Miyeon – the next “it” girl regarding Korean fashion?

Korean Fashion Trends - Miyeon - the next it girl regarding Korean fashion

There are different styles among the celebrities that we can find in K-Pop. That is because each idol stands out thanks to the personal touch they give to their style and outfits. And although we could classify certain groups by their styles, such as BlackPink has a girl crush style, while Twice has a cute style, many girls agree on the fashion trends they follow. Do you like (G) -IDLE? If so, you are a fan of Miyeon’s style. Do you think she is the next it-girl according to Korean fashion? Thanks to her defined and captivating style, we could say yes. But first, we need to review what characteristics make her an it-girl before securing anything. Keep reading! And find out with us if Miyeon is the next it-girl regarding Korean fashion!


What is an it-girl?


But before we start, we must first clarify what it means to be an it-girl. It-girls are the girls of the moment thanks to the fact that they have excellent styles. They are also women who have innate magnetism. That is something that no one can copy, buy, or imitate as it arises from a natural attitude. It-girls have ‘something’ of their own and authentic that is ultra attractive for the rest because it is so genuine. 


There are it-girls in all areas: cinema, literature, painting, art, and music. This concept, in its beginnings, was associated with the personality of women. However, today, it is linked to the world of entertainment, fashion, and the frequency they appear in social gatherings and the media. They are always at the forefront, and their looks impose styles and trends. They are also inspiring muses for the world’s most famous designers


Miyeon is the next it-girl according to Korean fashion?


Cho Mi-Yeon, known as Miyeon, is a South Korean singer, model, actress, MC, and dancer. In 2018, she debuted as a member of (G) I-DLE. Throughout her career, she has shown great talent but an excellent style and stage presence, too. If we base the answer on how this K-Pop idol looks and how she performs in front of the cameras, then it is a sure yes: Miyeon is the next It-girl regarding Korean fashion.


5 Miyeon outfits that make her a real It-girl


Beret, jeans, and boots


The idol wore an outfit that was an haute fashion statement on one occasion. Sporting a look with a knitted short-sleeved sweater, ripped jeans, long black combat boots, and a beret to perfect the outfit, Miyeon knew how to steal the show. It is an authentic look for an it-girl since she is not afraid to combine clothes and accessories. She looks confident with her choice and takes it to another level with her attitude.


Blouse, shorts, and heels


Who said that only with dresses or jeans you can wear heels? No! Just as you can also wear them with skirts, the heels also go with shorts, a long-sleeved blouse, and a handbag as an accessory. Miyeon was seen once wearing it like this, and the truth is that she couldn’t look more perfect. The look was soft colors, while the neutral black color focused on the heels and the bag. If you want a casual look and at the same time say “hey, I’m an it-girl too”, this is a perfect option to achieve it.




In Korean fashion, oversized garments will always be a safe bet. In K-Fashion, comfort is very well related to style. That is why this trend exists. Idols are perfect examples of how oversized is always a good option. Miyeon, as the next it-girl regarding Korean fashion, knows this very well. For that reason, in one of her airport looks, she wowed everyone with an outfit of high-cut white shorts and an oversized blue-toned long-sleeved blouse. She played with textures and layers, also adding a black bag to balance the outfit. But not only that, she wore black heels, making her look sophisticated-casual.


Dress with belt


But Miyeon doesn’t just know how to wear shorts, berets, oversized tops, and heels. She also knows how to make the streets her catwalk by wearing dresses with a belt. It was a long striped dress with a turtleneck and long sleeves. She also added a long black bag and black heeled ankle boots. So far, we can see that Miyeon is the next it-girl regarding Korean fashion, also thanks to her placing the color in her clothes and the neutral colors in the accessories.


Total black look with a printed sweater


With a more night outfit, Miyeon surprised us with a total black look that let her printed sweater be the star of the moment. She wore a black shirt with jeans of the same color. Also, she added black combat boots and wore a green sweater with black prints. The handbag was brown to bring some clarity to the outfit. With this outfit, Miyeon made another fashion statement. That allows her to be considered the next it-girl regarding Korean fashion.


What do you need to be an It-girl?



To be an it-girl, the first thing you need is to learn to be bold and innovate. It is not about copying trends, but about creating them. While the following fashion is significant to be an icon, you must first define your style and gradually incorporate and mix current fashion trends. Finding your style will help you better define the outfits for each occasion. Miyeon, although she adheres to several Korean trends, has her marked style, and her outfits show her preferences. You have to make your voice heard above the trends.




Once you have defined your style, you must wear it with attitude. After all, if you want to innovate and set trends, you must dare to wear them and try different colors and combinations. With every outfit she wears, Miyeon looks self-confident. That is one of the main characteristics that make her the next it-girl regarding Korean fashion.




But in addition to attitude and defining your style, you must know how to wear your clothes well. You must combine the colors and incorporate accessories that give life to your look, from shoes to bags, hair accessories, necklaces, and, of course, nail polishes and lipsticks. Learn from Miyeon. She usually reserves classic, neutral colors for her accessories and shoes, letting the brighter colors fill her clothes.


Miyeon is the next it-girl regarding Korean fashion? Yes. Thanks to her defined style, attitude, and confidence on and off stage, this girl may be the next it-girl in Korean fashion. She is an idol who undoubtedly stands out for her talent but also her sense of fashion. Do you also think that Miyeon could be the next it-girl in Korean fashion? Tell us in the comments. See you on an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog!

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