Monochromatic Fashion – How long is it going to be on-trend according to Korean fashion?

korean fashion trends - monochromatic fashion

Sometimes when we think of the minimalist style, we believe that it is only about neutral-colored garments. However, there is nothing more wrong than that. Trends always change. That is why today, the minimalist style can also be colorful. Hence the monochrome fashion. You can identify this trend thanks to its simple and minimalist style, but with garments in bright and striking colors. Today in Korean Fashion Trends, we will dedicate a blog to monochromatic fashion – how long is it going to be on-trend according to Korean fashion? Although the rise of this trend was evident in the 1960s and 1990s, it has been all the rage for several seasons, and in 2022 it will continue to be a trend, even when it may not seem to stand out as much compared to other trends. Are you ready? Let’s get started!


Is monochrome still in fashion?


Yes, it is. To talk about monochromatic fashion – how long is it going to be on-trend according to Korean fashion? And to answer that question, it is necessary to rethink what characterizes Korean fashion. K-Fashion integrates many styles harmoniously. It is a fashion that is constantly renewed. Yes, that’s how it is, even when neutral colors stand out a lot among its favorite trends. For example, in K-Fashion, we see an abundance of styles in neutral colors. But monochrome colors also have a significant space. Especially in the warmer seasons like spring and summer, where bright colors play a fundamental role.


As we already know, the monochromatic trend consists of using all the garments of the same color or within the same tones. Let’s remember that this style is also associated with simplicity and minimalism, both in women’s and men’s clothing. You can use monochromatic colors to achieve a minimalist style in Korea. Many people in Korea love that style. So don’t worry if you want to wear outfits in the same bright color, that is also a good option.


Are monochromatic outfits trendy?


Yes, monochrome outfits are trendy. Monochrome fashion is one of the most successful and easiest combinations to do. If you want, you can wear it in any weather and for any occasion, depending on your style and the color you choose. However, the most common and reliable way to adopt it is a total black look. But that also depends on the style and what you like. The use of monochromatic tones in a single color allows versatility so that people can assume these garments and wear them according to the identity that each one has in their closet. Because of that, this style is unisex. And we know, as Korean fashion lovers, that unisex clothing is a big hit in K-Fashion.


How to create monochrome outfits?


Creating monochromatic outfits is not very difficult. For that reason, joining this trend is easy. If your style is natural, classic, or elegant, wearing that style in neutral colors such as blue, beige, black, gray, or burgundy is a great option. If you prefer the romantic or cute style, pink colors go well with the monochrome style. On the other hand, if you are creative and daring, you can opt for more striking colors such as red, yellow, and green in a weekend outfit.


However, another way to show off the trend is by playing with textures and materials or mixing shades of the same color. An example would be a black blazer with a silk blouse and velvet pants. It is better to achieve a perfect monochromatic look, wearing shoes or accessories in different tones from the rest of the outfit to create contrast and fun or play with volumes of garments or asymmetrical designs. If your goal is to start dressing in this trend, you can wear monochromatic looks in lilac, blue, and earth tones. They are trending this year.


4 monochromatic Korean outfits


Monochromatic fashion – how long is it going to be on-trend according to Korean fashion? Luckily, for a while longer, we will see this trend in fashion. And to prove it, we present four monochromatic outfits inspired by Korean fashion. In that way, you will be able to wear this trend with some styles of K-Fashion.


1. Total pink


Pink is one of the favorite colors in the cute style in Korean fashion. If you want to achieve a monochromatic look that fits this style, an excellent option is to create an outfit in all pink. To achieve this, you can wear a pink hoodie with simple patterns, such as hearts or flowers. That adds a romantic touch to your look. Combine the hoodie with a dress or a jumper in the same tone. Add white combat boots and a white bag. For accessories, choose simple, silver-colored accessories.


2. Total blue


Another monochromatic Korean combination could be in total blue. Combine mom jeans with a blue top, blue shoes, and a white bag for a casual yet sophisticated look. But if you prefer a short, it is also a good option. And in that way, you could also wear your shoes while showing off your white socks. The contrast of the details with all the garments in blue will perfect your outfit. You can add accessories like jewelry in gold color.


3. Total lilac


Continuing with the pastel colors, now you could make an outfit in total lilac. It is a perfect and striking color in a monochromatic outfit. To achieve this, you can combine a lilac tennis skirt with an oversize hoodie in the same shade. In addition, you could add some platform boots in purple but with a black sole. You could also perfect the monochrome outfit with a lilac bag and accessories in gold or silver.


4. Total black


As we said before, monochrome looks in black are a great fashion success. It is also in K-Fashion. For that reason, another perfect option among monochromatic Korean outfits is in total black. Thanks to the sophisticated appearance of black, this look could work for more formal occasions. Combine a black midi dress with an oversize blazer in the same tone. If you want to make it look more formal, wear black or white heels. However, if you prefer it for a more casual occasion, then combine this outfit with black or white low boots. Don’t forget silver or gold-tone accessories.


Monochromatic fashion – how long is it going to be on-trend according to Korean fashion? Thanks to its simple and minimalist appearance, monochrome fashion prevails at K-Fashion this year. Although there is a preference for neutral colors in Korean fashion, bright colors are also a good option when you want to be more creative and even a little more daring. What do you think of monochrome fashion? Tell us in the comments! Don’t forget to visit Korean Fashion Trends every day. We always have new updates available for you. In this way, you stay updated with the latest news of your favorite fashion.

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