16 trends in Korean women’s fashion


16 trends in Korean women’s fashion. Korean women’s fashion has come to the West to stay! As experts in trends, we are sure that more than once, when watching a K-drama or a K-pop video, you have been interested in how good these acclaimed South Korean artists look. And how not to be? If each garment and accessory they wear are worthy of capturing our attention.


The colorful style, out of the ordinary and often simple and elegant, has given much to talk about in recent times, making South Korea not only a cultural attraction but also a fashion scene. 


Nowadays, many people are interested in using Korean products for skincare, makeup, or clothing. For that reason, we will explain the best styles in K-fashion for women in this post.

What do most Korean girls wear?


If we want to know the 16 trends in Korean women’s fashion, we should also talk about what girls are wearing in Korea in 2023. Among the best-known trends, such as dressing in layers, wearing oversized clothes, and adding accessories that elevate the look, outfits from K-pop idols influence Korean fashion trends. Of course, the girls decide to also dress like their favorite K-pop idols. That means many girls in Korea are wearing Y2k styles, quiet luxury, normcore, etc.


Don’t miss these 16 trends in Korean women’s fashion


Every year fashion trends vary, and Korean fashion is no exception. However, they always think about your daily comfort. And about the moments when you want to see yourself as a true star. That is one of the things we value most about their style.  If you want to achieve the best Korean looks, we invite you to continue reading to discover the latest Korean women’s fashion trends. However, you can learn about trends in man’s korean fashion as well.


1. Combine dresses with shirts and sweaters



Korean fashion for women is known for being dynamic and creative. So, you should lose the fear of mixing colors and, above all, of combining pieces with others. It’s all about innovating, trying, and daring. The combination of dresses with shirts and sweaters underneath them is one of the most popular and acclaimed looks


K-fashion makes clothing sets popular again. Not usual outfits, but outfits that make you see that one garment does not come off another. Dress and jacket, blouse and dress, dress and jeans. No matter what comes to mind, you can mix your clothes without problems.


There are some more formal styles and some more casual ones. By doing it in the right way, you can achieve harmonious and attractive looks.


2. Earthy, pastel, and monochromatic colors



The color palette in Korean fashion has no limits; however, the most predominant tones are earth colors and pastel tones.


In recent days,  there has also been a tendency towards monochromatic tones.


You can wear garments of the same color in their different varieties without the fear of what they will say: you will be the focus of attention, but everyone will want to look like you.



3. White and neon colors too, Korean women’s fashion



If there is something you should also know about the latest trends in Korean women’s fashion, it is that many designers create elements inspired by the urban style.


In recent collections that have been released to the public by Korean fashion brands, we find that white and neon colors predominate in many garments. Many women are combining neon-toned blouses with cargo pants, sneakers, jackets, and hats.


Others, wanting a more sophisticated look, choose to wear completely blank styles.


4. Do not forget the accessories or makeup


To complete the perfect outfit, you mustn’t forget to add accessories. Whatever style you adopt will include a lot of accessories. But, within K-fashion, these are more important. Not only because they complement your look but also because they make it stand out and differentiate itself from the rest. An unusual accessory, for example, is stockings and how you can wear them. The most common accessories are earrings, purses, rings, hats, and even sunglasses! In particular, the lenses stand out quite a bit.


Koreans wear them even when it’s not sunny. Something curious, but it is also true. As you can see, the accessories within this fashion have no limits either. Makeup is also essential. But in Korean fashion, it is recognized for leaning a lot toward simplicity. You can try to play with makeup without forgetting that it should not be too extravagant. 


5. Make your stockings notice!


Details. Korean fashion trends play a lot with details. Maybe you are used to seeing stockings as a garment that can only go unnoticed. Well, let’s lose that habit and open our eyes to the world: tights can be an essential accessory in Korean fashion looks. You can complete your outfits by wearing long socks that come out of the shoes. They can be in a shade that matches the clothing. There are many fun or minimalist designs that you can choose from it.


6. Skirts of all kinds, Korean women’s fashion


Skirts are a significant element in Korean fashion for women. They are very feminine garments, which have a variety of styles and shapes. Some are formal, and casual, and others are more sporty. In Korean fashion for women, there is no lack of any classes of skirts. But pleated ones are the most common.


7. Diversity in sweaters


The sweater is a usual item in the repertoire of K-fashion. Except in hot seasons, Koreans tend to add this garment to their outfits. Lately, they have experimented a lot with designs, launching collections of sweaters with different styles. There are short, long, loose, and many combinations of sweaters. The only thing you have to do is choose your favorite and integrate it into your looks.


8. The beloved dresses


Dresses are a garment that has a long history in the world of fashion. However, the dresses that are part of K-fashion are distinctive. Its characteristic styles make you recognize it immediately. There are many types of dresses in Korean women’s fashion, and each one suits everyone’s taste. However, mini dresses are so usual recently. What are those dresses like? They are garments that are not very long and that generally have romantic and floral details. 


9. Freedom with blouses, Korean women’s fashion


Koreans are not women who love to show their bodies more than necessary. For this reason, blouses do not usually show much. But something remarkable in K-fashion is that they are leaving certain customs behind.  It is common to see in recent days, Korean girls wear off-shoulder or crop tops. They are an essential part of the latest trend in Korean fashion for women. Showing your shoulders and abdomen will make you achieve a fresh, casual, and very feminine look.


10. Oversize is a good idea



Do not be fooled. Oversize clothing is an excellent option, especially if you want a different, comfortable, and very chic look at the same time. A plus-size sweater with a skirt or jeans, adding a plus with a pair of tennis shoes and long socks, is a casual and street outfit that you should try. You can see Korea’s conservative history through its clothes. For example, is the trend of wanting to wear large-size tops so as not to mark their figures. 


In Korean fashion for women, exist many of these tops. It helps to hide what they do not want to show. That has changed with the inclusion of some tops that reveal the shoulders or a bit of the ab. But still, many women are wearing their tops oversize. Sometimes they want to hide their figure and other times to maintain comfort. Also, it can be related to Korean Street Fashion, which is very popular as well.


11. But the oversize is not only in the tops!


Korean girls love oversize tops but also oversize pants! In Korean fashion for women, there is an extensive catalog that includes pants of this type. Like joggers and cargo pants. As we have seen, music is an influence on Korean fashion. And this style of pants probably stems from those influences. Besides, it is also a unisex garment. Women and men can use it. Street style and grunge are the ones that most tend to include these garments in their outfits. However, regardless of what style you frame, you can wear this type of pants whenever you want. It is a comfortable but very fashionable look.


12. From the office to the streets, Korean women’s fashion


In K-fashion, wearing a blazer is not only related to office wear. Korean fashion for women has revolutionized the use of this garment. So, whether to go to work or not, you can wear a blazer without worrying about whether it is a classic look or not. In K-fashion, wearing a blazer is not only related to office wear. 


Korean fashion for women has revolutionized the use of this garment. Whether to go to work or not, you can wear a blazer without worrying about whether it is a classic look or not. It all depends on what other clothes you combine, and how you use them. With a blazer, you can also achieve a casual style. Wear a blazer in the company of a blouse, suitable pants, and a pair of tennis shoes, and you will see how you can recreate an outfit that can serve you on a day-to-day basis.


13. The mask



Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, South Koreans already wore masks. It is part of the accessories of Korean fashion. But why? During the spring, South Korea suffers the consequences of pollution. Asian dust settles in the country’s cities, making it difficult for people to go out for walks and even work. 


Thus, the use of masks has become essential for them. When K-pop was starting to get noticed in other parts of the world, people who joined as fans of idols began to note the constant use of masks. Many wanted to imitate them, but for a time, those who wore face masks on the streets for no other reason than to want to copy the Korean style were thought of as weird.


Now, with the health crisis, the use of a mask is necessary. Why not take care of ourselves and at the same time wear the perfect look? Korean women’s fashion is full of a variety of face mask designs. Get the one you like best and suits your style, and walk the streets with the assurance that you look good. In Korea, the mask is part of fashion.


14. Mini clothes


We said that Korean fashion is very versatile. An example of this is that there are many styles. Some include plus size clothing or mini clothing, and others combine both. Oversized clothing already has popularity imposed, but mini clothing is becoming more and more noticeable. Especially among girls with tiny figures.


Mini clothing is also a good choice for Korean women’s fashion. Some of these most popular garments are mini skirts, which you can wear with whatever you want. Many tend to combine them with oversized blouses or sweaters. Do you see it? You can achieve incredible looks if you dare to pair one garment with another.


15. Berets and bucket hats, Korean women’s fashion


If so far you already have in mind what clothes you want to wear, but you still cannot find that last piece that would make your outfit a masterpiece, it is time to remind you of the use of berets and bucket hats. These types of hats are super common in K-fashion. Many idols have popularized them, and now everyone wants to use them. We are no exception. The truth is that they are a perfect and very striking complement.


16. Jackets of any for any occasion! Korean women’s fashion


Like blazers, the leather jacket is a very versatile garment. You can mix it with some styles. It looks good with everything, and it will make you look good anywhere. You can use it in a casual, urban, or rock look. Korean women integrate this jacket into their outfits frequently. It is an essential garment that should not be missing in your closet.


South Korea is known for being one of the territories where people are most concerned about their image. From celebrities to ordinary people, they always take care of what they wear, their hair looks, and even their skin. The rise of K-pop also takes inspiration from Korean fashion, which always proposes new textures, shapes, and combinations of garments. These trends in Korean women’s fashion are easy to recreate. 


You can add your personality and your style to make it more distinctive.  So, get inspired by Korean fashion to increase the quality of your outfits and surprise everyone by wearing the most fashionable garments.


Now that you know more about the latest trends in Korean fashion for women, the first thing you should do is renew your closet with pieces that help you put together the perfect Korean look. The second is to continue reading our blog if you are looking for more recommendations of this kind. Remember that your goal is to go out and make the streets your runway: Go out and conquer the world wearing the latest in Korean women’s fashion!

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