Know Mamamoo’s Hwasa outfits that have defied Korean Fashion

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Sometimes categorized under the concept of Femme fatal or girl crush, the reality is that only Hwasa from the famous Korean girl group Mamamoo has tried to challenge the rules in K-pop. Many times, she has done it by breaking stereotypes through her music, appearance, way of dressing, and her ideas around the figure of the woman in the middle. If you want to know Mamamoo’s Hwasa outfits that have defied Korean Fashion, this is your moment. In that way, you can see that, without a doubt, Hwasa was born not to be in the same mold. She will always have an inspiring message for her fans. Let’s get to know Hwasa’s most daring outfits!


Why should we consider Hwasa a fashion icon?


Korean Fashion Trends - Mamamoo's Hwasa outfits - outfits

South Korean singer, rapper, and songwriter Hwasa is not the typical perfectfemale idol.


Even as the youngest member of MAMAMOO, she is not afraid to go against the grain when it comes to what the industry expects of her. She is proud to be herself unapologetically.


Because of that, her defying beauty standards comes as no surprise to anyone.


Hwasa is inspiring, empowered, and most of all, she conveys a lot of self-love. Those qualities make her a worthy fashion icon.


10 Hwasa outfits that have defied K-fashion


Hwasa, besides being talented, always gives something to talk about. Some of her outfits may be revealing. However, whatever she wears will always be gorgeous, because her figure differs from what we usually see inK-pop. If you want to verify that not all K-Pop idols pretend to be perfect, you must know Mamamoo’s Hwasa outfits that have defied Korean Fashion. These are the outfits that will leave you open-mouthed!


Powerful black outfit for MAMA 2020

Korean Fashion Trends - Mamamoo's Hwasa outfits - outfits

Who says a black outfit is boring? For the 2020 MAMA, the singer wore a full Burberry suit in that color.


Composed of tight pants, a vest-like shirt, a textured jacket, and black boots, the girl dazzled on the show’s red carpet.


The outfit perfectly combined feminine elements with some masculine touches.


It has been one of Hwasa’s outfits that have told the entire world “hey, there are no genres in clothing”.


Airport fashion that left everyone surprised


Korean Fashion Trends - Mamamoo's Hwasa outfits - outfits

Hwasa is a queen in airport fashion, and one of her most iconic looks left everyone shocked.


Hwasa wore boyfriend-style jeans that fell under her hip, revealing her underwear, along with a short red sweatshirt, accompanied by a black bucket hat and Converse tennis shoes.


This look even inspired part of her song “HIP” Is it not amazing?


For a female idol to dare to expose her underwear is a complete revelation against Korean beauty standards.


Her awesome concert clothes


Korean Fashion Trends - Mamamoo's Hwasa outfits - outfits

She has worn it at her 4 Seasons concert in South Korea in 2019.


One of Hwasa’s most representative outfits for being daring included short shorts, a plastic top that reveals her white bra, and yellow high boots.


The girl left her fans with their mouths open.


Who else could wear clothes like this? No one else except her. We love her confidence on and off stage.



Hwasa projecting girl power with her outfits


A casual visit to Marie Claire Korea can result in clothes we can never forget, and such is the case of the singer who made all her fans fell in love with her with that brown suit, black boots, and sunglasses. She looks like a prominent boss with all the girl power on her side.


Retro and iconic


Korean Fashion Trends - Mamamoo's Hwasa outfits - outfits

How to look attractive, captivating, and powerful?


Hwasa always succeeds! And it is that her retro look is simple: high-rise and tight black pants, a black bra, and a transparent red shirt.


The girl looks brilliant, and she puts a few retro touches in the style of Selena Quintanilla.


Do you not think so? Therefore, it is one of her most iconic outfits.


Red and black bodysuit


Korean Fashion Trends - Mamamoo's Hwasa outfits - outfits

The red bodysuit that Hwasa wore for MAMA in Japan was found by many to be very revealing. However, that did not matter to her. And to her fans, it seemed like a scandal that was worth everything in the world.


The bodysuit brought out Hwasa’s figure perfectly, and she looked like a goddess in it. Regardless of what the haters had to say, months later, Hwasa wore another black bodysuit accompanied by black gloves.  The reactions were similar to what she received previously. But it was more the support and love she received thanks to her bravery for wearing what she wanted. Also, she looks gorgeous in outfits like that.


Another airport outfit: carefree and daring


Hwasa is one of the queens of airport outfits. It is a fact. Thanks to her fashion sense and her non-existent fear of trying new things, Hwasa once wore a towel on her head and a casual and comfortable outfit. The edgy thing about this look is that she took it to the streets, not caring if she might look scruffy. That is a milestone when it comes to Korean fashion and beauty standards. Because of that, this unforgettable look could not be missing from this list of Momamoo’s Hwasa outfits that have defied Korean fashion.


A simple look for everyone


Korean Fashion Trends - Mamamoo's Hwasa outfits - outfits

A tight white top, a short brown skirt, and white heels are all the MAMAMOO member needs to shine.


Without a doubt, the girl steals the look, even with neutral clothes as part of her outfits.


That glare on stage? It is natural!



Dazzling white


Korean Fashion Trends - Mamamoo's Hwasa outfits - outfits

Modern and stylish are the words to describe this look. Long-sleeved shirt with white baggy pants, combined with beige shoes, coat, and bag.


How to not admire her with those clothes?


She looks amazing! Because yes, it is not always about elaborate outfits.


Even in the simplest of outfits, Hwasa is iconic.



Evening outfits with Hwasa

Korean Fashion Trends - Mamamoo's Hwasa outfits - outfits


Another casual outfit from Hwasa we can see in her Instagram post from last year.


She gives us the perfect clothes for a date night.


With a tight blue silk dress, a white bag, and Converse sneakers of the same color, the girl makes romance something simple. She looks spectacular.





But Hwasa has broken Korean beauty standards in other ways as well


Talking about body shame


During one of her performances, Hwasa talked about an experience of body shame that she had during an audition. The instructor at the audition commented that she was unique and that she had sung so well. But despite that, he considered her fat and not pretty. Rather than allow this to frustrate her dreams, Hwasa conveyed an encouraging message from her to her fans by saying that “if I do not fit this generation’s beauty standards, I will have to become a different person and create new standards”. She is doing so well!


Highlighting her “imperfections”


What would your next move be after noticing a dark spot on your face? By traditional beauty standards, these tendencies are flaws, as in Korea, the important thing is to achieve a flawless, clear-looking complexion.


Hwasa believes in celebrating what makes her different from others. During her guest appearance on the South Korean entertainment show I Live Alone, Hwasa revealed she likes to put makeup on her moles to make them appear darker and more prominent. Her refreshing focus towards what has been considered a beauty flaw inspires others.


Revealing her beauty insecurities


Many people tend to have a complicated relationship with beauty. It is no different for celebrities, including Hwasa. But she is authentic, even when she is open about her insecurities. As mentioned above, she has made an unprecedented move by darkening her moles. However, Hwasa is also open to having a complex about her thin lips. And therefore, she has a habit of lining her lips to make them appear fuller. These cases show that Hwasa is still making discoveries on her beauty journey, just like us.


Hwasa stands out for her incredible vocals, her seductive look, and her outfits. She inspires and always gives something to talk about. Being strong, confident, and with a lot of self-love, Hwasa has gone against the norms and standards of beauty. Her career as an idol has served as a bridge for her to connect with other women, giving them confidence and words of encouragement when they need it most. Mamamoo’s Hwasa Outfits that have defied Korean Fashion are not only inspiring. They also tell us about an idol determined and willing to go out. If you liked this blog, do not forget to visit us every day! Here you will find daily information about Korean fashion.



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