Let’s get to know Itzy’s Yuna style

Korean Fashion Trends - Let's get to know Itzy Yuna style

Let’s get to know Itzy’s Yuna style. It girls are admired by the general public and the fashion industry. But what makes them it girls? The “it factor.” And what is that? It’s that twinkle in the eye, dominating any room they walk into. In addition, it factor is not only physical. It is also mental. It is in its essence. It girls are the girls who make you dream, the ones who seem to live la vie en rose. Yes, they seem to live wrapped in an aura of glamor and sophistication. Earlier, we talked about Twice’s Chaeyoung. She is an It girl. But today, we will also talk about the looks of one of the it girls of the fourth generation of K-Pop. That’s right, today on Korean Fashion Trends, let’s get to know Itzy’s Yuna style! So if you like Yuna’s style, keep reading because today, we’ll tell you how to recreate it. Are you ready? Let’s go!


How is Itzy’s Yuna style?


Korean Fashion Trends - How is Itzy Yuna style?If you are a K-pop fan but also a fashion enthusiast, and you like Itzy’s Yuna style, today is your day. Why? Because we are going to delve into her style. But before we get to know those looks and clothes that you must know to achieve Itzy’s Yuna style, let’s talk a little about what Yuna’s style is like. Itzy’s maknae, the main dancer, and lead visual has gained many fans since the beginning of her career. She is known by many K-Pop fans for having features that are considered the most beautiful in Korea. Yuna has big doll eyes and a great height with body proportions that everything she wears suits her very well.


If we take a look at Itzy’s Yuna style, we can notice that Yuna likes to wear black. In almost every photo, you can see her wearing black clothes. She has the born style of an It Girl. Also, Yuna likes to mix and match different textures or cuts. She also seems to enjoy experimenting with the clothes that she has. She wears a shirt under a dress. Or statement boots over her basic outfit for added style.  Do you want to add clothes and accessories to get closer to Itzy’s Yuna style? Click here. That way, you will get everything you need to give a revolutionary change to your wardrobe.


What are the looks that stand out the most in Itzy’s Yuna style?


To get closer to Itzy’s Yuna style, we must know some of her most iconic looks. That way, you’ll have more options if you want to recreate specific styles. Let’s see!




Korean Fashion Trends Itzy yuna wearing an all-black lookWe already said that Yuna loves the color black. It would be a sin to tour Itzy’s Yuna style without mentioning an all-black combination. Also, it is necessary to say that color is something personal. Someone would like to keep the wardrobe muted, all white or even all black, just like Yuna does with hers.


She likes to wear all-black outfits from head to toe, sometimes including the accessories she wears like handbags, sunglasses, and even hats. She once wore an all-black outfit like her airport outfit. She wore a black tank top, baggy pants, sunglasses, and a bag.


Still don’t have enough clothes? Click here. That way, you can recreate this Yuna look.




Korean Fashion Trends - sportswearBut Yuna also likes to experiment with sportswear as a part of her daily life.


For this reason, we include this option in Itzy’s Yuna style. ITZY was once a collaboration with Adidas.


In that jumpsuit, Yuna showed that she knows how to build an outfit based on her athletic wardrobe.


Also, she wears these kinds of outfits when she practices in her dance halls. You can combine black cargo pants with a black top and a sweater of the same tone.




However, although black stands out in Itzy’s Yuna style, that doesn’t mean that other colors are absent.


For example, on one occasion, Yuna wore a beige set of a plaid sleeveless top and a pleated skirt.


It could also be used as a stage outfit. But it is also perfect to wear during the summer. It is a fresh, summery, and very girly look.


So if you are looking for a look that fits those characteristics, this is the one. Get your pleated skirt here! This way you will be closer to Itzy’s Yuna style.


  1. SETS


Korean Fashion Trends - plaid sleeveless top and a pleated skirtSets are the way to go.


Especially if you don’t have time to think of an outfit instantly. Yuna knows how to stand out in such outfits.


Because of that, it is part of Itzy’s Yuna style. Also, some people like to use these sets because they are easier to find.


If you like to experiment, you can combine them with the clothes you already have in your wardrobe.


They are perfect to show your personality through your clothes.




Korean Fashion Trends - sleeveless top and pants combo - Itzy Yuna styleYuna also knows how to elevate her style with a sleeveless top and pants combo. This look among Itzy’s Yuna style could be your favorite if you want to create the illusion of having a longer body.


Although Yuna is the tallest of her group, she has further elongated her legs with this kind of outfit, especially because of her shoes. Add some chunky shoes clicking by here and you will see how your image also improves.


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3 key elements you need if you want to achieve Itzy’s Yuna style


After learning about some of Yuna’s iconic looks, it’s time to learn those 3 key elements you need to achieve Itzy’s Yuna style. Are you ready? Here we go!


  1. Black bodycon dress


Korean Fashion Trends - ITZY Yuna wearing a black dressIn the closet of a fashion lover, a black dress cannot be missing. It is the basics. Yuna knows that. And that’s why you need one to achieve Itzy’s Yuna style.


Also, Yuna’s love for tight clothing is very evident when it comes to dresses. She loves to wear tight dresses. They are dresses that greatly favor the figure. They are also chic and easy to mix with other clothes.


You can try pairing a tight black dress with high heels for a more formal look. Or you can also combine it with a leather jacket and white sneakers for a casual look.


Still don’t have your black dress? Buy it here! So you can recreate this Yuna look.




Korean Fashion Trends - sleeved top - Itzy Yuna styleAnother significant piece of clothing you need to achieve Itzy’s Yuna style is the sleeved top.


Although obviously, her favorite color is black, it seems that Yuna likes to experiment with colors in this type of top.


She likes to wear tops with different sleeves. But she mostly prefers those with textures like fabrics or pastel colors.


Sometimes with crazy designs. Buy your top with sleeves here! You’ll be one step closer to achieving Itzy’s Yuna style.




Korean Fashion Trends - ITZY Yuna in light blue jeansAnd finally, another essential piece of clothing to achieve Itzy’s Yuna style are light blue jeans.


Light-washed denim pants are very versatile, you can wear them with shirts, tops, jackets, blazers, pullovers, etc. Yuna knows how to use them.


So if you need a little inspiration, you have to look at her looks, and that’s it.


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Itzy’s Yuna style is one of the most iconic among the girls of the fourth generation of K-Pop. If you like her style, it’s time to recreate it. With these looks and the key elements you need, you can achieve it now. Take inspiration from Yuma to elevate your style and create outfits of a true It Girl. Have you already subscribed to our newsletter? If you haven’t done it yet, what are you waiting for? The moment is now! Especially if you want to stay connected with our updates. In this way, you can enjoy our blogs on fashion, beauty, and Korean culture in real-time. See you in the next Korean Fashion Trends blog!


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