How Koreans are taking sophisticated fashion to the next level in 2022?

korean fashion trends - How Koreans are taking sophisticated fashion to the next level in 2022

Koreans are experts when it comes to dressing. If you are a Korean fashion and culture follower, you will know this is a fact. Because they know how to elevate their looks with just a few pieces of clothing, there are plenty of styles at K-Fashion that you should try out. There is the cute, soft, grunge, athleisure, tomboy, street style, and, of course, elegant. They always take all these styles to another level, either with new trends, accessories, or the creativity they always have when dressing. But how Koreans are taking sophisticated fashion to the next level in 2022? There is no secret to achieving it. However, they take some garments into account that may go unnoticed by you. In Korean fashion, creativity is important, so if you want an authentic Korean style, you should gradually learn to get out of your comfort zone. That way, you can give new clothes and styles a chance. That will allow you to elevate your style just like the Koreans do. Keep reading!


How Koreans Elevate Sophisticated Fashion in 2022?


How Koreans are taking sophisticated fashion to the next level in 2022? They do it by staying between the classic and the avant-garde. They combine these two characteristics and integrate them into their sophisticated looks to create beautiful looks. But also striking combinations without the need to abuse garments or details. When building a closet with sophisticated Korean-inspired looks, there are some pieces that you should consider the most necessary. You should have clothing such as midi skirts, feminine blouses, blazers, pastel and beige garments, romantic floral pieces, tailored jackets, and blouses. And skirts in elegant, flowing fabrics. In addition, you should also have palazzo-style pants and oversize garments. If you are a man, it would be a good idea to have tailored suits in neutral and classic colors and also some pastels. It would also be a perfect idea to have accessories such as watches and ties. Oversize garments are also a brilliant option for men.


5 sophisticated Korean fashion outfits to try this 2022


If you want to know how Koreans are taking sophisticated fashion to the next level in 2022, you must know these five combinations! That way, you’ll be able to meet some elegant mixes to enrich your sophisticated style. After knowing the basic garments you should have, we can see some incredible outfits that you can achieve with the basic garments and some others that should also be essential. Here we go!




How Koreans are taking sophisticated fashion to the next level in 2022? They do it using blouses with a different touch in their looks. For that, this year, the collared blouse is a complete success. This type of blouse is an element of sophisticated looks but also works in more casual looks, depending on the design. Did you know that the best thing about this feminine piece is its versatility? That’s right, and Koreans know it very well. In addition to combining these blouses with palazzos or oversize pants and even long dresses, you can combine them with straight jeans and miniskirts. Although these shirts are a bit preppy, they work great in a sophisticated style. Above all, if you use them in neutral and classic tones. The collared shirt is simple and cool. A cream or beige one will look great combined with black pants. It is a look for any job that requires elegant and sophisticated attire.




Another way Koreans have to take sophisticated fashion to another level is by wearing outfits with trench coats. Of all the fabulously sophisticated garments you find in Korean fashion, the trench coat is one of the most ubiquitous. Women and men of all ages wear this style of coat on the streets of Korea. Therefore, we can see that the trench coat is a much-loved addition to Korean closets. Also, since Koreans are lovers of neutral colors, neutral clothing is a massive trend. But Seoul leads the fashion pack with her love of all things beige, white, black, cream, and brown. Thanks to this, the trench coats trending in sophisticated Korean fashion in 2022 are in timeless colors.




What would a sophisticated fashion closet look like without a blazer? Poor, of course. Koreans know very well that blazers are the most important pieces, not only in sophisticated looks. They are also important in casual looks. The blazers are so versatile that they can accompany an elegant look and casual ones. If you want to achieve a correct sophisticated look, it is best to add a blazer to your closet. You can be any color and pattern of your choice, but we recommend neutrals, pastels, and oversized blazers that go well with almost any sophisticated look.




How Koreans are taking sophisticated fashion to the next level in 2022? Not just clothing, of course. Also, with shoes! For this reason, one of the shoes in trend this year in sophisticated Korean fashion is the sock boot. Although sneakers usually stand out in the warmer months, boots are also a good option for sophisticated looks. In addition to classic heels. In this year’s sophisticated Korean fashion, sock boots are the most comfortable and elegant. They add a touch of elegance to any outfit. You can use them with looks where you combine blouses with pants and a trench coat.




And finally, midi skirts are also a hit when Koreans want to take sophisticated fashion to another level. Midi skirts are a key ingredient of the sophisticated, feminine, and classic Korean wardrobe. These pieces are versatile because they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. In Seoul, women prefer pleated midi skirts. Especially those that are satin. As for style, women tend to combine their midi skirt with an oversize sweater. Maybe you have seen these kinds of combinations in many dramas.


How Koreans are taking sophisticated fashion to the next level in 2022? They do it with key and basic garments, but they also add others that are a bit more avant-garde. You need clothes like blouses, midi skirts, blazers, and trench coats to achieve a sophisticated Korean look that stands out in 2022. See you soon in the next Korean Fashion Trends blog!

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