What are the Korean wedding dress brands?

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Korean fashion reaches many places. From day-to-day clothes, clothes for special moments, to go to the beach, to sleep, etc. It is an unstoppable trend. And to continue demonstrating that this is the case, today we will talk about the Korean wedding dress brands. Also, it’s quite a timely topic if we remember that many Korean celebrities are getting married or engaged. If you too are planning to get married soon and if you are a Korean fashion lover, you must stay here at Korean Fashion Trends. Knowing these brands will help you consider buying a wedding dress from a Korean brand, or at least you can take inspiration from the designs. Are you ready? Here we go!


5 Korean Wedding Dress Brands


Wedding dresses made by Korean designers are pure, glamorous, and very unique. Korean wedding dress brands are an excellent choice if you want to stand out and highlight your individuality. In these brands, you can find designs like no other. However, all the Korean wedding dress brands featured in this article are excellent regardless of their position on the list. Let’s get started!


1. Polaris


Polaris Wedding is an imported multi-dress store. It is based on uniqueness and light classicism, so the dresses you can find at Polaris are timeless in design. They propose beautiful dresses that are exclusive because they are imported dresses with unique designs. In addition, they are of differentiated materials that you can’t find easily. For that reason, Polaris appears among the Korean wedding dress brands.


2. Bridal Kong


Bridal Kong is one of the leading wedding dress companies in Korea. They established and incorporated in the industry since 2009. Bridal Kong became an incomparable and unique brand in South Korea thanks to its innovative designs. In addition, the brand leads the rapidly changing fashion trends. The Bridal Kong brand offers a personalized styling service for each individual. This brand is another that stands out among the Korean wedding dress brands.


3. Hestia


Hestia is a Korean wedding dress brand that transmits femininity and elegance in all its designs. This brand expresses a woman’s sense of dignified and elegant charm. Also, do you remember a few days ago we talked about minimalism in Korean fashion? Well, this style also reaches wedding dresses. Hestia makes a quest for luxurious minimalism with an elegant yet chic silhouette. They combine noble materials and unique stitch details with a variety of moods. This option is also perfect among Korean wedding dress brands.


4. Robedek


It is the fourth one on this list of Korean wedding dress brands. Robedek stands out thanks to its haute couture wedding dress designs. They overlay the Silk Organza fabrics on each other and do the draping by hand. They are beautiful dresses and of excellent quality. Also, many Korean celebrities have been customers of this brand. Will a bride wear one of their designs at a wedding soon? Who knows! But what is certain is that the dresses of this brand are always beautiful. This brand design dresses with unique details.


5. Rose Rosa


Just as the name suggests, Rose Rosa is a wedding dress store with a charming and romantic feel. The allure of a youthful look is reflected by emphasizing luxury and innocence in the enchanting style of the classic princess dress. This is an excellent choice among Korean wedding dress brands for young brides. And if you are looking for a dress that is elegant and sparkly but with a sensual design.


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How to choose the right wedding dress?


Now that you know the Korean wedding dress brands, it’s time to discover some general tips to choose the perfect wedding dress. In that way, when reviewing the designs of these brands, you will know what to look for more clearly.


1. Define the style of your wedding


Before choosing the wedding dress, you should consider some aspects of your wedding. For example, where it will take place, whether it will be outdoors or indoors. If it will be at day or night, the style of the wedding, etc. All these influences to choose a dress that goes according to your wedding.


2. Set a budget


Every woman would love to have an unlimited budget to choose the perfect wedding dress. But it’s not always like this. However, don’t worry! That is why it is significant that you establish how much you want and can invest. Sometimes, it happens that you fall in love with a dress out of your budget. That is why keep in mind how much you want to pay, and on that, consider your options.


3. Know your body shape


Yes, it’s true: it’s your wedding, and you can wear whatever you want. But to be more comfortable, it is best to choose a wedding dress that highlights what you like most about your body and one that hides what you don’t like. In this way, you will feel very comfortable, beautiful, and safe.


4. Try on several styles


You may have an idea of ​​how you would like your wedding dress. That is very helpful. However, don’t stay without considering several styles! It happens to many brides that they are looking for a style and wear something completely different. It happens when you don’t limit your options. So take advantage and consider all the dresses you need. You can observe what you like about each one and limit the options.


5. Find something comfortable


Sometimes there are beautiful wedding dresses, but they are not comfy for you. Think that you will wear it for many hours. In addition, it may be that you are dancing all night or you do not feel comfortable, that you cannot sit down, or that after 2 hours you already want to take it off. That’s why consider a dress that suits your wedding.


6. Look in unexpected places


If you are planning an alternative wedding, it may not be easy to find your dress in bridal shops. For that reason, you must dare to look in different places! You can find them in vintage stores, with designers outside your city, on websites, department stores, and even pre-owned dresses. Because of this, the idea of ​​you trying out Korean wedding dress brands‘ designs is perfect. In that way, you could wear a completely different and beautiful dress.


The Korean wedding dress brands offer dresses with a feminine essence and elegant appearance and many other dreamy ones. If you get married wearing a Korean wedding dress, you are sure to be a perfect and beautiful bride. Also, for Korean fashion lovers, wearing this fashion even on your most special day will be a must. See you in the next blog!


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