Let’s get to know HyunAh’s style

Korean Fashion Trends - Let's get to know HyunAh's style

Let’s get to know HyunAh’s style. Since her debut, HyunAh has captivated her fans with her undeniable style in singing, rapping, and dancing.  But also with her unique way of dressing. And although she is not considered an icon of Korean fashion, she is constantly in the spotlight because many of her fans and K-Pop fans, in general, find inspiration in her to dress according to her tastes without matter what they say. So today, on Korean Fashion Trends, let’s get to know HyunAh’s style. We will review some of her most iconic looks that you can recreate with the key pieces we have found in her closet based on her most memorable outfits. If you like HyunAh, stay with us. And discover her style. That way, you can get a little closer to her preferences in her fashion. Are you ready? Here we go!


How is HyunAh’s style?


Korean Fashion Trends - How is HyunAh's style?Let’s get to know HyunAh’s style! But first, let’s try to approach her style to try to define it a bit. HyunA’s style has evolved tremendously over the years, as she tried different trends until she discovered what is true to her taste and personality.


HyunA always keeps her outfit fun and interesting. The style of this idol is quite versatile because she is not afraid to try new and fun things. We can define her style as eclectic and often eccentric.


Also, HyunA is the queen of makeup transformations. She is never afraid to try different looks while everyone else is doing the most typical and safe combination of makeup. From her cat eye, red lip colors, and flowing hair, to her fierce and sexy vibe, HyunA always goes above and beyond through her performances and fashion. That way, she becomes her best style inspiration. But she is also an inspiration in hair and makeup.


4 HyunAh Styles You Can Easily Recreate


It is necessary to approach some of her most iconic styles to know HyunAh’s style. Because of that, here are four styles of HyunAh that you can also recreate without problems. Let’s see!




Korean Fashion Trends - layer colors when dressingWe begin to get to know HyunAh’s style by noticing her ability to layer colors when dressing.


Taking a closer look at her preference for vintage style, HyunA likes to layer colors and textures that are unexpected but still cohesive. She’s not afraid to experiment when it comes to brightening up her look with a variety of colors all in one outfit.


These outfits are ideal for winter, so taking advantage of the fact that we will soon enter the coldest season of the year, you can try layering in a fun way as HyunAh does.


You can combine green or purple maxi skirts with yellow or orange blouses. HyunAh’s colorful looks are one of our favorites.




Korean Fashion Trends - sporty and edgy styleAs HyunAh’s style is versatile, she can also be sporty and edgy when she wants to.


HyunAh also stays comfy by wearing athleisure clothes and mixing loose pieces with her other fitted looks.


For example, like her, you can combine a tight yellow skirt with a black belt and a white top.


And on top of it, you can add an athleisure coat and oversizes. Or you can wear the same coat with a fitted dress too.




Korean Fashion Trends - HyunAh style - retro-futureHyunAh’s style also has a bit of a retro-future. And no, we’re not just saying that because of her song.


It may be Triple H’s song title.  But HyunA seems to embody it fully.


She likes to wear a lot of vintage clothing and mix it with modern pieces.


Only HyunA could pair a tweed jacket and quilted bag with sweatpants and great sneakers.


And they still look good together.




Korean Fashion Trends - Girly looksGirly looks also stand out in HyunAh’s style. You can never guess what HyunA will wear as she combines soft and feminine styles like sheer details, florals, and dreamy printed dresses.


Like her, you can mix a shirt with long puffed sleeves in tulle fabric with a light brown overalls dress.


Add the accessories of your choice and wear a chic, feminine, and romantic look as she does.


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3 clothes you need to have if you want to achieve HyunAh’s style


Some clothes can not be missing from your closet if you want to achieve the style of HyunAh. Although the idol has a style that combines many trends, we took a look at her wardrobe and determined that among many of her favorite clothes, there are three that seem to stand out the most. Get to know the three clothes you need to have if you want to achieve HyunAh’s style!




Korean Fashion Trends - pleated skirts - HyunAh styleHyunAh knows how to stand out in pleated skirts. For that reason, they are essential if you want to recreate HyunAh’s style. Pleated skirts are characterized by being made with light fabrics. It is an elegant, comfortable, and sophisticated garment.


It stands out because it allows a kind of compensation between the upper and lower parts of the body. It is reflected in the possibility of increasing the volume.


They will adapt more or less to your style according to the body’s shape. In cases of inverted triangle shapes (shoulder wider than hip), it can be worn perfectly.


If the situation were the opposite (hips wider than shoulders), the use of this type of garment would not be advisable. Click here to shop for pleated skirts like the ones HyunAh wears!




Korean Fashion Trends - maxi skirtAnother garment that stands out in HyunAh’s style is the maxi skirt. They also manage to recreate her colorful outfits. In addition, long skirts down to the ankles or even covering the feet, have also become a constant touch of street style.


The options are the most varied, and it is that the prescribers of style have shown that skirts of any type can be worn in a maxi key. From denim skirts to elegant versions of tulle or satin, passing through the always successful cotton skirts.


When it comes to combining them, they admit all kinds of garments, from simple basic t-shirts to shirts, through cropped tops with which they create a stunning game of proportions. Buy your Korean-style maxi skirt here.


  1. SOCKS


Korean Fashion Trends - socks are a fundamental part of HyunAh styleBelieve it or not, socks are a fundamental part of HyunAh’s style. She wears them making them stand out, letting them be part of her outfit as a unique and stylish accessory.


She usually wears sneakers along with maxi skirts, revealing her socks that often have striking decorations.


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HyunAh’s style is eccentric, eclectic, and versatile. She knows how to combine styles. She can achieve great outfits by combining current garments with more vintage ones. For that reason, HyunAh is an idol who inspires us with her perfect looks. Do you like HyunAh’s style? Tell us in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter. See you soon!


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