Let’s get to know NCT’s Johnny style

Korean Fashion Trends - Let's get to know NCT Johnny style

Let’s get to know NCT’s Johnny’s style! Today in our style section, we will talk about the style of one of our favorite NCT boys. Yes, that’s right, today is the opportunity to take inspiration from NCT’s Johnny’s style. Johnny’s taste in fashion is well-known among his fans. It’s a pleasure to take a look at his closet. Johnny is the king of neutral tones, from black and white to earth tones. He is also very good at combining, always within his style, which is easily recognizable. Johnny dresses like Johnny, easy as that. His style has a lot of his personality. We could say that he has a classic style. However, lately, he’s taking risks and evolving. Thanks to that, he is an inspiration. Do you want to know more about NCT’s Johnny’s style? Stay at Korean Fashion Trends. Here we go!


Who is Johnny from NCT?


Korean Fashion Trends - Johnny from NCTJohnny’s real name is John Seo. He was born on February 9, 1995, in Chicago, United States. Johnny entered SM Entertainment as a trainee in 2007 with the SM Global Audition system in Chicago.


Also, Johnny was in the debut lineup for EXO, but he didn’t follow through because he wanted to continue his studies. Later he joined SM Entertainment’s project group SMROOKIES.


On December 26, 2016, Johnny was confirmed as the new member of NCT’s second sub-unit, NCT 127, at the 2016 Gayo Daejun, alongside Do Young.


Since then, he has made all his fans fall in love with him thanks to his talent and style. That’s why NCT’s Johnny’s style is so iconic that it has become a benchmark in Korean fashion.


What is NCT’s Johnny’s style like?


Korean Fashion Trends - NCT Johnny styleWe previously said that NCT’s Johnny’s style reflects Johnny’s personality a lot, so it is a style that can be defined as Johnny’s style. He knows and loves simplicity. But he also knows how to take it to another level. We can see that Johnny is not as obsessed with exaggerated prints as he is with layers, fabrics, and textures.


Furthermore, he is known for having a classy yet casual style that is urban and chic at the same time. He loves blazers, leather jackets, white shirts, and long coats. He also loves to experiment with different shapes. Thanks to that, he manages to turn every staging, street trip, or airport into a fashion catwalk. He is a benchmark in Korean street fashion. But, he knows how to elevate it with elegant and sophisticated elements. His style is a source of inspiration for his fans and fashion lovers.


Achieving NCT’s Johnny’s style has never been easier than now. If you want to recreate the style of this fashion icon, click here. That way, you will get the best discounts and offers on Korean fashion where you can buy everything you need by investing less money. Do not lose this chance!


5 clothes you must have if you want to achieve NCT’s Johnny’s style


You must have some key garments to wear the NCT’s Johnny’s style. Johnny focuses a lot on the basics, so achieving his style may take less effort than you think. However, we reviewed the elements that stand out the most in NCT’s Johnny’s style. Are you ready? Let’s see!




Korean Fashion Trends - Johnny plays with patternsWe already mentioned that Johnny is not very attracted to excessive patterns.


However, the more subtle ones are part of NCT’s Johnny’s style. While he keeps it simple, we’ve also seen Johnny play with patterns. When he decides to take that path, he goes for it completely.


For example, he pairs plaid pants and a color-block crew neck that we usually don’t see in NCT’s Johnny’s style. However, as they are inconspicuous prints, it is easy to imagine it in that combination.


Do you need printed garments? Shop here!




Korean Fashion Trends - Johnny in white clothesWhite clothes are a must-have in NCT’s Johnny’s style. For example, a white suit full of small details that make it unique is part of Johnny’s fashion attitude. Like him, you can combine a white shirt with pearl buttons, a jacket with diamond embroidery, and velvet pants. All in white.


White clothes come together in NCT’s Johnny’s style to transform Johnny’s stage look into an angelic moment. From shirts, jackets, pants, sneakers, and accessories are a must if you want to dress like Johnny as he prioritizes classic and neutral colors.


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Korean Fashion Trends - NCT Johnny wearing beretAn accessory that stands out in NCT’s Johnny’s style is the beret. If there’s one thing Johnny isn’t afraid of, it’s mixing his style with accessories.


With this creativity, Johnny achieves retro outfits that look like something out of a magazine cover.


He perfects his classic and street looks with a beret and a crossbody bag.


Also, you can add these garments to elevate your outfits and get closer to NCT’s Johnny’s style. Buy here!


  1. DENIM


Korean Fashion Trends - denim clothes - NCT JohnnyDenim also has a leading role in NCT’s Johnny’s style. Why? Because denim is traditional and conveys simplicity in style.


For that reason, Johnny loves denim in every way and likes to wear it all. It is a combo that may seem simple.


But, it provides aesthetic pleasure when appreciated together. Total denim outfits are a great choice if you want to be inspired by his style.


You can buy denim clothes by clicking here.





Korean Fashion Trends - NCT Johnny wearing a suitAnd finally, we can’t fail to mention the suits when we talk about NCT’s Johnny’s style.


Although he could have chosen the simple alternative, a black suit, on one occasion he wore a gray one that just didn’t fit him perfectly. It also breaks the traditional style.


Like him, you too can get out of the ordinary, take risks and win.


If you need a gala suit, you can buy it by clicking here.



3 Looks you can be inspired by NCT’s Johnny’s style


Now, it’s time to know about some combinations you can try to fit in with NCT’s Johnny’s style. Consider the most significant elements of his looks, and with that, he achieves these looks. Let’s take a look!




Korean Fashion Trends - outfit inspired by NCT Johnny styleYou can create a classic combination to wear in a neutral look and stand out with your outfit inspired by NCT’s Johnny’s style.


Combine a light brown shirt with beige pants and a gray oversized blazer.


Add a black belt and white sneakers. It is a look that works for both men and women.


If you need to buy the necessary clothes to achieve this look, you can buy them here.





Korean Fashion Trends - outfit inspired by NCT Johnny styleA more urban and casual combination is black and white, and it fits very well with NCT’s Johnny style.


Mix a black leather jacket with a white t-shirt.


Add jeans or cargo or jogger pants in black too.


You can accompany it with white tennis shoes or black combat boots.


Remember that if you need to buy the elements to achieve this combination, you can do it here.




Korean Fashion Trends - outfit inspired by NCT Johnny styleAn ideal combination for an airport-style inspired by NCT’s Johnny’s style, it gives the center stage to denim. Pair jeans with a pink or white shirt and add a denim jacket as well. You can accompany it with the footwear you prefer, but white tennis shoes would be the ideal option. You can add accessories like glasses and a crossbody bag. Remember that you can buy everything you need to achieve this look by clicking here.


The NCT’s Johnny’s style is ideal for those who love the urban style, but with elegant and sophisticated elements. Also, for those who love neutral combinations will love his style as well. Take inspiration from Johnny and take your style to the next level. Are you already subscribed to our newsletter? If you did not already, remember that you can do it if you want to receive notifications of our updates and discounts on Korean fashion. See you!


Remember that you can elevate your style by taking inspiration from NCT’s Johnny’s style. And if you still don’t have the necessary clothes and elements, click here to get everything you are looking for at the best prices. Take advantage of the K-fashion offers you can only find here at Korean Fashion Trends!


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