Korean Fashion Trends-What is considered plus size in Korea?- banner

Although Body Positive has been in the fashion industry for several years now and is quite popular, South Korea has just now embraced this movement. That is due to the stereotype of the ideal Korean body that is quite slim. This stereotype reflects from the strenuous efforts of idols and actresses to maintain a certain […]

Korean Fashion Trends - Most followed korean celebrities on instagram - Banner

Many Korean celebrities have become more and more popular in recent days. Some idols, after each comeback, increase their fans thanks to their artistic talents. And the actors, after each appearance on the big or small screen, captivate viewers with their acting skills. Thanks to all this, those who have an official account on Instagram […]

Korean Fashion Trends - Korean jewelry brands you should know - Banner

Korean fashion is so diverse that it includes not only clothing and other clothing items but also accessories. Because of that, it is not too strange that famous Korean jewelry brands exist. Do you want to renew your jewelry, but do you also want to choose something new and innovative? In that case, Korean jewelry […]

Korean fashion Trends - K-Pop Idols who support LGBT community - Banner

Although pride month is over, we know that every month of the year is an opportunity to celebrate gay pride. And so today, we bring you a list of K-pop idols who support LGBT community! Maybe you already know some of them, but maybe you did not know about others. Do not miss your chance […]

Korean Fashion Trends - Korean shoe trends 2021 - Banner

One of the most significant pieces to put together any fashionista look are the shoes. With shoes, we perfectly complement our outfits. Because of that, it is important to find the ideal pair of shoes. Do you like Korean fashion and want to add shoes of this style to your outfit? Now, it is your […]

Korean Fashion Trends - 5 Korean fashion tips to elevate your outfits during winter 2022

5 Korean fashion tips to elevate your outfits during winter 2022. Do you dislike winter because of the layers of clothing you must wear? But there are ways to dress with style during the winter. While it is necessary to bundle up, that doesn’t mean you have to wear the same jacket. With winter approaching, […]

Korean Fashion Trends - Let's get to know Kai's style

Let’s get to know Kai’s style. In K-pop, many idols have made their fans love their style. Many of them have a very particular way of expressing themselves through fashion. EXO’s Kai is one of them. If you’re an EXO-L and you’ve noticed Kai’s fashion sense, you’ve probably wanted to copy his style on more […]

Korean Fashion Trends - Which Korean acting couple recently welcomed their first child?

Which Korean acting couple recently welcomed their first child? If you are a K-drama fan, this news will interest you! It doesn’t always happen, but it’s always a blast when the leading actors in a K-drama bring their romance to life. For that reason, everyone celebrated their love when the whole world heard the beautiful […]

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