Let’s get to know BTS’s RM’s style

Korean Fashion Trends - Let's get to know BTS RM style

Today in our celebrity style section, let’s get to know BTS’s RM’s style! If you are an ARMY, you must stay with us. The BTS rapper (in addition to being smart) shows that one of his passions is art in all its forms. RM enjoys artistic expressions such as literature, painting, design, and fashion. In addition, Kim Namjoon is considered one of the idols who takes the most risks in clothing. The BTS member knows what type of garments he likes the most, the process of combining and experimenting is his favorite. One of the most significant things on the list of things that he likes most in the world is buying clothes. RM loves seeing different designs and coming home to put together outfits and looks that fit his personality. So if we are looking for a fashion inspiration that guarantees us a good style, the best option is RM. Keep reading to discover BTS’s RM’s style!


What is BTS’s RM’s style really like?


  Korean Fashion Trends - BTS RM's style - leader of BTSIf we tried to list all of Kim Namjoon’s talents, this blog would go on forever, and we would be here for a while. He is a talented rapper, a genius producer, a thoughtful leader, an autodidact, an intellectual, a reader, and a poet.


Well, it is an infinite list. However, he is also an art and a fashion lover. While BTS’s RM’s style is considered simple and laid back, his style is also 100 percent a talent.


RM tends to go for clean lines, oversized garments, and tribal prints. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like fancy things from time to time. So we can define his style as a sophisticated urban comfortable one.


What are the looks that stand out the most in BTS’s RM’s style?


  And to get to know BTS’s RM’s style better, it’s time to check out the looks that stand out the most in RM’s closet. Review these looks from your favorite rapper and get inspired to create your own!




All of us RM fans demand to see more of Namjoon all-white. In BTS’s RM’s style, total white looks are an impressive outfit. It’s simple, but it perfectly blends with his relaxed and radiant personality.


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If there is something that RM knows how to do, it is to customize his looks.


For this reason, in BTS’s RM’s style, accessories stand out a lot. Hats, jewelry, shoes, bags, scarves, glasses, etc. RM is the king of style differences.


He always adds a little print, a cool hat, or a pretty necklace to his outfits to take them to the next level. Do it too if you want to achieve BTS’s RM’s style.


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Korean Fashion Trends - RM wearing an all-black outfitUnlike the rest of the world, RM is not an all-black person.  But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t do it from time to time.


Some of the outfits in BTS’s RM’s style are all black.


When he dresses like this, it’s one of our favorite looks.


Especially when he pulls together all the things he loves: Nikes, capes, long jackets, and modern art.


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Korean Fashion Trends -RM's fall-winter lookWhile his style is luscious year-round, RM’s fall-winter looks are some of our favorites.


In BTS’s RM’s style, RM tends to choose simple and relaxed clothes.


He then adds some designer highlights, keeping his natural style while remaining chic and urban.


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  Take inspiration from BTS’s RM’s style and recreate the following outfits!




Korean Fashion Trends - RM wearing yellow clothesDue to his constant commitments and his multiple trips, the idol prefers from time to time to wear a very comfortable outfit to avoid any incident during his stay in other countries.


So in BTS’s RM’s style, you can achieve a comfortable combination by wearing joggers and a yellow hoodie.


Add accessories and the sneakers of your choice. You can also accompany it with a black crossbody bag.


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Korean Fashion Trends - BTS RMNamjoon likes to show off his dressing style to ARMY.


In this look, RM combines several special garments, such as his tennis shoes, and the sweater, and gives it a great touch with his cap.


He combines a white knitted sweater with mom jeans, a white cap, beige combat boots, and a beige crossbody bag.


It is the perfect option to achieve BTS’s RM’s style. If you need a knitted sweater, buy it here.




Korean Fashion Trends - BTS RM wearing a jumperOne of the key garments in RM’s looks is a jumper.


The idol loves to combine them with colorful elements, such as caps and large bags that show his fun personality and style.


He mixes a black jumper with a loose-fitting white long-sleeved shirt.


Also, you can add a yellow cap and beige combat boots. Accessories will also add an extra touch.


If you need a Korean-style jumper, you can buy it here.




Korean Fashion Trends - all-black outfitIt is one of Namjoon’s most characteristic looks, an outfit in ‘total black’, the idol is someone who enjoys all musical genres, and with this style, he gives himself a touch of the  ‘Rocker Boy’ vibe.


If you want to achieve BTS’s RM’s style in this way, you can combine a black leather jacket, a black shirt, and black leather pants.


Add silver accessories.


Buy your black leather jacket here.




Namjoon buys basic clothes and then combines them with special ones.


The idol feels free to choose different colors and textures to form all of his looks.


If you want to achieve BTS’s RM’s style, he pairs a black tennis skirt with a white top. Add a jean jacket, white sneakers, and white socks. You can add a black baseball cap.


If you need one, you can buy a Korean-style one by clicking here.


  The BTS’s RM’s style is perfect for those who have a relaxed, comfy but also sophisticated, and chic style. Take inspiration from your favorite rapper and elevate your Korean style right now! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected to our updates. So you will not miss information about your favorite fashion style and celebrities and the discounts at K-fashion!


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