Let’s get to know STRAY KIDS’ Felix style

Korean Fashion Trends -  Let's get to know STRAY KIDS's Felix style

Let’s get to know STRAY KIDS’ Felix style! New year, new style inspiration. Today in our celebrity styles section, we take inspiration from one of the STRAY KIDS members. Since his debut, Felix has shown a great sensibility for fashion. That is why he is considered one of the current Korean fashion icons. Felix is a benchmark in Korean fashion, so his avant-garde urban style inspires us to elevate our look. If you want to start the year with a new look inspired by Felix from STRAY KIDS, you’re in the right place. Here we go!


What is STRAY KIDS’ Felix style like?


Korean Fashion Trends - STRAY KIDS' Felix style  Felix is not only iconic for his voice, his visuals, and his talent. The STRAY KIDS idol could give you good ideas to dress up and create new looks with your favorite clothes. The boys of STRAY KIDS have achieved success throughout their careers. Korean pop singers and rappers have positioned themselves as the boy bands with the highest presence on music charts and social media.


  Felix has an incredible personality that can reach the hearts of all his fans. That is thanks to his qualities on and off stage. The boy, originally from Sydney,Australia, has given his fans incredible outfits that highlight his features and anatomy in multiple interviews, activities, concerts, and other promotions with his group mates. And although STRAY KIDS’s Felix style is very versatile, we could say that it is urban and street avant-garde, always with a rockstar touch.


What are the garments that stand out the most in STRAY KIDS’s Felix style?


  It is necessary to consider the garments that are at least generally seen in their outfits to learn more about STRAY KIDS’s Felix style. That way, you can review what you have and what you lack to recreate STRAY KIDS’s Felix style!




Korean Fashion Trends - SKZ Felix wearing black leather pants  Although jeans are also part of STRAY KIDS’s Felix style, other pants that stand out are black leather pants.


Felix knows how to integrate them into his looks and elevate them effortlessly.


The trick is to mix it with the right pieces.


If you are looking for Korean-style leather pants, click here.





Korean Fashion Trends - STRAY KIDS' Felix style  Another garment that stands out a lot in STRAY KIDS’s Felix style is the jacket.


You may wonder what kind of jackets and the truth is that any style will do. From jean jackets to leather jackets and oversizes.


The important thing is that you have several types of them to elevate your looks.


Buy your jackets here.



  1. SETS


Korean Fashion Trends - STRAY KIDS' Felix style  Clothing sets are also a must-have if you want to achieve the STRAY KIDS’s Felix style.


It can be sets of jackets with a skirt or jackets with pants.


The important thing is that they are a set you can mix with a white shirt.


If you don’t have any clothing sets, you can buy them here.






Korean Fashion Trends - STRAY KIDS' Felix style  Another way to achieve STRAY KIDS’s Felix style is to not stick to basic and neutral colors.


Being avant-garde, you must dare more.


For example, prints are a great option to elevate your looks. For that reason, like Felix, you can add patterned pieces to your combinations.


It can be in jackets, blouses, and even pants or skirts. You can get them at the best prices here.





Korean Fashion Trends - SKZ Felix wearing a choker  You can’t think of achieving STRAY KIDS’ Felix style without the accessories. Therefore, if you want to recreate his looks, you need accessories. What kind of accessories? Of any type! You must add bracelets, earrings, rings, chains, belts, berets, caps, etc.


Just by reviewing some photos of Felix’s outfits, you will notice that there is none where he does not use accessories. They are his best weapon to highlight his looks.


Do you need accessories? You can get them Here.


  Remember that you can achieve STRAY KIDS‘ Felix style and any Korean fashion style by buying clothes and accessories here. Best of all, you can do it by buying at the best prices. Take advantage of the offers!


5 looks you can recreate inspired by STRAY KIDS’s Felix style


  Now is the time to discover the looks that when recreated, will allow you to get closer to STRAY KIDS’s Felix style. Consider the garments we talked about earlier. By having them, you will be able to recreate any of these combinations, and thus you will be able to look as good as Felix. Let’s get started!




Korean Fashion Trends - SKZ Felix in a casual look  We start with a casual look to achieve STRAY KIDS’ Felix style. Felix is a master at combining his clothes.


For this reason, he can mix a cardigan with black leather jeans. The Stray Kids rapper made a memorable outfit, and you can do it too.


It can be a black leather skirt instead of pants.


Combine it with a jacket, a choker, and earrings as accessories, and with combat boots.


Buy your black leather skirt here.




Korean Fashion Trends - SKZ Felix in Back Door era  It’s still cold, and this outfit is ideal for unstable weather and, of course, to achieve STRAY KIDS’ Felix’s style too.


Combine wide-boot jeans with a red knit sweater.


Add the accessories of your choice and some black sneakers, although it is better if they are combat boots.


Buy your knitted sweater here.





Korean Fashion Trends - SKZ Felix in a bad boy look  Felix also tends to combine basic clothes in a color that is easy to wear.


You should also consider the basics in clothing and shades if you want to achieve STRAY KIDS’s Felix style. The Stray Kids idol looks confident with a bad boy style.


He combines black jeans with a black leatherette top.


Add a black leather jacket, accessories, and black boots as well. You can change the black jeans to denim pants to give your look a twist.


Buy your jacket here.




Korean Fashion Trends - SKZ Felix in a black suit - STRAY KIDS' Felix style  Blazer is a garment that never goes out of style.


Felix from Stray Kids creates different outfits combining stripes with squares.


Give a new life to the white jeans and add a chain.


But remember that the blazer must be checkered and the long-sleeved shirt must be striped.


Buy your blazer here.




Korean Fashion Trends - SKZ Felix in a pink boy look  Pink is suitable if you know how to express your cheerful and bright personality. It is one of the colors that most highlights the qualities of Felix. The Stray Kids member looks youthful and fun in this color. He combines a pair of wide-boot jeans, a pink long-sleeved blouse, and a pink beret. He is wearing white sneakers with pink stockings.


Don’t forget the accessories of your preference. Buy a pink shirt here!


  STRAY KIDS’ Felix style is perfect if you want to start the year by changing your style to a more urban and avant-garde one. Take inspiration from this young idol and fashion icon to elevate your style. So you can look amazing and go out to take the streets as if they were catwalks.


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