Minimalism – how long is it going to be on-trend? 

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Did you know that minimalism is more than a fashion? It is also an artistic and design movement, which flees from the superfluous to focus precisely on the essential. Its presence in Korean fashion has attracted many fans. Today in Korean Fashion Trends, we will learn about minimalism – how long is it going to be on-trend? We will review the minimalist trend according to Korean fashion to answer that question. But if you are a Korean fashion fan, you can anticipate the answer right now because minimalism has a big scene in K-Fashion. Either way, it is a stunning topic for many fashion lovers in general. Stay with us to find out how long minimalism will be in trends!


What is minimalist fashion?


Minimalist fashion focuses on the essential, just what is necessary. It moves away from all kinds of garments in the design of clothing, footwear, and accessories. Less is more is the concept of minimalist style and fashion. It was first used in architecture by the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, referring to the fact that by giving up any superfluous decoration, what is meaningful and aesthetic can be achieved. In addition to being used in fashion design, the minimalist concept is in many other fields, form, lifestyle, interior decoration, music, etc. It is another way of seeing the world. But minimalist fashion is above all about valuing what is significant, what makes sense.


What are the principles of minimalist fashion?


If you like minimalist fashion or want to join it, you must take into account its basic principles:


  1. Simple lines, asymmetric cuts, and balanced volumes provide simplicity and modernity.
  2. It is a refined style that combines basics that everyone must have.
  3. Garments are of noble fabrics, quality, and sobriety above quantity and decorations.
  4. Movement and comfort that provide dynamism.
  5. Few clothes and accessories that combine well with each other.
  6. The protagonists are neutral colors. There is a calculated use of the color palette.
  7. Minimalist fashion is timeless, elegant, simple, and sober.


When did minimalism become popular?


Minimalist fashion prevailed in the 80s and 90s of the 20th century, as a solution for the fashion industry. After decades of baroque and ornate style, new designers emerge with new styles. They attracted new generations tired of excesses in previous stages. The Japanese aesthetic triumphs, with pure lines, simpler unisex styles, oversize. The purity in the Japanese forms of designers creates trends. They reach other Asian countries. But also other parts of the world. In addition, there are also styles with a black or white monochrome touch, neutral colors, shades of gray, which today are also triumphing in the world of fashion.


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Is minimalism becoming more popular?


Minimalism – how long is it going to be on-trend? If we look at Korean fashion, minimalism will continue to be a trend for a long time. Why? Because with time it is becoming more popular to wear outfits that scream less is more, even if there are many styles in K-Fashion that are just the opposite, for example, street style. However, over the years, Korean fashion has undergone many changes. Maybe the most notorious is how it went from very detailed and rather angelic clothing with flowers to a simple one, with a minority of details in the garments and neutral tones or with less presence of light.


Because of that, minimalist fashion is still a trend in 2022 precisely because of the current moment we are living in. The challenges facing the world of fashion are gigantic: to produce more sustainable, ethical, and slow fashion to sustain the planet and future generations. Consume less and with better quality, make it last longer, reuse and create new raw materials. Innovation and sustainable development lead us to reduce to the essentials. That gives space to minimalist fashion to continue being a trend. In this way, according to Korean fashion and others in general, the minimalist style will continue to be a trend for a long time.


Is minimalism going out of style?


Not at all! Minimalism has a strong presence in Korean fashion precisely because this fashion gives prominence to simple and elegant outfits. In addition, neutral-colored outfits are also a must in K-Fashion. And so, when asking you about Minimalism – How long is it going to be on-trend? You will know that it will continue to be a trend for a long time to come. Although the minimalist style seems easy to implement, in reality, it is not. It is difficult to elevate looks with few elements without falling into repetition. If you like the minimalist trend, here are some tips to follow it:


  • Get good quality basics. Appreciate the quality of the materials, the fabrics of all the garments. You must achieve a sophisticated, modern, functional image with few elements. You can get a low-key but very chic style. You have to find the balance. For that, you need all your basic clothes to be of good quality.
  • The effect of minimalist style fashion is casual but very functional. Everything fits. Your image should convey a sense of calm and control. Therefore, don’t lose sight of the basic and versatile garments. They adapt to everything.
  • Another point is ​​creating harmony in a silhouette that is comfortable to wear inside the garments. Non-shrill colors are easy to combine and achieve this feeling of calm. For this reason, the minimalist style gives prominence to neutral and nude colors.
  • It removes everything ornate, which complicates the whole. You have to simplify the elements to achieve something as dreamed of as comfort and elegance.
  • Choose to put aside the trends of the moment and get long-lasting garments, which you can use all seasons or on most seasons. Create your style based on comfort, elegance, functionality, and timelessness.


Minimalism – how long is it going to be on-trend? Luckily, we will continue to see minimalism as a trend in Korean fashion for a long time. The minimalist style remains a must in K-Fashion. Why? Because of its sophisticated appearance, asymmetrical cuts, and balanced volumes. Do you also like minimalist fashion? Tell us what you think about it! And don’t forget to visit us every day.


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