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Every day, several K-Pop groups make incredible profits from their YouTube channels. But who are the most followed K-Pop idols on YouTube? What are the K-Pop groups, and who earns the most money with their channel on this platform? BTS, BLACKPINK, NCT Dream SEVENTEEN, among many more, are being the sensation on the social video network. As a K-Pop fan, you have seen the growth of K-Pop since the ’90s. K-Pop is a phenomenon among young and old within South Korea, all parts of Asia, and the West. YouTube has served millions of fans to enjoy Korean stars’ music, special performances, MVs, and show appearances. Their popularity is so great that some have millions of views. Know the most followed K-Pop idols on YouTube today at Korean Fashion Trends!


Who is the most followed K-Pop group on YouTube?


Thanks to the Internet, the expansive wave of K-Pop boy and girl bands has conquered new territories and the most demanding public. One of the keys to success for idols is their presence on social networks, especially on YouTube. These are the most followed K-Pop idols on YouTube:




Korean-Fashion-Trends---BLACKPINKThe mission of the YouTube platform, since its inception, has been to give everyone a voice and show the world. It has served the K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK very well.


The group earlier this year partnered with YouTube Music to offer viewers THE SHOW, a first live experience that included the first performance of “THE ALBUM” songs as a thank you to the BLINKS, their fans.


THE SHOW managed to attract fans from 81 countries, being one of the most unforgettable and fantastic experiences for BLINKS.


For that reason, the most popular female K-Pop group was crowned the most followed K-Pop channel on YouTube. They have 70.7 million followers and earnings of $11.7 million a year. Thanks to that, they are part of this list of most followed K-Pop idols on YouTube.




Korean-Fashion-Trends---BANGTAN-TVThroughout their careers, BTS has broken records on the platform.


And also, the channel where they post the most videos is BANGTAN TV.


They have more than 1000 special clips for ARMY.


They have 62.1 million followers, and their earnings are estimated to be $17.1 million per year.


It is the channel of the BTS boys with the most followers, visits, and earnings.


Therefore, it is one of the most followed K-Pop idols on YouTube.


Korean-Fashion-Trends---NCT-DREAM - Most followed K-Pop idols on YouTube3. NCT DREAM


The NCT group subunit ranks as one of the most viewed and searched groupings when it comes to YouTube.


Their 244 videos on the platform prove it the best.


They have 4.28 million subscribers.


Also, they have earnings of $1.9 million a year.




Korean-Fashion-Trends---SEVENTEEN - Most followed K-Pop idols on YouTube


SEVENTEEN couldn’t be missing on this list of the most followed K-Pop idols on YouTube!


SEVENTEEN’s YouTube channel revenue is just as extraordinary as its performance in the Korean music and entertainment industry, generating thousands of views on its official channel daily thanks to its 7.31 million YouTube followers.


In addition, their earnings are 1.6 million dollars a year.




Korean-Fashion-Trends---MAMAMOO - Most followed K-Pop idols on YouTube5. MAMAMOO


The female K-Pop band led by Solar has many views and subscribers on YouTube.


It gives them a position as worthy representatives of Korean talent.


They have 6.41 million followers and earnings of 1.4 million dollars a year.




6. EXO


Korean-Fashion-Trends---EXO - Most followed K-Pop idols on YouTubeDon’t worry, EXO-L. EXO is also among the most followed K-Pop Idols on YouTube!


Since their debut, EXO has relied on eye-catching MVs, original music, and other content so that EXO-L gets to know them more.


With more than 190 videos on the platform, the singers and rappers accumulate millions of views thanks to their 8.57 million subscribers.


They have earnings of up to $1.4 million a year.


Korean-Fashion-Trends---IU7. IU


Another famous and beloved representative of K-Pop on YouTube is IU.


The soloist is among the celebrities with the most views, subscribers, and earnings within the social video network.


IU is also one of the most followed K-Pop idols on YouTube, thanks to her 7.2 million subscribers and $1.3 million a year.




Korean-Fashion-Trends---TXT - Most followed K-Pop idols on YouTube8. TXT


The group of boys of Big Hit Entertainment is also part of the most followed K-Pop idols on YouTube because they are one of the favorites of the fans and users of the platform.


With their more than 700 published clips, they become a trend with their updates.


They have 8.37 million subscribers and earnings of $989,395 per year.




Which K-Pop idol has a YouTube channel?


In addition to the official channels of K-Pop groups and their respective agencies, the trend for idols to open up their personal and individual channels to connect more intimately with their fans is gaining ground. Through these YouTube channels, several artists share content about their daily lives, their tastes, thoughts, and more. Here are the most followed individual idol channels on the platform, among the most followed K-Pop idols on YouTube. These are the K-Pop idols with YouTube channels:


Korean-Fashion-Trends---Jennie---BLACKPINK1. Jennie – BLACKPINK


When Jennie opened her YouTube channel, in just 11 hours, she had already earned 7.49 million subscribers.


But her number kept increasing and quickly led her to rank second on this significant list.


Her channel already has 4.88 million subscribers.






Korean-Fashion-Trends---Lisa---BLACKPINKThe truth is that BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Jennie receive a lot of love on their YouTube channels.


Although Lisa opened her YouTube channel before her groupmate, she now has a total of 250,000 subscribers.


Do you already follow her content there too?


Don’t miss out on this K-Pop Idol content with the most followers on YouTube!





3. Baekhyun – EXO


EXO’s Baekhyun has been recognized for being very active on social media and constantly sharing content with his fans.


It is why his YouTube channel gets a lot of attention.


In this way, Baekhyun reaches 212 thousand subscribers on his channel, and most of his videos have already exceeded one million views.



4. Solar – MAMAMOO


Korean-Fashion-Trends---Solar---MAMAMOOSolar officially opened her YouTube channel in 2019.


Her shared content includes song covers, makeup challenges, interviews with other artists, and more.


Now, Solar’s YouTube channel has 3.36 million subscribers.


The most followed K-Pop idols on YouTube generate millions of views on each video. Thanks to that, they also generate millions of dollars a year. Some even take full advantage of this platform by creating personal channels. What other K-Pop idols would you add to the list of most followed K-Pop idols on YouTube? Tell us in the comments! See you on an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog.

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