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Korean youth fashion is one of the most colorful and creative of all. Young people are transforming fashion trends in Korea. They are innovating and creating new style ideas that fit your wishes. Korea is a very conservative society, and you can see that even in their clothes.


However, in recent years, young people have revolutionized these ideas by expressing their personalities through clothing. This fashion is full of colors, accessories, shapes, and layers. The truth is, it is a fashion that never stops surprising, and that captivates everyone with its dazzling garments. 


It is a fashion appreciated by its fans in the West because it has different combinations and looks that the public loves. Perhaps it is because it’s a fashion that is casual and has options for any moment. It is the opposite of Japanese fashion, which is a bit more exaggerated and extravagant.


Korean style takes influences from its artists, and that is also why it is becoming more and more popular. So, if you are a young fashionista, this post will interest you a lot. Today we will talk about some styles that you should try. Also, we will mention some clothing brands and some ways to adapt your style to Korean youth fashion.


Try These 3 Styles In Korean Youth Fashion


1. Korean street style


Korean Fashion Trends - youth fashion - Street style

When we talk about Korean youth fashion, we immediately think of street style. This style is one of the most popular and controversial in Korea because it includes creativity and many ways to rebel against the rules. In South Korea, especially young people, care a lot about their appearance and style.


And many are interested in being able to express themselves and show who they are. One of their ways of doing this is through street style. This urban style includes garments like sweatshirts, boots, sneakers, jackets, caps, and other types of hats. In K-pop, an example of this style is the looks of the group Sistar in the video for “Shake It”.


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2. Girly style


Korean Fashion Trends - youth fashion - Girly style

Young girls have many opportunities to change their style in Korean fashion.


However, the girly style is the most common among girls between 16 and 17 years old. It is a slightly romantic style, which stands out for floral prints, pastel colors, worked collars, and tricots.


Skirts, dresses, bows, and ruffles are also part of this style. In K-pop, many girl groups use that style in their videos, such as TWICE, Oh My Girl, and G-friend.


3. Casual dandy style


Korean Fashion Trends - youth fashion - Casual dandy

But it’s not all about girls, Korean youth fashion trends also have possibilities for boys. They also care about their image and their looks. One of the most popular styles among young guys is the casual dandy. Koreans tend to be short and slimmer, and they are not used to wearing loose clothing.


If they do not rock the street style, they will prefer garments that are tighter to the body. They like a more casual style, like the Dandy Casual. It is a style that stands out for its coats, jackets, sweaters, and Oxford-style shoes. Pants can be baggy in some areas, but tight at the ankles. Some guys prefer the simplest casual fashion, with jackets, tights, shirts, jeans, tennis shoes, caps, and baseball coats, which FYI is the most famous sport in Korea.


3 popular brands in Korean youth fashion


The Korean fashion industry is rapidly ruling fashion shows in haute couture capitals. There is less and less time left for South Korea to be considered a capital of fashion but it’s getting there. The public now more than ever is starting to relate to Korean fashion due to its attractive style and strong trends that are difficult to ignore. For that reason, we reveal 3 Korean youth fashion brands that you will want to know before renovating your closet.


1. Wonderplace


Korean Fashion Trends - youth fashion - workplace

Wonderplace is a Korean fashion brand that focuses on students and youth.


The brand offers many clothing designs to a younger audience that likes to be fashionable and can rock their clothing line without any problem.


It is a relatively new brand and has beautiful collections of baggy pants and oversized shirts.


Wonderplace is one of the favorites and has made a place for itself in the hearts of Korean teenagers.


2. LAP – The Project LA


Korean Fashion Trends - youth fashion - Lap

LAP is another Korean fashion brand that is very famous among young Koreans in their 20s and 30s.


Nowadays, LAP is innovating and setting trends with its Korean clothing ideas.


With some speed, they have gained recognition within the industry thanks to their care for youthful designs.


Their collections include leather jackets to tailored dresses and suits. But you can find many products designed by this label. From clothing to accessories.


3. Hotping


Korean Fashion Trends - youth fashion - Hotping

This brand focuses solely on Korean youth fashion for girls. Its approach is more holistic, and in addition to fashion, it also thinks about people’s comfort. It is a famous brand thanks to the combination of haute couture garments that at the same time are incredibly comfortable.


They design jeans, midi skirts, and blouses. With its creative and comfortable designs, Holping is fast becoming a favorite of young Koreans. In addition, one of the things that allow this brand to stand out among others is that it also thinks about all sizes. Not only small sizes reign in their designs but also larger sizes. It is a brand that is available to everyone, and that delivers garments with a charming extra style.


10 ideas to create the best outfits in Korean youth fashion


1. Pastel colors


Korean fashion is very colorful. All colors are a good choice when it comes to this fashion. However, many pieces of Korean clothing tend to wear too many pastel tones and neutral tones. You can wear clothes in these colors on any occasion. Use pastel shades on coats, sweaters, skirts, tops, or socks. The sweet effect that pastel tones will give is harmonious and very chic.


2. Platforms, Korean youth fashion


High heels and large platforms are a nice touch on the boyish Korean look. Not only because they perfect almost any look, but also because they give you more height. You can find platforms in shoes or boots, even in tennis shoes. The truth is that this type of footwear is one of the most prominent among young Korean fashionistas.


3. Visible socks


While we try to hide socks, Korean fashion tends to show socks regardless of color or design. Young Koreans especially put their stockings on display when it comes to street or casual styles. It is an innovative idea that has gradually gained popularity in Korea. It gives a unique, different, creative, and dynamic style. Next time, don’t think about hiding your stockings. Better yet proudly display them as part of your outfits.


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4. Garments at the waist, Korean youth fashion


The garments at the waist will help to mark your figure. If you combine over-size garments with high-waisted clothes, you will not hide your figure. Instead, you’ll be able to flaunt your figure to everyone delicately and fashionably. Using black or brown leather belts will achieve a perfect look. Besides adding a vintage touch to the outfit, it will also make it modern and attractive. Get your look with the best Korean youth fashion clothes.


5. Oversized blouses and shirts


These types of blouses and shirts are by far the favorites of many young Korean women. And even if they are wide, they do not necessarily have to be worn inside jeans or skirts. You can wear them loose with a tighter garment to feel more comfortable without losing your figure between clothes. It is an option that is very comfortable, chic, and casual.


6. Jumpers and rompers, Korean youth fashion


Korean youth fashion uses a lot of jumpers and rompers. You can choose them in different styles, colors, and shapes. You can also combine them with blouses underneath to make them more informal. They are a garment generally quite comfortable and it fits any occasion. It is one of those pieces that for nothing in the world should be missing in your closet. When you wear jumpers and rompers, you can also complement the outfit with accessories. 


7. Comfortable jeans


Korean youth fashion is also about comfort, so no matter what style you have, you can always wear jeans. Try combining ripped jeans with a more polished shirt. That way you can contrast your outfit. You can also wear jeans in denim or leather.


8. Printed T-shirts, Korean youth fashion


If you want to make your looks stand out, wear neutral or pastel colors and contrast them with a printed shirt. And it’s even better if the shirts have an intense color. These shirts can have details with phrases, characters, or the logos of the brands to which they belong. You have to choose your favorite. They are so many trending shirts in Korean youth fashion.


9. Shorts


Shorts are the favorite garment of many, especially in those dreaded heatwaves. You can combine them with socks, shirts, sweaters or coats. Shorts are worn a lot, and there are a thousand ways to adapt them to Korean youth fashion. Young people who like to rock the street style integrate them quite often in their looks.


10. Pleated skirts, Korean youth fashion


Skirts alone are very popular with young Korean girls. There are all types, long, short, Scottish, etc. However, one of the favorites inKorean youth fashion is the typical pleated skirts. If you don’t like the collegiate look, you can combine them with sweaters, jackets, or any other accessory of your choice.


Korean culture is stealing the hearts of the entire world. Thanks to that, Korean fashion is positioning itself among the best. Currently, it is a great inspiration for many, especially since their creative way of dressing is very modern, simple, and adapts to many styles without being ridiculous.


With its dynamic and comfortable garments, it is becoming a fashion that everyone wants to try. Especially young people who daily seek to make a difference and excel. With Korean youth fashion, that is possible. We hope that this post has been helpful to you. Keep connected with us to discover more about this unstoppable fashion.


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