Let’s get to know AESPA’s Karina’s style

Korean Fashion Trends - Let's get to know AESPA's Karina’s style

Let’s get to know AESPA’s Karina’s style. In a very short time, AESPA has become one of the best K-Pop girl groups of the moment. They have a unique sound that makes them stand out and a style that many would like to have. Karina, the leader of the group, is the one that has attracted the most attention. Even before debuting, Karina had already become very well known, and the questions about this beautiful girl just don’t stop. That’s why today, in our celebrity style section, let’s get to know AESPA’s Karina’s style! If you like AESPA and have noticed Karina’s iconic style, you should stay at Korean Fashion Trends. Let’s get started! 


Who is Karina from AESPA?


Korean Fashion Trends - Who is Karina from AESPA?But before learning about AESPA’s Karina’s style, let’s talk a little about this K-Pop idol who has gradually stood out in the industry thanks to her talent and remarkable style. Karina was born on April 11, 2000. She is from Seongnam, South Korea. 


Karina was revealed as the second member of AESPA after spending four years as a trainee under SM Entertainment. From a very young age, she knew what she wanted to do with her life, so she enrolled in piano lessons and moved to Seoul to pursue her dream.


All K-pop lovers and AESPA can enjoy her talent, proving that her efforts have been worth it and have been rewarded.


How is AESPA’s Karina’s style like?


Korean Fashion Trends - How is AESPA's Karina’s style like?How is AESPA’s Karina style like? We can highlight that Karina from AESPA has a sophisticated casual style. If we look at Karina’s closet, we can see that she likes to wear simple clothes. Her style mainly consists of oversized t-shirts, fleece jackets, and jean pants. Click here if you want to buy clothes and accessories of this style. One of her biggest passions is related to K-beauty. Karina loves lipsticks. She loves them so much that she has created a collection of lipsticks in one of her drawers.


She also loves giving them to her friends and acquaintances so that they always have one on hand like her. Also, Karina’s beauty and style have made her stand out not only now. Karina has been recognized for a long time because, in her younger days, she was an ulzzang. Her photos on her social networks went viral thanks to her beauty and style.


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5 elements that you must have if you want to achieve AESPA’S Karina’s style


Now it is time to know those basic elements you must have in your wardrobe if you want to achieve AESPA’s Karina’s style. Here we go!




Korean Fashion Trends - AESPA's Karina wearing denim shortsDenim shorts are a must have if you want to achieve AESPA’s Karina’s style.


Almost every girl has a pair of denim shorts in their closet, which they often wear during the scorching summer heat.


They can be high-waisted, tattered, or whatever you prefer, as long as you feel comfortable in them.


Karina combines them with tops and sneakers.


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Korean Fashion Trends - AESPA's Karina wearing oversized shirtsAnother significant garment in AESPA’s Karina’s style is oversize shirts.


It seems that these shirts are one of Karina’s favorite clothes. She likes to wear them on different occasions and places.


In addition, they are easy to use and suitable for quick trips and to use during cold days. You can also pair them with denim shorts.


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Korean Fashion Trends - AESPA's Karina wearing sleeveless topsIf you’re not a fan of sleeves, sleeveless tops might be the perfect option for you. Also, they are a favorite in AESPA’s Karina’s style.


One of their benefits is that they relax you more as they allow potential airflow, unlike sleeved tops. Karina likes to wear hers with jeans and shorts.


Although sleeveless tops are simple, there are ways to dress them up. For example, adding a blazer or a trench coat.


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  1. JEANS


Korean Fashion Trends - AESPA's Karina wearing jeansIn addition to shorts, denim pants also stand out in AESPA’s Karina’s style.


Also, jeans are a must have if you don’t like wearing shorts that expose your skin too much. You can use them anywhere and anytime. But you must know how to combine them.


You can pair denim pants with a sleeveless top and heels. Or you can also mix jeans with a blouse with sleeves and tennis shoes.


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Korean Fashion Trends - AESPA Karina wearing turtle necks - AESPA's Karina’s styleAnd finally, another garment that stands out in AESPA’s Karina’s style is the turtlenecks. Whether in blouses, tops, sweaters, etc. Karina looks great in them.


Also, did you know that turtlenecks are one of the essential garments you need in your closet? It’s true! Especially if you live in a cold climate. It is easy to layer and has a wide variety of options in terms of color and type. Usually, Karina wears them as a piece underneath and adds other layers of clothing on top.


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3 Looks that you can wear inspired by AESPA’s Karina’s style


Now that you have the featured elements in AESPA’s Karina’s style, it’s time to learn some combinations of looks that you can recreate if you want to wear Karina’s style. Let’s see together!




Korean Fashion Trends - AESPA's Karina in a casual chic styleIf you want to wear a casual look that fits AESPA’s Karina’s style, you can do it by combining wide-leg denim jeans with a white sleeveless top.


It can also be a top with puffed sleeves. Combine it with sneakers or heels according to your preferences. Add a white crossbody bag.


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Korean Fashion Trends - AESPA's Karina in a urban feminine styleTake your oversize shirt and achieve AESPA’s Karina’s style!


How to do it? Mix an oversized pink long-sleeved shirt with mom jeans or denim shorts.


Also, add sneakers and show your white socks.


You can add an accessory like a baseball cap, bucket hat, or crossbody bag.


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But if you are looking for a more elegant combination, you can wear a dress as Karina does. She wears a tight short dress that is off her shoulders. Add some black heels with silver rhinestones and a clutch bag. Also, if you want to make it more relaxed, you can add an oversize blazer. 


If you are an AESPA fan, knowing AESPA’s Karina’s style is ideal for you. Especially if you like the relaxed, fresh, and feminine style of this K-Pop idol. Add tops, denim, and oversize garments. So you can get AESPA’s Karina’s style.


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