Let’s get to know Twice’s Chaeyoung style

Korean Fashion Trends - Let's get to know Twice's Chaeyoung style

Let’s get to know Twice’s Chaeyoung style. Today in our Korean celebrity style section let’s get to know Twice’s Chaeyoung style! The fashion world has its eyes on artists like BLACKPINK’s Jennie. She is the quintessential definition of elegance combined with it girl phenomenon. That’s why we’ve already dedicated a Jenni-style blog to it. No matter what she wears, her fans will want to emulate her. That’s the effect of an it girl.


However, there are as many stylish idols as there are days in the year. Today we go to the other end of the music landscape to remember the wonderful and talented girls of Twice. Since their debut, they have always been the sweetest dessert in the music industry. In recent years, Chaeyoung has become one of the most significant female references in e-girl aesthetics, the comfy cult, and tattoos. Everything she wears takes it to another level with a lot of styles. So today, let’s get to know Twice’s Chaeyoung style! You can be inspired and recreate her looks if you also identify with an e-girl style. Are you ready? Let’s get started!


What is Twice’s Chaeyoung style like?


Korean Fashion Trends - What is Twice's Chaeyoung style like?As we mentioned before, Twice’s Chaeyoung style exemplifies what an e-girl is. The e-girl is a modern version of the emo girl. Both were born as representatives of a counterculture that opposes beauty standards.


E-girls’ style is recognized by their dyed hair and thick, dark eyeliner. Sometimes it is applied just below each eye to create small shapes or icons. They also wear pink blush on the nose and cheeks, jewelry as a septum, or any other piercing. They wear anime-inspired and gothic-style clothing, such as long or very short shirts, chain belts, and skirts and pants. They also wear tattoos.


However, the looks of the e-girls are very varied. They can wear a pleated skirt and high-waisted pants. Or cargo jeans, long-sleeved shirts inside a short-sleeved shirt, baggy sweatshirts, crop tops, and tennis shoes. The accessories are usually large belts, full of chains, long earrings, and rings. Indeed, the style that suits Chaeyoung the most.


3 Twice’s Chaeyoung looks you can recreate


We can’t get close to Twice’s Chaeyoung style without mentioning some of her most iconic looks that you can easily recreate. However, you can take inspiration from them if you don’t want to recreate them. So you can elevate your e-girl style. Are you ready? Here we go.




Korean Fashion Trends - Chaeyoung in all-black looksWhat’s an e-girl without a sharp haircut dressed all in black? When talking about Twice’s Chaeyoung style, we can’t help but mention her all-black looks.


In a photo shoot for GQ Korea, Chaeyoung paired dizzyingly tall ankle boots with the signature leather and latex jacket that marks it all. She loved how confident she was in front of the camera.


It is a good look option for the most daring on a special occasion.


However, you can apply the total black look at any time with any clothing you prefer.


  1. COMFY


Korean Fashion Trends - comfy looksBesides being an e-girl style, Twice’s Chaeyoung style can also be comfy and sporty.


We always love her appearances on her Instagram because she has no qualms about showing off her natural beauty and thus making us feel closer to her.


As in the times when she has worn huge coats that have nothing to write home about but the color of the hair and the accessories she adds makes it a winning look.


Take inspiration from Chaeyoung’s comfortable looks if you are looking for a more comfortable and sporty option.




Korean Fashion Trends - E-GIRL AND IT-GIRL - Twice Chaeyoung styleHow could we mention Chaeyoung’s looks without mentioning her hair color changes? If we remember the era of More & More, we notice that she gave us something more than a true tropical hit. It also gave us Chaeyoung’s blue highlights! The contrast with her dark hair was great, and she gave us a lot of shots to enjoy it. The rapper knew how to wear it with dark clothes and rock style. But without forgetting her personal touch. And that’s why we saw her in sandals and with flowery prints. Chaeyoung’s style wouldn’t exist without her fun hair color changes.


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5 Key clothes you need if you want to copy Chaeyoung’s style


After learning about the Chaeyoung’s looks that you can recreate, let’s go over the clothes you need to have if you want to achieve Twice’s Chaeyoung style!




Korean Fashion Trends - Chaeyoung in cardigansWe started this list of clothes you need to recreate Twice’s Chaeyoung style with cardigans.


We know how versatile Chaeyoung is in her talents and style. She can sing, rap and dance like she can wear jeans, dresses or skirts.


Although Chaeyoung’s style is e-girl, let’s also not forget about her cute girly, and romantic side. Especially if you don’t like black clothing and bold looks, consider getting a light yellow knit cardigan to wear over tops. It will be a perfect option.


Do you want to buy one? Click here. That way, you can fill your closet with cardigans like the ones Chaeyoung wears.


  1. PANTS


Korean Fashion Trends - pants - - Twice Chaeyoung styleWe continue reviewing the garments of Twice’s Chaeyoung style! And we couldn’t forget the pants.


Why? Because when it comes to pants, Chaeyoung is the biggest fan of huge, comfy white pants.


They are perfect for a day at home. But they’re also great for a long night in the studio while producing another TWICE hit or any other casual occasion. They can be baggy pants, mom, wide-leg pants, etc. They are all great options.


Buy your pants here and achieve Chaeyoung’s style.




Korean Fashion Trends - Chaeyoung wearing converseThe converse is also a fundamental part of Twice’s Chaeyoung style!


The converse is another must-have if you want to dress like her.


Classic whites are the winners because they are perfect for any look, be it casual jeans or a t-shirt.


Or if you wear them with a long pink dress, it is also an excellent idea.


Also, following Twice’s Chaeyoung style, you will never fail.


  1. TOPS


Korean Fashion Trends - Chaeyoung wearing an ACDC t-shirtTaking a look at her closet, we notice that tops take center stage in Twice’s Chaeyoung style. Her favorite t-shirt is an ACDC one.


It is a perfect top for summer, alone or with jackets thrown over the shoulders to hide a little skin.


Chaeyoung loves it.


This top is a must if you love her and want to dress like her. Or any top from your favorite rock band. 




Korean Fashion Trends - Twice Chaeyoung styleChaeyoung also loves wearing soft, feminine pieces. She also tends to stay away from bright colors because she believes that light colors are more flattering for most people.


That’s why, for shirts, she loves to use soft and feminine pieces. Shirts of this type can’t be missing from your closet if you want to achieve Twice’s Chaeyoung style.


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Twice’s Chaeyoung style is so versatile that she may be an e-girl, but she also has an artistic, elegant, and comfortable touch in her looks. For that reason, Chaeyoung is the perfect inspiration for girls who have an e-girl style but don’t forget their femininity. What do you think of Chaeyoung’s style? Do you like it? Tell us in the comments. See you in the next blog! Still not subscribed to our newsletter? Do it now to know all the latest Korean fashion trends in real time!


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