What are the most popular k-dramas of 2021?


What are the most popular k-dramas of 2021? Many K-dramas of 2021 were a lot of fun. This year has been full of absorbing stories, incredible performances, and much more in the world of K-dramas. The public has known new stories, plots, and characters that stole everyone’s heart. With great performances and productions, the South Korean series earned a special place in the audience. However, have you ever wondered what are the most popular K-dramas of 2021? There have been many new productions that we have been able to enjoy. Although it can be hard to choose just one as a favorite, it is also significant to know which ones have been the best, the most recommended, commented, and popular. If you are interested in knowing what they are, stay at Korean Fashion Trends!


Which Korean drama is trending now in 2021?


My Roommate is a Gumiho


Korean-Fashion-Trends-My-Roommate-is-a-Gumiho-(subtitulo)This K-drama stars Jang Ki Yong and Lee Hye Ri.


This incredible fantasy romance drama tells the story of a legendary Gumiho who is about to become a human but falls into the wrong hands and plans must change.


‘My Roommate is a Gumiho’ has been a popular drama thanks to its funny and cute plot.


Because of that, and because it was one of the first to premiere this year, it ranks first among the most popular K-dramas of 2021.


True beauty


Korean-Fashion-Trends-True-beauty--(subtitulo)It stars Cha Eun Woo and Moon Ga Young.


Thanks to a girl discovering the secrets of her makeup, she becomes the most popular and beautiful in her school, but she will find something beyond that makeup that she has drawn on her face.


Like several other K-dramas, this one is based on a webtoon story of the same name.


True Beauty wowed millions of fans with its brilliant story and became quite a popular K-drama.


Beyond Evil


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Beyond-Evil--(subtitulo)The leads of this K-drama are Shin Ha Kyun and Yeo Jin Goo.


Beyond Evil is about two detectives that work at a police substation.


They have secrets and more, although everything is revealed and chaos returns with a murder that occurs and that they must investigate. ‘Beyond Evil’ intrigued millions with its plot, and that made it so famous.


For that reason, it could not be missing among the most popular K-dramas of 2021.


Doom At Your Service


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Doom-At-Your-Service--(subtitulo)Its stars are Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk. Maybe destiny has something prepared for everyone, and love is no exception.


Doom At Your Service is faithful proof of this with its plot and characters that stole all the attention.


If you loved this K-Drama, you know very well why it is one of the best. We don’t want to spoil it!


So if you are not part of those who have already watched the K-drama, you should do it soon! Find out for yourself why it’s one of the most popular K-dramas of 2021.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Mine--(subtitulo)The leads of Mine are Lee Bo Young and Kim Suh Hyung.


This K-drama is about a story of women who seek to find themselves and free themselves from any prejudice. Girl power dominates the series, and maybe that was the key to its success.


Did you watch this K-drama? It is excellent.


Thanks to the female leadership it portrays, it is one of the most popular K-dramas of 2021 and one you should watch right away.



Taxi Drive


It stars Lee Je Hoon and Esom.


It is about a serial killer who changes the life of a naval officer, who becomes a luxury taxi driver.


But he not only offers a service to take his clients home but also offers a revenge service.



The Uncanny Counters


Korean-Fashion-Trends-The-Uncanny-Counters-most popular k-dramasThe lead actors are Jo Byung Kyu and Yoo Joon Sang.


This drama is about a group of people with excellent powers who come together to hunt supernatural beings.


This plot attracted so much attention that it made the K-drama very popular.


Did you enjoy ‘The Uncanny Counters’? If not, we recommend giving it a try. After all, it’s not one of the most popular K-dramas of 2021 for nothing.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Vincenzo-most popular k-dramasIt stars Song Joong Ki and Jun Yeo Bin. Probably the most popular K-drama of 2021 is ‘Vincenzo’ thanks to its incredible story full of action, betrayals, passions, and more.


It is about an Italian mobster who leaves everything and arrives in South Korea, where he promises to take revenge on several corrupt people.


Furthermore, he is also searching for a hidden treasure. Did you love Vincenzo? It is an incredible story with brilliant performances.


It also has a touch of humor. All of that makes this production one of the most popular K-dramas of 2021.


Squid Game


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Squid-Game- most popular k-dramasLee Jung Jae, Park Hae Soo, and Wi Ha Joon are the leads in this drama. Everyone is talking about the surprising plot of Netflix’s new Korean series, Squid Game, which is already one of the most viewed on the platform.


Squid Game presents a claustrophobic situation in a violent competition from which it is almost impossible to escape alive. Several people at risk of exclusion and financial problems receive a mysterious invitation to participate in a game. 456 contestants from all walks of life end up locked in a secret location where they must compete in several games to win 45.6 billion won.


It’s about traditional Korean children’s games (red light, green light, etc.), but the losers die. Thanks to its compelling history, Squid Game rises not only as one of the most popular K-dramas of 2021 but also as the first Netflix K-drama to make it to the most-watched list. It ranks first and second in many countries in the world.


What is the most popular K-drama on Netflix?


Since Netflix decided to produce K-dramas, this content has become one of the most popular on the platform. On Netflix, you can find a catalog of K-dramas. Many are Netflix productions, but many others are not. Anyway, there are a lot of K-dramas on Netflix that are popular. Itaewon Class, Hospital Playlist, It’s okay to not be okay, Vincenzo, Love Alarm, Sweet Home, Extracurricular, and Crash Landing on You are just some of them. However, Squid Game is the most popular K-drama so far, which premiered in September. How do we know that? Because it was positioned among the first, beating famous series like Money Heist. Thanks to that, Squid Game is the most popular K-drama on Netflix right now. Also, many people who have not dared to watch a Korean series now do so, thanks to Squid Game. 


Where can I watch K-dramas for free?


We know that sometimes it is not easy to enjoy K-dramas when we do not have a subscription to Netflix. But don’t worry, because there are many other platforms where you can watch Korean series without paying anything. Also, in general, K-dramas that are not available on Netflix get released on those platforms, which are a lot and are also very good. Viki, AsianCrush, OnDemandKorea, Kocowa, and Tubi, among others, are some of the platforms you can visit to watch K-dramas for free. Another great option is Telegram channels. Many channels are responsible for uploading the chapters of K-dramas.


What are the best romantic K-dramas on Netflix?


Romantic K-dramas have been ushering in the Korean wave alongside K-Pop stars. The romantic K-dramas are a welcome change from the dark storytelling and plots of many Western shows. Interest in Korean romantic dramas especially skyrocketed last year. And now, soft tales with beautiful and sensitive protagonists, picturesque locations, and gripping plots have carved a permanent place in everyone’s hearts and Netflix queues. If you are interested in watching one of these K-dramas, you should know that the most romantic ones are It’s okay to not be okay, Crash Landing On You, Romance is a Bonus Book, Because this is my first time, When the weather is fine, and My love from the stars.


So far, these are the most popular K-dramas of 2021. They are dramas loaded with love, mysteries, and other absorbing topics that will make you spend a good time alone or with someone else. However, the year is not over yet, and other releases are expected in the coming months. Are you ready for them? We hope so! Don’t forget to visit us every day to stay informed about everything new in Korean trends.

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