Know these 7 Makeup looks inspired by Taemin


Know these 7 Makeup looks inspired by Taemin. Taemin has only been in the military for a short time, but there is not a day that we do not miss him or admire his beautiful face. SHINee’s maknae is an inspiration to many. Either because of his talent when dancing, singing or because of his captivating style. Did you know that Taemin is not only a member of SHINee and SuperM but that people recognized him for his intriguing and addictive stage presence and androgynous image? His incredible fashion style also accentuates that image. He always adds makeup very much in line with the concept of each comeback. For that reason, today, we present to you the 7 Makeup Looks Inspired by Taemin. Do you want to know what they are and put them into practice? Then stay on Korean Fashion Trends and read on!


How is Taemin’s style?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-How-is-Taemin’s-style(subtitulo)But before we start with the 7 Makeup Looks Inspired by Taemin, let’s first talk about the style of this famous K-Pop Idol. SHINee and SuperM’s Taemin held his place as one of the leading K-Pop idols in the fashion industry.


After his debut, Taemin fell in love with SHAWOL with his artistic skills, sweet personality, and companionship. But also thanks to his selection of fashion. It was a hallmark ever since his introduction to K-Pop.


The SM Entertainment agency singer played with various styles and trends that catapulted him as a benchmark in the Korean fashion industry. And this was reflected with invitations to fashion shows and more. His style is risky, androgynous, and very artistic. Because he’s not afraid to step out of his comfort zone to experience new things, Taemin inspires many people every time.


7 Taemin makeup looks you’ll want to put into practice 


We have seen Taemin model different makeup looks, with which he has even surprised us by adding a lot of rhinestones and sparkling sparkles. But without a doubt, his makeup looks have evolved, along with his growth in singing and dancing, making us discover the different facets of him. From the sweet, cuddly face in his debut as SHINee’s maknae in 2008 to the revolutionary solo singer, who got us addicted to his eye candy. The Shawols will agree to that. For that reason, if the departure of this South Korean idol to the military has made you miss him, check out these makeup looks by Taemin and bring out your most artistic side!


1. Taemin in full color in the makeup look of Advice


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Taemin-in-full-color-in-the-makeup-look-of-Advice(subtitulo)A makeup look that captured all the social networks is Taemin’s make-up look for his single Advice. It is an adorable pop of color with an elegant and attractive aura.


He achieved that look with the Huda Beauty makeup line, by Huda Kattan, who shared it on her social networks. But surely you will ask yourself the million-dollar question, how to replicate it?


To achieve this look, you will gradually add, blur and intermix, little by little, pink, fuchsia, and gold pigments. Bring them from the edge of your eye to the center and beyond the top of your eyelid. For the lips, add a clear balm mixed with a little of the shadow you will be using. What do you need to achieve it? Mainly, you will require the products that you usually use for makeup. Also, you will need a palette with several neutral shadows, but that also includes colors with glitter.


2. Taemin in Criminal looks shocking


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Taemin-in-Criminal-looks-shocking(subtitulo)Another makeup that fascinated all the fans was the makeup that Taemin wore in Criminal.


Although it is an unusual makeup and you cannot use it daily, it is also perfect for a special occasion.


Or you can also use it just for the love of art and recreate one of this idol’s makeup and show it off to your friends.


What do you need? Eyeshadow in dark tones and one in red or copper tone that helps you make the color contrast.


3. Taemin knows how to wear the sky on his eyelids


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Taemin-knows-how-to-wear-the-sky-on-your-eyelids(subtitulo)How to forget Taemin’s make-up looks on his Beyond Live, N.G.D.A. (Never Gonna Dance Again). Above all, that smoky gray with glitter makes us sigh and remember the color of the sky.


In this makeup, very iridescent tones reign, and warm tones such as gold with a stunning pop of color. To achieve this, you need to blur the tones.


By blurring them with a touch of purple, it gives us a beautiful washed-out blue-gray. Of course, with fabulous metallic color. Do not forget the glitter! You will need palettes that pigment properly, as they will be the protagonists and the center of attention.


4. Move is not just about movements!


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Move-is-not-just-about-movements(subtitulo)In this MV, Taemin was also the focus of attention not only because of his attractive dance.


He also attracted attention thanks to his style and makeup. It is true that perhaps it is a simple makeup, but for that same reason, it is the best option for a party or evening meeting.


How to do it? You only need dark shadows. With them, you will make very subtle smoky eyes.


It is an easy makeup that you can wear to an important event. For that reason, it could not be missing in this list of 7 Makeup Looks Inspired by Taemin.


5. Taemin and his colorful military look in “IDEA”


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Taemin-and-his-colorful-military-look-in-IDEA(subtitulo)Now let’s go back to the era of “IDEA”, where we love to see him with a very military-style outfit. His idol side is perfect in reddish tones and with one of the make-up looks that are soft and striking at the same time.


How to replicate this makeup? In this makeup, the main point is to accentuate the look! Do it just like our beloved SHINee maknae, achieving radiant and fresh makeup.


You will use brown shadows with reddish tones and small touches of bronze, trying to make it look perfectly blurred and without any patches. You can add some shade with a burgundy hue to introduce a little depth in the lower eye line, giving a little more life to the makeup. Try to be subtle, to follow the natural concept of the look.


6. Taemin goes from color to dark in “IDEA”


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Taemin-goes-from-color-to-dark-in-IDEA(subtitulo)“IDEA” has been one of the comebacks where Taemin has had the most notable contrast in appearance.


For example, the one where the simplicity of the makeup (with the ostentation of the rhinestones) makes it more than memorable. Even if it revolves around a pretty dark concept.


He looks like a dark fairy! While it is not makeup for everyday office or school wear, it is sure to make the feel of any themed party, dance, or even Halloween.


If you want to recreate it, it is just a matter of using neutral shadows on the eyelids, achieving a natural smoke. In this way, you will gradually degrade the different range of brown colors that you have on hand. You have to bring the darkest in your area to the edges of your eyelashes and leave the lightest tones for your tear duct area and eyelid. 


The process to apply the rhinestones or crystals is very simple. You only have to place the piece in the place you want with your special glue. What do you need to replicate this makeup? The neutral shadows of your choice, a few dark crystals, or fancy rhinestones for the face, better known as rhinestones. We recommend eyelash glue, as it is the easiest to use. Although, you can always use a special one for rhinestones. What do you think about this makeup? It is amazing! Of course, it had to be part of this list of 7 Makeup Looks Inspired by Taemin.


7. Taemin with natural makeup is a gift for his fans


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Taemin-with-natural-makeup-is-a-gift-for-his-fans(subtitulo)There is no look with which this idol fails to impress us. And an example of this is this very natural make-up look, or as it is known, makeup no makeup.


In this makeup, his features stand out with great delicacy, showing that sometimes less is more. To replicate it, you need to know that the whole concept revolves around the natural and emotional.


So a nude shade will be your best ally. Do not miss the bright touch with some glitter shadow. Remember to add it with light touches and blurring as much as possible. It is that easy! For that reason, this style could not be missing among the 7 Makeup Looks Inspired by Taemin.


The 7 Makeup Looks Inspired by Taemin are mesmerizing. While some are more colorful than others, all his makeup looks are stunning, artistic, and easy to recreate. Fill yourself with inspiration and replicate one of his makeup styles! Tell us, Shawol, which of them has been your favorite, and which one would you like to see him with on his return? Let us know in the comments! See you on the next Korean Fashion Trends blog!

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