Most followed K-Pop idols on TikTok


TikTok is one of the most popular social networks in recent years. It is an application for consuming and creating content. Since it became popular, we can enjoy the videos of many tiktokers. Luckily, K-Pop lovers have also benefited from this, as many Korean artists and celebrities have an account on TikTok. We can enjoy their videos and their dances. Previously, at Korean Fashion Trends, we knew the most followed Korean celebrities on Instagram. On this occasion, we bring the most followed K-Pop idols on TikTok. Are you ready? Here we go!


11 Most Followed K-Pop Groups And Idols On TikTok


Did you know that several of the most popular viral K-Pop videos of your favorite K-Pop stars come from TikTok? That’s how it is! This platform has more and more potential, and K-Pop celebrities know it. While K-Pop videos keep dominating YouTube, TikTok allows K-Pop fans to recreate K-Pop’s most iconic dance moves. But it also gives them a space to watch their K-Pop idols perform the latest dance challenges, comebacks, and more. For that reason, we can see that TikTok allows K-Pop fans to keep in touch with their idols through their smartphones. Check out the most followed K-Pop idols on TikTok below:


1. BTS – @bts_official_bighit


Korean-Fashion-Trends-BTS---@bts_official_bighit-(subtitulo)We all know that BTS is one of the K-Pop groups with the most global presence lately. The 7 members of BTS, the group that manages Big Hit Entertainment, enjoy their TikTok account by sharing funny and dance videos. BTS has 44.5 million followers and 725.1 million likes on the platform! Also, they have shared their most popular choreographies like Dynamite and Butter. They have even done their dance challenges on more than one occasion.


Also, did you know Jungkook holds the record for the most viewed hashtag on TikTok? The BTS member breaks records on TikTok even if he doesn’t have his own account. From their accounts, BTS fans share massive amounts of Jungkook videos. Thanks to that, his hashtag has garnered more than 50 billion views to date. With over 45 million views, Jimin is the next closest. Just as they break viewing records on YouTube, they also do it on TikTok. Why? Because BTS’s first video on TikTok got over 3 million likes in 24 hours.


2. BLACKPINK- @bp_tiktok


Korean-Fashion-Trends-BLACKPINK--@bp_tiktok-(subtitulo)BTS is not the only K-Pop group with a global presence. Representing girl groups, BLACKPINK is crowned the second most famous and most followed K-Pop group on TikTok.


Each of the members is among the most followed Korean celebrities on Instagram. So it was only a matter of time before they became one of the most followed K-Pop idols on TikTok.


The group started its account on the platform in early 2018. They grew to more than 22 million followers in just over a year. Also, Selena Gomez even recreated one of the dances from the Ice Cream music video with BLACKPINK. That video was a trend on the platform for several days. BlackPink’s official TikTok account has 27.4 million followers and 237.4 million likes.


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3. TXT – @txt.bighitent


Korean-Fashion-Trends-TXT---@-txt.bighitentTXT is another K-Pop boy group that belongs to Big Hit Entertainment. They are like BTS’s little brothers. They collaborated with Cosmopolitan to perform viral TikTok dances.


Besides that, the boy group ran a successful Valentine’s Day campaign on TikTok! Each guy prepared gifts for fans to discover.


They had to search for TXT on TikTok and follow them. In that way, they unlock all Valentine’s Day surprises created by TXT.


It was a great dynamic, don’t you think so? They have 13.6 million followers and 368.4 million likes.


4. TWICE – @twice_tiktok_official


Korean-Fashion-Trends-TWICE---@twice_tiktok_official-(subtitulo)The TWICE girls also have a TikTok account! But not only TWT collaborated with Cosmopolitan. TWICE did too, and in that way, they performed viral TikTok dances.


However, the content of the girls doesn’t just come down to that. They also make videos of their most popular choreographies.


Thanks to TikTok, a few months ago, one of their past songs, What is love? went viral. TWICE’s TikTok account has 12.6 million followers and 218.2 million likes.


Of course, they couldn’t be missing from this list of the most followed K-Pop idols on TikTok.


5. STRAY KIDS – @jypestraykids


Korean-Fashion-Trends-STRAY-KIDS---@jypstraykids-(subtitulo)Stray Kids is a K-Pop boy group managed by JYP Entertainment.


The 8 boys who belong to the group have received a lot of praise for their TikTok videos.


Thanks to their excellent choreography and challenging dances, these guys also rank among the most followed K-Pop idols on TikTok.


They have 9.3 million followers and 127.1 million likes.


6. NCT – @official_nct


Korean-Fashion-Trends-NCT---@official_nct-(subtitulo)NCT is a group that belongs to SM Entertainment. The group name NCT stands for Neo Culture Technology.


They debuted in early 2016 and have 23 members! On NCT’s official TikTok account, you can enjoy the boys’ choreography, challenges, and more.


They have 6.4 million followers and 121.6 million likes.


With that amount of followers and likes, they get a place among the most followed K-Pop idols on TikTok.


7. ITZY – @itzyofficial


Korean-Fashion-Trends-ITZY---@itzyofficial-(subtitulo)ITZY has been very active on TikTok. This year, they have reunited with other celebrities to dance their “In the Morning Challenge!”


They posted videos of themselves dancing for the challenge with Super Junior’s Heechul, UP10TION’s Jinjyuk, and Sindong. But also with BIBI, Norazo, AB6IX’s Daehwi, and Jaejae.


Those collaborations went viral and gave him more visits.


With 5.6 million followers and 72.3 million likes, they are among the most followed K-Pop idols on TikTok.


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8. Jeon Somi – @somi_official_


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Jeon-Somi---@somi_official- Most followed K-Pop idols on TikTokDid you know that Jeon Somi’s real name is Ennik Somi Douma? That’s right, and it’s because she’s part Korean, part Canadian, and part Dutch too.


Somi became popular in Korea thanks to her winning the Korean singing competition, Produce 101. She was part of the girl group contest project called IOI.


However, she became much more popular after her solo debut under The Black Label, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment. Her single “Dumb Dumb” garnered over 10 million views on YouTube in just 24 hours. And the videos of her challenges on TikTok also received a lot of views. Somi has 5.1 million followers and 87.5 likes on TikTok.


9. Jackson – @jacksonwang


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Jackson---@jacksonwang-(subtitulo)He is a rapper, singer, and dancer from Hong Kong, China. Jackson has become famous not only for doing Korean reality shows.


He has also achieved fame as a television host in China.


Furthermore, he is a multi-talented boy, as he raps, sings and dances, but he also owns his fashion brand.


He earns a spot among the most followed K-Pop Idols on TikTok thanks to his 4.5 million followers and 22.8 million likes on the platform.


10. AESPA – @aespa_official


Korean-Fashion-Trends-AESPA---@aespa_official - Most followed K-Pop idols on TikTokAESPA is one of the topmost famous emerging K-Pop girl groups. AESPA is a group from SM Entertainment.


Through their TikTok account, we can enjoy the four AESPA girls making dance videos and challenges.


They have 3.9 million followers and 62.2 million likes.


Thanks to that, they are among the most followed K-Pop idols on TikTok.


11. Mamamoo – @official_mamamoo


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Mamamoo-official_mamamoo- Most followed K-Pop idols on TikTokMamamoo is a popular K-Pop girl group, thanks to their imposing and talented presence.


They are a group of 4 members and are under the label, Rainbow Bridge World. If you know Mamamoo, you can be sure that their videos on TikTok are creative and a lot of fun, just like them.


They have 3.6 million followers and 23.2 million likes on the platform.


Therefore, they are part of this list of most followed K-Pop Idols on TikTok.


The most followed K-Pop idols on TikTok share fun and talented content with their fans through this popular platform. Thanks to their dances and challenges, they get millions of views with each post. As their popularity increases, so do their followers. And you, do you already follow them on TikTok? Tell us in the comments. See you on the next Korean Fashion Trends blog!


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