Let’s Get to Know EXO Sehun’s Style

Korean Fashion Trends - Let's get to know EXO's Sehun style

Let’s Get to Know EXO Sehun’s Style. Today in our celebrity style section, we will unveil everything about the iconic style of one of the EXO members! Previously, we delved into Kai’s style. Today, let’s explore Sehun, who not only graces international fashion events but also rubs shoulders with prominent figures like Robert Pattinson. Exploring Sehun’s fashion sense will provide you with ample inspiration to elevate your own style. So if you want to recreate his style, keep reading and discover EXO Sehun’s style. Are you ready? Let’s dive in.


What Is EXO Sehun’s Style Like?


Korean Fashion Trends - How is EXO's Sehun style?In the world of K-Pop, artists never fail to surprise us with their style. Whether it’s stage performances, award ceremonies, music video shoots, casual days out, or trips to the airport. Sehun is one of the idols who consistently demonstrates his ability to look stunning in any setting.


In addition, his style is defined as sophisticated casual. But if you want to look as cool as Sehun, today, in Korean Fashion Trends, you will find out how to achieve it.


Although there are elements that we constantly see in his outfits, there are some looks that you can use on different occasions! So, let’a take a look!


What Are the Looks That Stand Out the Most in EXO Sehun’s Style?


It is necessary to review Sehun’s most iconic looks or in which he has looked impressive wearing to delve deeper into EXO Sehun’s style. So, keep reading to learn more about EXO Sehun’s style!




Korean Fashion Trends - fashion event looks - EXO Sehun styleSehun is not only known for his comfortable airport or his casual street looks. EXO Sehun is also known for his sophisticated appearances at various fashion events.


To be honest, every outfit seems to suit him. With just a glimpse of one or two ensembles, it’s evident that Sehun has a keen sense of style. What’s remarkable is that he makes looking good seem utterly effortless.

Because the feeling of calm and comfort he transmits is undeniable. If you want an authentic Korean fashion event look, click here.




Korean Fashion Trends - EXO Sehun wearing a suitAs we said, EXO Sehun’s style is sophisticated and casual. And that’s because he doesn’t just stand out with casual or urban looks.


He also knows how to make suits look extra stylish. One of his favorite outfits that he loves to wear is a crisp suit.


Furthermore, it’s not just that suits fit him; they appear to have been tailor-made specifically for him. In an interview, Sehun mentioned that suits accentuate his already broad shoulders, giving him an even more commanding presence.


With tailored suits, his personality also improves a lot. Are you looking for a Korean-style suit? Click here.




Korean Fashion Trends - shirts and t-shirts - EXO Sehun styleYou may be wondering why we highlight the shirts and T-shirts in EXO Sehun’s style. Because Sehun knows how to make a simple shirt stand out.


Do you know what is the best and most stunning of all? He doesn’t have to do much more than put them on to stand out in them. They look great on him.


Sehun pulls off a winning look with an outfit as simple as a shirt or T-shirt paired with jeans and sneakers.


If you click here, you can buy your Korean-style shirts and T-shirts on a budget!


The possibility of buying Korean fashion is just a click away. You can learn about the best discounts on Korean fashion by clicking here. Still don’t have the necessary clothes to recreate EXO Sehun’s style? This is your opportunity to renew your closet and achieve the look you dream of. Shop now!


5 Looks You Can Recreate Inspired by EXO Sehun’s Style


Now it’s time to delve into the looks you can recreate bu taking inspiration from EXO Sehun’s style!




Korean Fashion Trends - neutral styleIf you want to achieve EXO Sehun’s style, you can do so easily with our guide.


Combine black pants and a blouse in the same color. Pair with a white blazer and matching shoes.


We suggest white flats, but you can also use ankle boots in any of the two colors mentioned. Consider adding bright and showy accessories like necklaces and rings.


If you still don’t have the perfect black pants, you can buy them here.




Korean Fashion Trends - classy outfitsLet’s continue to delve deeper into EXO Sehun’s style. Among Sehun’s favorite looks are classy combinations.


Copy Sehun’s look by combining black jeans with a gray shirt. Try to avoid prints. Pair with a gray button-down sweater and let part of the garment you wear underneath show through.


Finish off the look with a black belt with shiny details for an edgy flair. We recommend patent leather shoes with laces or black ankle boots for footwear.


Buy your gray shirt by clicking here.





Korean Fashion Trends - EXO Sehun styleDid you know that to achieve EXO Sehun’s style, you must also dare to use bright colors?


You only need blue jean pants, but make sure it’s not dark wash. Add an orange crop top and a brown belt.


To recreate the jacket like the ones Sehun wears, you have two options: one is to paint a denim jacket with a design of palm trees and sunset colors. The other is to combine that blue garment with a Hawaiian-style shirt. Lastly, he finished off the look with white tennis shoes.


If you don’t have a pair of trendy jeans yet, you can buy one here.




Korean Fashion Trends - EXO Sehun wearing green clothesTo recreate EXO Sehun’s style, combine blue jeans with a flowery or Hawaiian design shirt. And pair with a white T-shirt or crop top.

While incorporating prints is certainly an option, it’s essential to ensure they complement the overall design of the preceding garment. To elevate your look, consider adding accessories such as a coordinating belt and incorporating details like earrings or bracelets that harmonize with your style. And wear brown combat boots to complete the look.


Buy your combat boots here if you don’t have one yet!




Korean Fashion Trends - comfy looks - EXO Sehun styleAnd finally, here’s a more casual combination if you want to pull off EXO Sehun’s style.


For a comfy look you can wear daily, copy Sehun’s look by wearing black skinny jeans. Pair with a navy or black bomber jacket.


Add a plain white shirt to create contrast and tennis shoes of the same color. You can also add accessories like a hat, necklaces, and sunglasses.


Don’t have a bomber jacket? Buy it here.


Delving into EXO Sehun’s style will help you elevate your style. Especially if you are aiming for a sophisticated casual look. Get inspired by this idol who is an icon of Korean and international fashion, and take your style to the next level. Are you already subscribed to our newsletter? Remember that you can subscribe to our newsletter if you want to receive notifications of our news updates and discounts on Korean fashion. In addition, you can also enjoy our content on Facebook, Instagram, X, Pinterest, YouTube, Spotify, TikTok and Twitch. Join our community! See you in the next blog!


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Dress Like EXO SeHun!


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