Makeup inspired by K-Pop idols to wear in spring-summer

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We have already bid farewell to spring to welcome summer 2022. However, there are fortunately still several days left to enjoy the warm weather and beautiful landscapes, and we have several Korean fashion and beauty trends to know. For that reason, today in Korean Fashion Trends, we will talk about some makeup inspired by K-Pop idols to wear in spring-summer. These makeup options inspired by your favorite K-Pop idols are valid for you to put into practice this year. But also in the following years, since they are versatile, subtle, and cute. When life returns after the cold winter, it is best to celebrate it with colorful and creative makeup looks. That way, you can also stand out during this season. Are you ready? Then keep reading to find out all about the makeup inspired by K-Pop idols to wear in spring-summer. Keep scrolling down!


5 Spring-Summer Makeup Looks Inspired by K-Pop Idols


With these five makeup options inspired by K-Pop idols to wear in spring-summer, you can recreate the best makeup for this season. With just the basics, some vibrant eyeshadow colors, and maybe some glitter, you can achieve beautiful makeup looks worthy of warmer days. Get to know the five makeup inspired by K-Pop idols to wear in spring-summer that we have prepared for you! That way, you won’t be able to be out of style this season. Let’s get started!




To start this list of makeup ideas inspired by K-Pop idols to wear in spring-summer, we have Wheein. We will all remember the era of the singer with the Make Me Happy video. Although Wheein showed us several iconic looks in her music video, her gorgeous eye look is one of the most memorable. Why? Because she keeps it simple in her base shade. She achieves this by using a light shimmer before coating her lids with multi-colored glitters that create a unique and sparkly look. The rest of the makeup is matte. That allows the attention to fall on Wheein’s eyes. You need a base shadow that matches your skin tone and glitter in several colors to achieve this look. Also, you can wear your lips in a nude tone. That will fit quite well.




Continuing with these makeup options inspired by K-Pop idols to wear in spring-summer, we have the STAYC girls in their ASAP era. Since their debut, these girls have captivated the public thanks to their iconic styles in clothing and makeup. With the ASAP era, they verified that they are true inspirations. They manage to make the most casual looks something of another level. For that reason, when it comes to more everyday looks, the members of STAYC surprised their fans with a combination of bright pink and peach in the music video for their 2021 hit “ASAP.” We can’t talk about a specific style of the girls because each of the members wears a slightly different makeup style. It’s a simple peach eye look with a touch of shimmer. They also wore soft pink blush and a touch of highlighter. If you want to recreate this look and achieve a subtle glow, apply a lightly pigmented highlighter to the center of the face and nose over a matte base. That will be perfect for achieving a makeup look like the girls on STAYC. It’s a subtle idea for every day but also quite eye-catching to make you stand out.




Red Velvet also appears in this list of makeup inspired by K-Pop idols to wear in spring-summer. Not mentioning them would be a sin after all the memories that Feel My Rhythm left us. It hasn’t been long since Red Velvet blew us away with that fantastic spring song. For this era, the Red Velvet girls opted to put a twist on the Japanese igari look, or drunken rouge. They put a lot of pink blush right under the eyes to get that soft, dreamy look. However, if you want to use a look like this for an everyday look, you can make it fresher and simpler. To achieve this, you need to use a light and subtle eye shadow in the area around the eyes, along with clean and well-spaced false eyelashes. But if you’re not wearing false lashes, apply a thick mascara and use tweezers to gently squeeze the lashes to create that separated look that’s important in this makeup look. If you don’t wear them like this, you won’t be able to perfectly recreate the makeup of the Red Velvet girls in Feel My Rhythm.




This fourth option in the makeup inspired by K-Pop idols to wear in spring-summer is very feminine and chic. Of course, the girls of IZ*ONE are perfect in meeting those characteristics. For that reason, it was no surprise to see them shine with their incredible looks in Violeta. Also, we can say that people who live in warmer climates daily appreciate this matte makeup that they used in the promo photos for their HEART*IZ album. It is a makeup that leans more towards warm peach and orange tones. Wearing that look, the girl group proved that it doesn’t take glitter to shine in these soft, dreamy looks. Your makeup can stand out without glitter! The glitter is just an extra. The girls’ makeup certainly reflected that it was carefully chosen to be close to each other in the color gamut. So they created a simple, monotone look, complete with a gradient lip, a touch of mascara, and pencil eyeliner. That way, they define the eyes while maintaining that dreamy, powdery softness. You don’t need much to recreate this look, as you can see. In addition, you can use this makeup in your day-to-day with the most casual or elegant outfits.




And to finish this list of makeup options inspired by K-Pop idols to wear in spring-summer, we have Taeyeon in the Weekend era. Taeyeon has always stood out thanks to her talent and beauty. For that reason, every time she gives us a comeback, the singer fascinates all her fans with her styles. However, the look from the Weekend era made quite an impression thanks to how understated yet pretty and vibrant it is. For this era, the singer uses a notoriously delicate eyeshadow color. You can achieve her Weekend look by applying just a light baby blue to the inner and outer corners of your lid. You can frame it with a pink shade in the middle and on the lower lash line. That way, you will create an elegant and fun look. You can complete it with a touch of glitter in the inner corners. So does Taeyeon!


The makeup inspired by K-Pop idols to wear in spring-summer is ideal for warmer days when you want to wear makeup without being too extravagant. Each of these options is ideal for day-to-day, although some of them stand out more for a summer party. However, you can recreate these looks with just the basics of makeup. Glitters are always optional, remember. Which of the five options was your favorite? Let us know in the comments. See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog!

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