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Korean Teeth Trend. We all want whiter teeth. When we see K-pop idols showing a perfect smile, we wish we had a smile like theirs. Do you remember that appearance is important in Korea? For this reason, from a very young age, Koreans have very rigorous oral hygiene. It means that they brush their teeth at least 3 times a day. Also, they visit the dentist twice a year for a professional cleaning. The Korean teeth trend takes its principles in deep and continuous cleaning. However, if you are interested in learning more about the Korean teeth trend, stay on Korean Fashion Trends and find out everything you need to know about it!


Why is dental cleaning essential for healthy teeth in Korea?


Dentists in Korea are expensive, so all Koreans take care of the state of dental hygiene. Because of that, dental cleaning is the most significant thing to have healthy teeth. Koreans brush their teeth after every meal or coffee. They often have a toothbrush in a bag, and in some public places, you can find free toothbrushes in the bathroom. As you can see, hygiene is the staple in the Korean teeth trend.


What is the most attractive teeth shape?


The perfection in the smile depends on each person. But fortunately, it is possible to achieve an ideal smile. However, there are guidelines you should consider if you are looking to improve your appearance. Or if you are looking to correct imperfections caused by your genetics, eating habits, previous injuries, or hygiene. The smile that makes you happy is the most suitable smile for you. The perfect shape of the teeth is a matter of personal opinion and varies from person to person. However, nowadays, it is a trend to have aligned, straight, and white teeth. It is the most attractive tooth shape today. It is also the one that predominates in the Korean teeth trend.


Do Koreans get their teeth done?


In Korea, as in many other countries, some dental treatments and procedures help you improve or repair your smile. However, to have a perfect smile assisted by a professional, you must have enough money since it is not cheap in the South Korean country. While not everyone has the opportunity to make their teeth look more attractive, many others do. There are many dental treatments in Korea, including whitening, braces, dental veneers, and even laser to shape the gums.


Teeth whitening is almost an essential treatment that almost all idols receive, as do other celebrities. In Korea, teeth whitening costs KRW 200,000-300,000 ($170- $255 USD). While braces cost 500,000 KRW ($425 USD) per month for 10 months, with a total of around 6,000,000 KRW ($5,100 USD) including retainers. When it comes to dental veneers, over 90% of celebrities in Korea do them, especially in small areas like the front teeth. However, they pose a big problem since getting dental veneers is a serious process. Drilling the teeth to make the crown fit them is a tough process.


Why are crooked teeth attractive in Korea?


It is generally a trend in Korea to have straight teeth. The crooked teeth trend comes from Japan, and some people in Korea find it attractive too, but it’s just a few. Many Japanese women and men are deliberately making their teeth look crooked (known as yaeba). While crooked teeth are synonymous with beauty in Japan, straight teeth predominate in Korea, which is seen as perfect. Straight teeth are the leaders in the Korean teeth trend.


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Why are straight teeth attractive?


Beautiful, healthy smiles can have an impact on your life. People with straight, bright, and healthy teeth show high self-esteem and radiate confidence. Millions of adults, teens, and children have improved their lives and health by correcting their teeth. Straight teeth have a healthier appearance, so they will make you look much better. In addition, straight teeth increase the life of your teeth because that prevents them from fracturing.


What are the Korean makeup tricks to improve the smile?


Although teeth whitening is common in Korea, many K-pop idols also have makeup tricks to make their teeth look whiter! Did you know that you can also put them into practice if you want to have whiter teeth with little effort? To achieve this, follow these steps:


Use natural blush


First of all, it is significant to create a balance of color so that your teeth appear whiter! For skin that has warm undertones, your best option for blush is orange or peach. But if you have a cool skin tone, your best blush shades are soft pink for a natural look. If your skin tone is neutral, you can use a peach or pink blush.


Use a suitable lipstick


To make your smile like that of a K-pop idol, you have to learn the ways you can wear lipstick. In that way, you can help your teeth look whiter. The first thing you need is a good lipstick. You can wear red lipstick with blue undertones. If you don’t like red, you can choose whatever color you want, but make sure it has a blue base. Also, avoid wearing lipstick colors that are too light because they won’t contrast with the color of your teeth enough to make them stand out. In the end, you can add gloss. The gloss will make your lips look younger and add more moisture, giving the illusion of whiter teeth.


Your eyes should also look brighter


To have a brighter smile, you have to draw attention to your eyes. You can do this by using the correct shade of eyeshadow so that it can draw attention away from your teeth. Look for darker blue tones that offer a contrast between your eyes and your teeth. You can also use dark blue, gray, or brown shades. Avoid using orange-toned eyeshadows. Perfect your look with black or navy blue mascara. And voila! You will have makeup that can improve your smile.


The Korean teeth trend takes its bases on proper hygiene. However, there are several tricks you can apply to make your smile look like a Korean smile. Teeth whitening and orthodontics are some of them. If you liked this blog, tell us your impressions in the comments. And don’t forget to visit Korean Fashion Trends every day!


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