How is Moon Ga Young’s makeup in True Beauty?

Korean Fashion Trends - Moon Ga Young's makeup in True Beauty

Previously, we had already seen what Moon Ga Young’s skincare was like in True Beauty. Therefore, now is the opportunity to know how her makeup is. Yes, the one that helped her character to have practically an alter ego. But how is Moon Ga Young’s makeup in True Beauty? While makeup transformations are not something new in K-Dramas, we are always intrigued as fans because we want to know everything about such a transformation. For that reason, today, we will tell you what actress Moon Ga Young’s makeup looks like in True Beauty! That way, if you also want to put into practice some of the makeup techniques that she used, you can do it without problems. Are you ready? Keep reading!


Why is Moon Ga Young’s makeup in True Beauty famous?


Our actress Moon Ga Young, who stars in True Beauty as Jugyeon, is famous because she focuses on her eyes by wearing warm-colored shadows. Her lips are not flashy, dark, or matte. They maintain a balance of coloration with the rest of her face. Without a doubt, True Beauty gave us the best start to 2021 when it comes to K-Dramas. However, due to the makeup theme on the Webtoon, we expected more focus on this one. But the truth is that Jugyeong’s transformations and journey are not really about a lip tint or an eyeshadow palette, but rather her way of seeing herself and her self-esteem. Anyway, it’s still interesting to know how is Moon Ga Young’s makeup in True Beauty. In that way, all K-Drama fans can put it into practice.


Know the 4 most leading makeup products of Moon Ga Young in True Beauty


Skincare is the most important


With sunscreen and facial toner, your makeup base and skin will glow, just like Moon Ga Young’s face in True Beauty. Using sunscreen is the principal care for your skin against UV rays. Are you worried about oiliness? There are exclusive protectors for face care! In addition, toner is something that you should add to your routine: a facial lotion that you should apply before your moisturizer, as it helps balance the PH, tightens pores, and hydrates in depth. But if you want to know more about Moon Ga Young’s skincare routine at True Beauty, do so by clicking here! There you will know the skincare routine of her character.


Moon Ga Young wears warm and romantic colors in True Beauty


Pastel and pink colors are recurrent in the makeup used by the actress, mainly in the Multi Cube Palette eyeshadows, from the Colorgram brand. We recommend acquiring the same palette of shadows since you can achieve the same finish as the actress. But if it is not among your possibilities, don’t worry! You can use a palette from any trusted brand that features pastel and pink tones.


Lip tints are also protagonists 


Korean lip tints could not be missing! They are popular in the world of K-Beauty. So it’s normal to see Moon Ga Young wear them in True Beauty. Lip tints, unlike lipsticks, add a subtle touch of color to the lips. The ink will make them look natural and glowing at the same time. Actress Moon Ga Young wears Colorgram’s Thunderbolt Tint Lacquer. But as always, if you do not have the possibility of acquiring the brand, many other Korean brands offer this product.


You need the facial moisturizer and eyebrow pencil


Hydration is significant for the skin, especially when preparing it for makeup! Jugyeong, the character of actress Moon Ga Young, wears a Rosy Tone Up cream from the same brand. Remember that facial hydration provides multiple benefits to your skin: It makes it brighter, healthier, and firmer. Rose extract can revitalize you! Therefore, include it in your skincare routine, especially if it is inspired by the skincare routine of Moon Ga Young’s character in True Beauty. But don’t forget about a good eyebrow pencil! The eyebrows are in charge of framing your face! They highlight your look and expressions, and there are different ways you can do it. You can do it naturally, following the line of the same eyebrow, framing it, or drawing a straight line. But it all depends on you in the end! JuGyeong uses Colorgram’s Artist Formula Auto Brow Pencil.


Is Moon Ga Young’s real face in True Beauty?


Did you know that the makeup artist used silicone to create acne marks on the actress’s face? Great job from her makeup artist! From what we can tell that no, Moon Ga Young’s face in True Beauty is not real. The truth is, the actress does not have such thick eyebrows, much less she has acne. For the actress to look like this, it took a lot of makeup work. During her interview with ELLE KOREA, Moon Ga Young revealed a bit about what the transformation she had to undergo for the K-Drama was like. She said that the eyebrows on Lim Ju Gyeong’s makeup-free face took a long time to perfect.


While the average person can spend a few minutes on eyebrow makeup, makeup artists took an hour. When Moon Ga Young expressed how hard she and her staff worked to transform Lim Ju Gyeong’s naked face from the Webtoon to reality, she meant it. If she took an hour just for her brows, possibly her entire face must have taken hours to prepare for each shoot. It’s awesome! That is why the filming works depend a lot on the stylists since they are in charge to a large extent of making the actors’ characters credible.


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How do I look like Jugyeong from True Beauty?


When asked how is Moon Ga Young’s makeup in True Beauty, it is impossible not to want to know how we can look like Jugyeon (the main character played by the actress). However, it’s not very difficult. If you have some of the products we mentioned above, you first need to focus on your skincare routine. Once you have done it, apply a foundation so that the skin is flawless. Then add a sealer powder to create a smooth finish. Later, you need to contour. Do it in the nose and jaw to create a slim look like Jugyeong. And don’t forget to draw a line under the eyes to create the “Aegyo Sal”!


For eyeshadows, remember, pink and pastel tones are the protagonists. So, add shadows in these colors to look like Jugyeon. Also, use a dark brown eyeliner and draw a straight line following the natural shape of your eyelid. Finally, after curling your lashes and applying mascara, apply fake eyelashes to make your eyes stand out more. However, the makeup does not go that far. You should also properly make up your eyebrows, add blush and lip tint. And with that, you will be ready! With your Jugyeon inspired makeup, you will look stunning and radiant, just like her.


How is Moon Ga Young’s makeup in True Beauty? It is beautiful makeup and not very elaborate. For that reason, it is perfect for the most casual occasions, but also the most special ones if you are one of those people who prefer simpler makeup with a natural finish. Moon Ga Young’s makeup in True Beauty is easy to recreate. In addition, it provides an attractive appearance. And you, have you already done your makeup like Moon Ga Young in True Beauty? Let us know in the comments! And see you on the next Korean Fashion Trends blog.


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