Let’s get to know Ateez’s HongJoong style

Korean Fashion Trends - Let's get to know Ateez's HongJoong style

Let’s get to know Ateez’s HongJoong style. Today in our Korean celebrity style section, let’s get to know Ateez’s HongJoong style! Ever since ATEEZ’s Kim Hongjoong arrived on the K-Pop scene, he has gifted us with not only his exceptional rap verses, production talents, and leadership characteristics. He has also shown us an incredible sense of fashion and style.


If you’re a fan of ATEEZ, you know that HongJoong is considered the strict but goofy father of the group by its members. He has mentioned many times that he is very perfectionist. HonJoong always seeks to innovate and find a way to express himself not only in his music. Also in their choices of looks, styling, and fashion. That’s why today, in Korean Fashion Trends, let’s get to know Ateez’s HongJoong style. In this way, we can take inspiration from this iconic idol to dress with style in any situation. Keep reading and learn about Ateez’s HongJoong style with us. Here we go!


How is Ateez’s HongJoong style?


Korean Fashion Trends - How is Ateez's HongJoong style?It’s hard to define Ateez’s HongJoong style.


Hongjoong’s fashion can’t be described or defined by a simple style or trend.


Why? Because he is one of those people who likes to try everything. 


He follows his instinct, and always comes up with the best looks.


He has made that clear over the years with his stylish choices.


What are the looks that stand out the most in Ateez’s HongJoong style?


From the most minimalist styles to the leather ones, to the pastel color palettes and designs of punk vibes, Ateez’s HongJoong style has no limits. And to prove it, today we present five looks that stand out in Ateez’s HongJoong style. They are some of Hongjoong’s favorite looks that have left people speechless. Are you ready? You know these HongJoong looks that you can recreate right now!




Korean Fashion Trends - preppy punk boyWe start this list of looks in Ateez’s HongJoong style with the preppy punk boy one. Preppy and punk fashion styles have nothing to do with each other. Fashion lovers know that.


However, Hongjoong finds a way to mix them up and create stunning outfits. His style is versatile and hard to define since he dares to wear the unthinkable and succeeds with it.


The clean, minimalist, and fitted look combined with studded and printed shoes give a perfect vision of his style: nothing is impossible.


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Korean Fashion Trends - sophisticated looks in HongJoong's styleWe can also highlight the sophisticated looks in HongJoong’s style. That’s why we love Ateez’s HongJoong style so much. No matter what style you wear, you can always find inspiration in him.


While most of his style is inspired by urban trends, HongJoong can also pull off sophisticated and elegant looks like no other, always keeping his vibe and adding it to his looks with accessories, nail polish, and makeup.


Combine black baggy pants with a white shirt, and add a beige pullover. Accompany with some black loafers, and that’s it. Don’t forget the accessories. You can achieve a sophisticated look like HongJoong with basic clothes, as you can see.


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Korean Fashion Trends - outfit in pastel tonesAs mentioned at the beginning, Hongjoong can pull off anything. For this reason, in Ateez’s HongJoong style, we highlight a look in pastel tones. HongJoong likes to take advantage of his dressing talent by trying all sides of the fashion spectrum.


At first glance, we can describe his style could as a vibrant, layered, all-over print, inspired by punk-rock vibes. He even adds a retro frame on occasion. But he also likes to play with pastel colors and soft textures that highlight his features. You can combine a jean with a pastel blue shirt and black sneakers. Let your white socks show. That way, you will have a pastel look inspired by HongJoong.


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Korean Fashion Trends - yellow monochromatic lookIt’s not that often that we get to see Hongjoong wearing monochromes of a mixed and matched look. But when he does, he likes to go the extra mile.


When talking about Ateez’s HongJoong style, we highlight his yellow monochromatic look. He’s worn that yellow Adidas tracksuit on and off. And it just lights up the room as much as his personality.


It is a sporty and athleisure look that you can use if you like the urban style.


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Korean Fashion Trends - a total black look in Ateez's HongJoong styleAnd finally, we highlight a total black look in Ateez’s HongJoong style. While Hongjoong has no limits when he talks about colors and patterns, he, like many of us, has a special love for black. Hongjoong likes to play with different textures to highlight certain pieces, but he always keeps it fresh and modern.


He combines black pants with a black leather vest, black shoes, and a black beret. He adds a black and red striped shirt for contrast.


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3 key elements you need if you want to achieve Ateez’s HongJoong style


After knowing the looks that stand out the most in Ateez’s HongJoong style, it’s time to know the key elements you need to achieve the HonJoong style. Are you ready? Let’s see!




Korean Fashion Trends - true power of accessories - Ateez HongJoong styleIf there’s one K-Pop idol who knows the true power of accessories, it’s Hongjoong.


His love for jewelry, belts, hats, berets, shoes, scarves, glasses and every kind of accessory that exists is unstoppable.


His accessories add a new vibe to each of his looks, making them unique and full of his charm.


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Korean Fashion Trends - Ateez HongJoong styleCheckered prints, contrasting bright colors, phrases, berets, suspenders, combat boots.


All this and more stand out in HongJoong’s look thanks to the fact that in his head, there is no such thing as choosing only one item he likes.


He knows how to blend them all to make it look as fun, innovative, and eclectic as he is.


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Korean Fashion Trends - Jackets - Ateez HongJoong styleJackets are also significant if you want to recreate Ateez’s HongJoong style. With them, he often manages to create layered outfits. Knowing how to combine different fashion items is a talent, and Hongjoong has it for sure.


As we mentioned, Hongjoong is a big fan of patterns and textures. He’s not afraid to wear them all together at the same time, always, of course, adding his favorite accessories as the icing on the cake.


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It is essential to know Ateez’s HongJoong style if he is your favorite idol and you want to recreate his looks. If you are not a fan but you like Korean fashion, you must have HongJoong as a K-fashion reference since he is a fashion icon thanks to his incredible style. See you in the next Korean Fashion Trends blog. Subscribe to our newsletter to not miss our updates. Remember that in this way, you can stay informed about everything related to Korean fashion and culture.


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Dress like our fashionable Captain!



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