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Sunglasses are a favorite accessory for women and men. However, we are used to seeing trends in women’s sunglasses fashion, when the truth is that there are also slow sun trends for men. If you are a boy and want to know how to perfect your style, you are in the right place! Also, if you like Korean fashion, this is your lucky day! Because today you will get to know Korean sunglasses for men. Are you ready? Get ready and discover more about Korean sunglasses for men!


Rules for wearing glasses that every man must follow


The rules for wearing glasses tend to go unnoticed by many men who do not see that object as an accessory or as something that can enhance their outfit, but as just a simple product to see or protect from the sun. There is nothing wrong with it. But, if we can improve our outfit and overall look with a single piece, why not give it a try? We have to remember those rules for wearing sunglasses! Everyone should follow them at this point, and that will level up your accessory set. Before you know about Korean sunglasses for men, know these tips!


Always consider the shape of your face


This rule is the most significant, and one that we will highlight whenever we can. Sometimes we buy glasses without thinking about how they can favor us. Or how to use them so as not to see ourselves badly. Everything is in the shape of the face: if it is square, the glasses of that shape may be better.


Glasses can give you everything


If you have multiple sets of lenses, it may be best to have something to match. The glasses must match the footwear and the belt. It is significant to consider this, especially since the frame is thick and the color is quite noticeable. Of course, if we talk about dark glasses, the black ones are more effective for any outfit. However, if you want an extra touch, look to have options.


Do not wear sunglasses on your head!


Basic rule and a mistake when wearing glasses that some make. If you are not going to use your sunglasses, whether they are normal or for the sun, keep them in your jacket pocket or their case. Having them on your head does not give you a good look, and it is better if you keep them for a few seconds when necessary. And it is that, if you are not going to use them, why put them like that?


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Invest in your glasses


If you want to look good, you need to invest in a good pair of sunglasses! Find a pair of sunglasses of good quality. For a more striking look, look for high-end brands.


Never wear dark glasses in closed spaces


We also mentioned it as a mistake when wearing glasses, and it is a well-known rule. Only some rock stars are allowed (and that sometimes). In closed spaces, it does not look good, and at this point, we would recommend shade glasses that change color depending on whether you are outside or indoors, so you never have to change the glasses (in case you need them at all times).


Beware of mirrored lenses


Mirror lenses are famous! And although they tend to look perfect in summer outfits for the beach, sometimes it may not be so good. The mirrored lenses can make other people uncomfortable as they get distracted by looking at the lenses, trying to look at the eyes naturally. They aren’t that great for city settings, so save them for the beach.


Take care of your sunglasses


If you invest in a good pair of glasses, you cannot treat them like any other object. Wearing them on the head is a bad idea because they can slip and fall, suffering severe damage. It may seem awkward, but carrying a case for your glasses can be the key to making them last a long time. Take care of them like any other garment.


Know these Korean sunglasses for men!


Classic aviator glasses, Korean sunglasses for men


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean sunglasses for men - glasses

Aviator style has come back big in every imaginable shape, color, and material.


The original aviator glasses had lighter polarized lenses and a double or triple bridge known as the “bullet hole.”


You can go for a retro fighter pilot style with classic aviator glasses with familiar teardrop smoked lenses and in a silver frame.


This type of lens is a favorite among Korean sunglasses for men.


Contemporary aviator


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean sunglasses for men - glasses

For a more angular geometry, these types of Korean sunglasses for men feature flat lenses and the top bar of classic aviator glasses, but with a hexagonal shape that will make you stand out.


So will the elongated triangular cat eyeglasses, an aviator type that has been worn on more than one occasion by a fashionista man or a Korean celebrity.


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Elongated sports-style glasses, Korean sunglasses for men

Korean Fashion Trends - Korean sunglasses for men - glasses

The wraparound glasses with oval lenses are still the perfect lenses for driving on the open road.


For a vintage look, try these lenses with their signature gold wireframe and elongated top bar.








Clip-on lenses


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean sunglasses for men - glasses

Should magnetic clip-on lenses be called clip-on? The frame of the glasses integrates perfectly in these sunglasses.


Unlike the sturdy versions that clip on or lift on reading glasses, magnetic clip-on lenses offer a stylish way to transform your prescription glasses into sunglasses.




Retro round sunglasses, Korean sunglasses for men


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean sunglasses for men - glasses

There is no doubt that men’s glasses are getting rounder and smaller, a style that not all men can afford to wear.


Honey-gold frames with contrasting green or smoky blue-gray lenses draw attention to the roundness of the design.







Square silhouette sunglasses


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean sunglasses for men - glasses

Some sunglasses never go out of style.


If we also remember that the principal fashion labels invite us to invest in timeless basics, it is natural that they will also apply the trend to their accessories.


And square-shaped sunglasses are one of its main bets.


If you want to wear the best Korean sunglasses for men, this model should not be missing from your options.


Narrow silhouette sunglasses, Korean sunglasses for men


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean sunglasses for men - glasses

If the square silhouette is not your thing, the Korean fashion catwalks also propose a version of the previous ones but with a futuristic aspect. It has straight lines but with a rectangular shape reminiscent of the most modern glasses of the 80s. Narrow silhouette lenses are a favorite among many lovers of Korean sunglasses for men.


As you can see, sunglasses do not discriminate against anyone! Because of that, if you like Korean fashion, and you are a man, you can use these accessories to make your outfits perfect and more fashionistas. With Korean sunglasses for men, you will not miss the sophisticated touch to your looks! Also, remember to visit us every day to keep up to date on the latest in Korean fashion.


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