5 most common hats in Korean fashion


We have said that one of the favorite accessories in Korean fashion is hats. For that reason, there is a variety of them you can add to your looks to make them more fashionable. In addition, using this accessory is perfect, especially in summer. Many hats are not just another fashion accessory. It also has its utility by protecting us from the sun on the hottest days. If you want to include hats in your summer looks and add a touch of distinction to your appearance while protecting yourself from the sun, today, we bring together five types of hats that can serve as inspiration to take your looks to the next level. These are perfect hats to combine with everything and are suitable for almost all styles. Stay on Korean Fashion Trends and learn about the 5 most common hats in Korean fashion. Here we go!


5 most popular hats in Korean fashion that you need in your closet


The 5 most common hats in Korean fashion are the ones that we can see that are repeated the most in the celebrities’ outfits or the inspirations you can find on Pinterest. It would be best to have all of them. However, if this is not the case, don’t worry. Each of these hats is as versatile as they are beautiful. In such a way that you can use only one in many looks. You just need to know how to combine them with the right clothes, and that’s it! A perfect look thanks to a hat as a complement. Keep reading if you are interested in knowing these 5 most common hats in Korean fashion!




Korean-Fashion-Trends - yeonjun from txt wearing a beanieThe beanie is the first to make it to this list of most common hats in Korean fashion. This hat is one of the easiest to get. They will make your casual outfit look much more elaborate and creative.


The beanies can be worn in winter while playing sports. Or simply as an accessory for walking around the city or in the countryside during the summer. It is very versatile!


In addition, the beanie hat is the rolled companion, with a dropped shape at the back and a modern oversize look. It is ideal for any time and place!


You can even achieve a grunge look with a beanie. Combine pants with an oversize shirt and a pair of sneakers. Add sunglasses and a beanie, and you’ll be ready to conquer the streets with an urban style!




Korean-Fashion-Trends - seulgi from red velvet wearing a baseball capThe second hat to make it to this list of most common hats in Korean fashion is a baseball cap. Nowadays, a cap accompanies you wherever you go.


Whether for sports, leisure, or occasional work, the baseball cap is in almost all walks of life. And if you thought that this type of cap only looks good with sportswear, you are wrong. We can take Lisa from BLACKPINK as a reference.


She usually combines it even with dresses, and it looks great. You can wear a floral summer dress in light colors and add chunky shoes. Perfect this look with a black baseball cap. You can even wear it in the most typical K-Pop style where the cap has accessories like earrings or pins. 


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Korean-Fashion-Trends-BUCKET-HATThe third option in this list of most common hats in Korean fashion is the bucket hat. It is an accessory that all Korean fashion lovers love and see among K-Pop idols.


If you already have one in your collection, go ahead and wear it like them. That means you can wear bucket hats with almost any outfit! One day you can wake up, see the sunrise, and predict the heat for the day. But surprise, in the afternoon, a light rain covers the sky, or a storm forces you to flee. It is a common situation, especially in the spring-summer season.


Buckets are a solution because they adapt to the predicted heat or light summer rain. You can use them with minimalist, monochrome, colorful, casual, and urban style looks. There are no limits to the combination of this hat, except, of course, for the most elegant styles. Although, the truth is if you wear a sophisticated look with a trench coat and add a bucket hat in a neutral tone. That would be a great combination.




jung soyeon from g-idle wearing a beretThe berets are the owners of the fourth place in this list of most common hats in Korean fashion is the bucket hat. K-Pop idols like to experiment with different styles and designs.


Therefore, it is usual that berets have a significant presence in Korean fashion. It is a French-style hat, but Korean celebrities have been able to include it in their outfits, so it is also common in Korean fashion. We recently learned how to style berets according to Korean fashion.


However, it is also necessary to mention them among the most common hats in Korean fashion because they are indeed one of the most used hats in K-Fashion looks. Many ways allow you to wear this hat. And unlike what many believe, they are also an ally during the summer. You can wear a dress with puffed sleeves or a top with shorts and a pair of sneakers and sandals. You can add a black leather beret, and it will add a sophisticated touch. That shows that they are one of the most versatile hats.




hyomin t-ara member using a sun hatThe sun hat is the last list of most common hats in Korean fashion. Maybe, the name may seem confusing to you when baseball caps and bucket hats also function as sun hats.


However, with this name, we want to refer to those typical vintage-style beach hats that are so common during the summer in Korean fashion. They are large, and the cap of the hat is round. They usually have decorations such as ribbons and flowers.


They are perfect to wear on the beach. But they can also accompany a summer dress to go to a picnic. That would make a very feminine, pretty, and fresh cottagecore aesthetic look. Perfect for summer! If your style is like that with romantic touches, then you need this type of hat in your closet.


The most common hats in Korean fashion are the best friends during the summer! However, if you want to perfect your look with just one accessory, they are great accessories. The hats are practical, many have beautiful models and are versatile, so it is easy to combine them with many looks. Which of all is your favorite? You can tell us in the comments! See you in another Korean Fashion Trends blog.


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