it a modern and updated touch. What do you think of the mullet cut? And what other idols would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments. See you soon!

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