Let’s take a look at Korean supermodel Irene Kim’s style


Irene Kim is a Korean model who always appears on K-Fashion reference lists. She is one of the most famous Korean models and influencers and an iconic figure not only because of her talent. Irene Kim also stands out for her characteristic style and undeniable beauty. In Korean Fashion Trends, we have mentioned her many times, either among the most outstanding models or as an inspiration to dressing. However, until now, we have never dedicated an entire blog to her. Luckily, if you like the work of this renowned Korean model, today is your time to learn more about her. Let’s take a look at Korean supermodel Irene Kim’s style! And take inspiration from this Korean celebrity who raises the name of Korea high every day. Let’s get started!


Who is Irene Kim?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Who-is-Irene-Kim -Before we take a look at Korean supermodel Irene Kim’s style, let’s first talk a little about this iconic model. Irene Kim is a Korean American model, beauty and fashion blogger, and television personality. She is well-known by her social media nickname, ireneisgood. Today, Irene has her clothing brand and is a Korean ambassador for major international fashion brands. Reviewing her style, we find that she loves boots and sneakers. And footwear in general! But most importantly, one of her garments that can never be missing is good jeans. 


Also, one of her most characteristic hallmarks is her hair. Irene Kim has experimented with different hairstyles throughout her career: from the shortest and rainbow to the longest and blonde, as she currently has it. Without a doubt, Irene Kim knows how to have fun as she takes her style to another level. Irene shows her style or what she represents tastefully and in a fun way. As a model and ambassador, she wants to serve as a source of inspiration by trying styles in different ways.


What is Irene Kim’s favorite style?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-What-is-Irene-Kim_s-favorite-styleAlthough Irene Kim’s style takes influence from many places because she is a woman of the world, she has a favorite style, like many fashionistas. Irene Kim believes that each country has its style. That is the beauty of the world of fashion.


For her, Seoul is a fun city. Seattle, where she grew up, seems to be a very calm and relaxed city. Both cities are the complete opposite in terms of fashion.


However, Kim lived in New York and noted that New York and Seoul are like twins. But her favorite style will always be that of Parisian women.


And when you take a look at Korean supermodel Irene Kim’s style, you can notice the influence of the Parisian style in the way she dresses.


What is Irene Kim’s closet like?


If we want to take a look at Korean supermodel Irene Kim’s style, it is necessary to review her closet. Her Instagram account (@ireneisgood) gives us many clues about her wardrobe. Irene Kim started her Instagram account as a personal style diary, and in that way, she started to gain a lot of followers, although it was not her intention to become super famous at the time. She has always shown her true self and doesn’t try to be someone else. We see that in her style, since her way of dressing stands out as much as she does. To get a look at this model’s style, let’s take a look at her closet and take inspiration from her outfits on her Instagram!




Korean-Fashion-Trends-COLORFUL,-PINK-IS-THE-MAIN-TONEWhen taking a look at Korean supermodel Irene Kim’s style, we can see at a glance that it is very colorful. In the style of this Korean model, colors are the star.


However, the pink color is the one that stands out the most. Even if you look at her clothing brand (@Irenisgoodlabel), you will notice that all the designs represent the style of the businesswoman.


Irene Kim has a style full of colorful clothes, from the most casual to the most informal (including accessories and footwear.) Even her hair has many times been multicolored.


Without a doubt, she does not doubt her creativity. And she allows herself to experiment with all possible colors achieving perfect results.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-THE-TOPS-CAN_T-MISSIf you take a look at Korean supermodel Irene Kim’s style carefully, you will notice that tops play a leading role in her style.


From knit tops to a little more sophisticated, she knows how to take these pieces to another level.


She usually combines tops with blazers, cardigans, etc. You can mix a yellow top with a short-sleeved jacket and shorts in the same color for a summer style.


Add brown sandals and a bag also in yellow. Style your hair in waves, and you can achieve the look she wore at the ETRO brand event on April 4. It was a look that revealed her iconic, colorful, fresh, and fashionable style.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-JEANS-ARE-THE-KEY-PIECEWe previously said that one of Irene’s favorite pieces of clothing is jeans.


If you review her Instagram, you will notice that she has jeans of all types.


From baggy, mom to wide-leg jeans.


However, she also comes out to spice up jeans and pants a little more retro.


If you have high-waisted jeans and don’t want to wear them because you think they’re out of style, consider checking out the account of this fashionista who turns a retro item into an edgy piece.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-SHOES-OF-ALL-DESIGNS - Irene Kim's styleBut besides jeans, shoes are another big star in Irene’s style.


When taking a look at Korean supermodel Irene Kim’s style, you will notice that she wears shoes of all designs, styles, and colors.


From sneakers and boots to sandals and heels.


She has them in all colors, and she knows how to mix them very well with her outfits.


For example, she sometimes wears neutral-colored outfits, and the shoes are the most colorful touch of the whole look.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-ELEGANT-AND-CASUAL-AS-SOULMATES - Irene Kim's styleTo define Irene Kim’s style as casual or elegant would be to pigeonhole her when her style is actually quite versatile, very creative, and, above all, open to all possibilities.


In any case, she knows how to dress for any occasion without leaving her style aside. At one point, we can see her wearing jeans, a top, and some sneakers, and the next, we see her wearing wide-leg pants, blazers, and heels.


The style of this young model and businesswoman gathers inspiration from many fashions, not just Korean, so we could say that her style is very cosmopolitan.


It can be seen in her casual looks, her sophisticated ones, and in those where she combines pieces of both styles.


Let’s take a look at Korean supermodel Irene Kim’s style! If you do, you will be able to take inspiration from one of the most recognized Korean fashion icons in Korea and the world. Irene Kim stands out thanks to her colorful and radiant style. She is a benchmark when it comes to Korean fashion! Do you like Irene’s style? Tell us in the comments. We love her unique style! We hope to see you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog!

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