Let’s get to know Kai’s style

Korean Fashion Trends - Let's get to know Kai's style

Let’s get to know Kai’s style. In K-pop, many idols have made their fans love their style. Many of them have a very particular way of expressing themselves through fashion. EXO’s Kai is one of them. If you’re an EXO-L and you’ve noticed Kai’s fashion sense, you’ve probably wanted to copy his style on more than one occasion. Join (his real name) has conquered not only international audiences with his skills in singing, dancing, and rapping. The EXO member also has a style of dress that stands out from the rest. Also, the star knows no bounds in expressing himself with fashion. Thanks to that, Kai is always open to changing the formulas of his outfits. He plays a lot with the clothes in his wardrobe and has been the inspiration for big luxury brands like GUCCI. However, he stands out a lot for breaking gender barriers with fashion since he doesn’t mind wearing a crop top because he knows he looks good. If you want to recreate Kai’s style, stay with us, and let’s get to know Kai’s style! Are you ready? Let’s get started!


What is EXO Kai’s style like?


Korean Fashion Trends - EXO Kai, JonginLet’s get to know Kai’s style! And to get closer to Kai’s style, let’s try to define it a bit. The EXO member is a boy who creates trends. That’s why he is part of the Korean pop idols who love to share his tastes and charisma through fashion.


He is considered the king of style, the king of Gucci, and also the king of crop tops. No one can deny that he is simply a fashion icon. He always surprises us with incredible fashion choices, from elegant and chic to irreverent and extravagant. But no matter what he wears, he always takes our breath away.


It doesn’t matter if he’s at the airport, on stage, or sitting in front of a catwalk at a fashion show; Kai isn’t afraid to try new hairstyles. So Kai has quite a versatile manner.


4 Kai clothes and styles that you must take into account if you want to recreate his style


Although Kai’s style is quite versatile and open to all possibilities, there are some clothes and styles that are characteristic of him. If you want to recreate Kai’s class, we recommend adding the following garments and techniques to your closet:




Korean Fashion Trends - Kai wearing a crop topIn Kai’s style, crop tops stand out a lot. And we support a man who breaks with fashion paradigms. One of Kai’s takeaways is how he wears whatever he wants without going through the “what he can and can’t wear” filter. Crop tops are proof of this.


Is there another man who wears crop tops better like him? If you think so, let us know in the comments. But we believe no one else stands out with a crop top as he does until now.


Kai wears everything from knitted crop tops to ripped t-shirts and leather corsets. You must add more crop tops to your wardrobe to achieve a Kai-inspired look. Don’t know where to buy them? Click here!




Korean Fashion Trends - Kai wearing baggy clothesKai manages to wear baggy clothes and pajamas and looks stunning while doing it.


If there’s one thing Kai does better than anyone else, it’s accessories.


A simple, loose-fitting color ensemble becomes runway-ready with a velvet backpack and Gucci loafers.


An outfit made in heaven.


They may look like pajamas, but they’re very stylish pajamas. Get your baggy clothes by clicking here.




Korean Fashion Trends - Kai wearing a monochrome lookThere is something so simple yet so elegant and chic about monochrome looks.


Kai knows that and doesn’t hesitate to use them. Monochromatic looks are a fundamental part of Kai’s style.


Also, monochromatic tones go perfectly with accessories that can add a different touch.


A true testament to how you can be simple and yet kill the fashion game is Kai wearing monochrome looks.




Korean Fashion Trends - Kai at Gucci showsThere’s something about Kai and how he looks cool that no one else has. When Kai shows up at Gucci shows, he takes everything to another level but keeps the essence of him.


Even though a lot is going on at the same time, he’s still Kai, and that’s why we love his style.


Many say that less is more, but sometimes more is more. Kai proves it. He can dress in layers with no problem and stand out doing it.


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Three looks inspired by Kai’s style


After adding the clothes and styles you need in your closet to achieve Kai’s kind, it’s time to learn about combinations you can easily recreate. That way, you’ll be able to rock Kai’s style seamlessly and stand out with your sense of Korean.




Korean Fashion Trends - Kai with a retro styleThis first look inspired by Kai has a retro style that anyone loves. As all Kai fans know, Kai is constantly invited to magazine photo shoots.


On one occasion, he wore a retro style that couldn’t go unnoticed. This look of the EXO idol has a retro style, a trend that he is back to stay.


The flared pants and shoes give it a fun touch. They can be camel, while the crop top can be gray.


Also, he mixes these garments with accessories such as a bag and a necklace. It is a pretty and chic combination. Get your flared pants here!




Korean Fashion Trends - EXO Tempo MV - Kai Bad Guy vibes - Kai styleDo you know the MV of Tempo? The look that EXO’s Kai wore for the ‘TEMPO’ MV has all the Bad Guy vibes.


The singer defied any scheme by wearing a crop top.


Some of his outfits from this era repeated the same formula.


If you want to twist this style, you can change the jeans for a flirty skirt.


However, try to stick to black-and-white tones. You can also add a harness and black combat boots.




Korean Fashion Trends - Kai style including denim garments - And finally, another outfit that has all of Kai’s style includes denim garments. Denim is always a good option. If you want to be relaxed and comfortable, you can opt for a simple but winning combination.


Pair high-waisted flared jeans with a white top and cropped denim jacket. Add the accessories that best express your personality. As for footwear, white sneakers will go very well with this combination.


Kai’s style is one of the most inspiring and iconic in the entire world of K-Pop. Whether you’re his fan or not, you can’t deny that Jongin’s style is unique and versatile and shows off his fashion sense. Not for nothing is the Gucci king in Korea. Add the necessary garments and recreate your Kai-inspired looks! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter. That way, you won’t miss any of our updates.


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