Mother’s Day Sales

Mother’s Day is approaching, and one of the questions we ask ourselves the most is what we can give them. Sometimes choosing gifts is a difficult task. Why? Because we don’t have many ideas about them. However, there are many options that you can use to give something to your mother on this special date. Because of this, this time, Korean Fashion Trends brings you a list of gift options so that you feel sure what to give on Mother’s Day 2023. In addition, we will also discover some curiosities about this celebration in Korea. You may be wondering how they celebrate Mother’s Day in Korea, what they do, and what gifts they give. Today, let’s find out more about Mother’s Day in Korea and get to know those perfect gift ideas that will show that you have your mom in mind on this special day. Are you ready? Keep scrolling down!

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When is Mother’s Day celebrated?

In much of the world, each year, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. For example, Mother’s Day 2023 is on May 8. Mother’s Day is one of the most special festivities that we have on our calendar, and with the arrival of May in thousands of homes, people pay tribute to all mothers in the world. The origin of this festivity goes back much further than we can imagine. It was in Ancient Egypt where the worship of the goddess Isis began. They worshiped her as the great mother goddess. Although, it was not until Ancient Greece that they began to worship Rhea, mother of Olympus. The Romans also adopted this tradition. They began to worship the goddess Cibeles, the Mother Goddess, for three days a year, bringing flowers to her.

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And when is mother’s day in Korea?

Believe it or not, Mother’s Day is not celebrated in Korea. Unlike other countries, South Korea doesn’t celebrate fathers and mothers separately. They have designated a single day to show them gratitude and affection. Therefore, on May 8 of each year, South Korea celebrates ‘Parents’ Day’, a date for showing love and respect to both. But why? In 1930, a few Christian communities held a festival for mothers. But over time, they began to merge with Confucian traditions, and the mother celebration began to spread in Korea. Because of that, Mother’s Day was established as an annual holiday until 1956. Although many people celebrate it every year, this day is not a national holiday. The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare organizes many activities. 

However, many people asked that a day be created to celebrate dads too, which is why, in 1973, Mother’s Day was renamed Parent’s Day. On this day, the Korean family usually wears bouquets made of red, pink, and white carnations, which have different meanings. The color depends on the people who give it away. For example, the flower will be red when both parents are alive; pink when one of the two has died, and white is when both parents died.

What to buy to give away on Mother’s Day 2023?

In addition to the typical gift of flowers, which is also made in South Korea on Parent’s Day, you can give your mom other things that will surely make her very happy. You can buy these gifts in advance so that Mother’s Day 2023 does not catch you off guard. Let’s review the Mother’s Day sales and see what you can choose to give your mom on her special day.

Beauty products

Beauty products are not only a safe gift option for mothers. They are also a perfect option for women in general. Therefore, on Mother’s Day 20223 you could give away beauty products for skincare and makeup. Korean cosmetics are a perfect idea. Why? Because they offer quality products and natural ingredients. In addition, Korean beauty products are the most requested in the market. Don’t worry if your mom isn’t familiar with them. It is always an opportunity to get to know Korean cosmetics. However, if your mother is a follower of Korean fashion because she loves K-Dramas, all the more reason to give her Korean cosmetics! On the YesStyle website, you can find endless products from Korean brands for care and beauty. In Mother’s Day sales, beauty products always stand out in purchases.

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But the jewels also stand out among the Mother’s Day sales! What woman doesn’t like to look amazing with accessories that perfect her look? Therefore, on Mother’s Day, give away jewelry. You can choose from the most classic models to the most modern models. Although, be sure to specify the tastes of your mother. However, many safe bets are minimalist jewelry. Give chains, bracelets, and earrings to complete a set of beautiful accessories available for any occasion. On the Kooding page, you can also find an accessories section that might be worth taking a look at.

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A gift that also stands out in Mother’s Day sales is handbags. As you have seen so far, beauty and fashion products are the ones that stand out the most in Mother’s Day gifts. It is natural, especially if it is a mother who likes fashion and looks good. For this reason, on Mother’s Day, in addition to beauty products and jewelry, she also gives away bags. In Korean fashion, you don’t only find bags for girls. You can also find bags for adult women. Your mother will love any model you choose because all the designs are beautiful.

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Electronic products

Another option that stands out on Mother’s Day sales is electronic products. Whether electronic products or products such as cell phones, televisions, or laptops, mothers also know how to appreciate this type of gift. Although the above options are more popular, products of this type are not going away. Therefore, if it is within your reach, give a new electronic product to your mother. She possibly may be needing it, and you don’t know it.

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Mother’s Day is an opportunity to give special gifts. Take advantage of the most outstanding options in the Mother’s Day sales and make your mom smile for it. We recommend paying attention to her tastes if you want to give her a more personalized gift. Happy Mother’s Day! We hope it’s a beautiful day with the whole family celebrating who gave you life.0