Let’s Get to Know EVERGLOW Aisha’s Style

Korean Fashion Trends - Let's get to know EVERGLOW Aisha’s style

Another week, another Korean celebrity style section! Today, let’s get to know EVERGLOW Aisha’s style! On this occasion, we will focus on getting to know the style of one of the girls from EVERGLOW. Who is EVERGLOW? They are one of the K-Pop girl groups that captivated fans. Aisha (like the other girls in the group) has an iconic and admirable style. That’s why today, we will take her as a reference of Korean fashion, and take inspiration from her looks. Keep reading! Because we will unveil everything about EVERGLOW Aisha’s style. Ready? Let’s dive in.


Who Is Aisha From EVERGLOW?


Korean Fashion Trends - EVERGLOW'S Aisha style But as always, before diving into EVERGLOW Aisha’s style, we will first talk about who is the idol from which we take inspiration today. Heo Yoorim (better known as Aisha) is a famous singer who is a member of the EVERGLOW. And she stands out with her peculiar voice.


Aisha, born on July 21, 2000, in South Korea, has risen to become one of the world’s most renowned singers as a member of the K-pop girl group EVERGLOW. So, when did Everglow debut? EVERGLOW made their debut in the entertainment industry with their first mini album, “ARRIVAL OF EVERGLOW,” featuring just three tracks: “Moon,” “D+1,” and the chart-topping hit “Bon Bon Chocolat.”


EVERGLOW consists of six beautiful girls from Yuehua Entertainment: Kim Sihyeon, Han Eunji (Mia), Jo Serim (Onda), Wang Yiren, Heo Yoorim (Aisha), and Park Jiwon (E:U). Some of these girls were already known before they joined EVERGLOW, as they had appeared on various shows like Produce 101 and Idol School. But, Aisha has captivated fans with her voice, and her style and sensuality. Moreover, she is the main rapper and vocalist of EVERGLOW.


What Is EVERGLOW Aisha’s Style Like?


Korean Fashion Trends - EVERGLOW Aisha’s styleAfter learning more about EVERGLOW’s Aisha, it’s time to describe EVERGLOW Aisha’s style. That way, you can have a better idea of the style you should aim for.


Her striking body proportions effortlessly enhance her beauty and style, allowing her to pull off any look with grace. And she understands that her near-perfect physique is something to be proud of. Furthermore, she loves to wear fashionable outfits and styles that flatter her physically and visually. So, EVERGLOW Aisha’s style is sexy, but also very feminine and chic. Don’t worry if your body shape differs from hers; you can still draw inspiration from her style and tailor it to your own physique by selecting the appropriate clothing.


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5 Garments You Need to Achieve EVERGLOW Aisha’s Style


If you want to wear EVERGLOW Aisha’s style, and to stand out in a sensual and feminine look, some garments are a must-have to recreate Aisha’s style successfully. Take note and make sure you have each of the items. And, remember that if you still don’t have any of them in your closet, you can always buy them here by taking advantage of Korean fashion offers. Shall we start? Here we go!


  1. TOPS


Korean Fashion Trends - EVERGLOW Aisha’s style - korean idol outfit with lonsleeves topTops play a significant role in EVERGLOW Aisha’s style. They are comfortable and also add a sexy touch to any look. And, tops are not only versatile, they also come in different styles you can wear depending on the style you choose.


Usually, Aisha wears more basic tops, not too tight nor too loose. Which allows her to feel relaxed while still maintaining style. You can pair tops with a high-waisted denim skirt. In addition, tops go perfectly with any bottom, be it pants, skirts, or shorts. Don’t know where to buy tops? Do it here!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol wearing plaid mini skirt

In addition to tops, long-sleeved shirts stand out in EVERGLOW Aisha’s style. They are another variation that work well to achieve a sexy and feminine look, especially long-sleeved cropped shirts, which are an excellent option. Shop here!




Miniskirts are a hit in EVERGLOW Aisha’s style! And this is evident in her fashion choices, as she consistently embraces opportunities to showcase her legs. While pleated miniskirts are a common choice, there are various skirt styles that contribute to her chic, sexy, or feminine look. These skirts can also be suitable for dance outfits, much like those worn by Aisha. For example, you can emulate her style by opting for a red plaid pleated miniskirt. Complement it with a black and white long-sleeved crop top to maintain a balanced and well-coordinated color palette without overemphasizing the fit. Don’t have a miniskirt yet? Buy it here!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol wearing mini dressAnd if you’re aiming for a more elegant look, but still want to be inspired by EVERGLOW Aisha’s style, dresses are the key to it all. However, it’s important to consider key factors such as the venue, theme, and type of occasion when selecting a formal outfit. Aisha’s dresses often evoke the charm of Disney princesses, yet she skillfully infuses a modern twist to create a truly distinctive and unique look. Buy Korean-style dresses here!




And finally, jackets and blazers have the utmost importance, if you want to try out EVERGLOW Aisha’s style.


Jackets and blazers play a vital role in achieving elegant looks. Consider incorporating checkered patterns for a stylish touch. These versatile pieces can also be used in layering with dresses or tops. A noteworthy example is when Aisha utilized a blazer as a cape over her white top, giving her ensemble a classic and formal vibe even when her overall look wasn’t overtly formal. Still don’t have one? Buy here!


3 Looks You Can Recreate Inspired by EVERGLOW Aisha’s Style


Korean Fashion Trends - EVERGLOW Aisha’s style - Plaid skirtAfter getting to know the basic clothes to achieve EVERGLOW Aisha’s style, it is time to know which looks you can recreate to wear Aisha’s style. Let’s take a look!




For the first look inspired by her, you will need a miniskirt. It can be in the pattern or color of your choice. However, combine it with a black long-sleeved top. Add sneakers, and show your socks. A choker and a crossbody bag as accessories will be ideal. Shop here to achieve this look!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing black shirt, jacket and black shortsYou need a red miniskirt or shorts to achieve the second look to recreate EVERGLOW Aisha’s style. Also, you can combine the mini skirt or shorts with an oversized white sweater or jacket. Pair with long black boots. A black crossbody bag will be the icing on the cake, or in this case, the outfit. Shop here!




And finally, in our third look to achieve EVERGLOW Aisha’s style is more elegant than the previous ones. Combine a white dress (or white shorts with a white top) with a white blazer. You can add heels or boots in another color, like red or black. White shoes are okay if you want a monochromatic look. Do you want to achieve this look? Shop here for everything you need!


Korean Fashion Trends - EVERGLOW Aisha’s styleEVERGLOW Aisha’s style is ideal for those who identify with a sexy, chic, and feminine look. Aisha’s style brings out femininity with chic touches. Do you like Aisha’s style? Tell us in the comments! And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter if you want to receive notifications of all our updates.


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