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Korean suit brands. Did you ever notice how good men in suits looked in K-dramas? Surely yes! Because when we watch Korean productions, we also focus on the clothes that the actors wear. If you’ve ever felt attracted to men’s suits, this is your chance to get to know some Korean suit brands. In that way, you will not only be aware of which are the best brands that offer men’s suits. You will also know your options to acquire an authentic Korean suit and wear the outfits that many of your favorite actors have worn. Stay at Korean Fashion Trends and discover all about Korean suit brands!


What are the best Korean suit brands?





‘Life begins now. We started slowly.‘


That is the motto of the brand BESLOW, which is a Korean suit brand that focuses on closet essentials rather than the fast fashion that is very common these days in Korea as well.


Other ambiguous slogans aside, the BESLOW collection is the perfect foundation to build a closet filled with tailored suits, T-shirts, jackets, and everything else a man needs.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-WOOYOUNGMISince 2002, this brand has become a recognized leader, thanks to its masterfully crafted closet basics.


Those clothes soon found a place at Mr. Porter, Harvey Nichols, and MatchesFashion.



It is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious Korean suit brands. Its unexpected details and sleek, edgy silhouette set Wooyoungmi apart from the rest.


It results in a collection that feels at home for being in the office, thanks to its informal, sneaky style.


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Korean-Fashion-Trends-HOM-FEM(subtitulo)Do you want to try a bit of a Gosha-like shop but are not willing to wait or pay for it? If so, HOM FEM is the solution.


It is a brand with a range of loose-fitting shirts that touch the elbows.


Also, it includes wide drawstring pants. As you can see, the brand is aware of the trends on the runway.


Although some pieces may pass for missing, the price means that you will pay a fraction of the cost compared to other Korean suit brands.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-BLINDNESS(subtitulo) - Korean suit brandsUnlike the minimalist staples that other South Korean brands are known for, this brand’s offering is a frenzy of floral motifs that takes Renaissance inspiration.


But why is it called BLINDNESS? It is because the vibrancy of the brand induces squinting.


The brand’s collection includes many neutral cornerstones of the closet.


From elegant outerwear to wool pants, which help create a brilliant look. BLINDNESS is a brand of Korean suits with avant-garde designs for every occasion.


Korean-Fashion-Trends-KIM-SEO-RYONG(subtitulo) - Korean suit brands



Unlike other Korean suit brands, Kim Seo Ryong is not all black silhouettes and appropriate outfits.


Featured pieces on the KIM SEO RYONG brand range from monochrome Cuban-collared shirts, suits, and tailoring, to leopard print skinny jeans.


Although the latter may be a niche for the menswear fanatic, this designer proves that fashion is more than just the outfits we see on K-Pop idols.


What brands are popular in Korea?


In Korea, national fashion brands are so popular. However, international luxury brands are too. Because of that, there are several options of luxury brands that are the most popular in Korea where you can buy a suit. In 2021, Gallup Korea surveyed which are the most popular brands. According to the survey, the 10 most popular luxury brands in Korea are Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Hermès, Burberry, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Nike, and Armani. These brands have become very popular thanks to the fact that many famous idols are ambassadors for them. For example, Kai is an ambassador for Gucci, Jennie for Channel, and Rosé for Yves Saint Laurent.


What clothing brands are popular in Korea?




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Stylenanda(subtitulo) - Korean suit brandsThis brand is the top Korean fashion brand for 2021. However, it has been hanging around the charts for many years.


Kim So Hee founded Stylenanda in 2004. Fifteen years later, the designer was contacted by L’Oreal when they saw the influence of STYLENANDA among the younger generation in Asia.


The visual perspective of Stylenanda has influenced Korean fashion design as far as it is today.


Its designs are some of the most coveted and sought-after pieces by consumers. Most of its consumers are Millennials.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-MINJUKIM(subtitulo) - Korean suit brandsDid you know MINJUKIM won the Netflix series Next in Fashion?


Thanks to that, she received $250,000 and launched her brand in the high-fashion online mall NET-A-PORTER.


Minjukim has already established herself as one of the top Korean fashion stars in the business.


In addition, her fashion brand is her own for its imaginative collections that combine daring silhouettes that convey a lot of joy.  


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Hyein Seo


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Hyein-Seo(subtitulo) - Korean suit brandsKorean fashion brand Hyein Seo is worn by some of the top national and international music stars.


For example, and to mention a few, Rihanna and G-Dragon. Therefore, the brand has a streetwear touch.


Also, did you know the brand focuses a lot on texts and slogans? Similarly, the brand takes inspiration from the counterculture.


Hyein Seo is one of the most popular Korean fashion brands that is gaining much traction in other parts of the world.





8 Seconds in 2012 was launched by Samsung’s fashion division C&T.


Therefore, people can find over 30 stores throughout South Korea.


In addition, they already expanded to China in 2017 by collaborating with Big Bang’s Kpop Superstar G-Dragon for the GD collection, which was a success.


Which is the best brand in South Korea?


With a brand value of more than US $85.4 billion, Samsung was the most valuable South Korean brand in 2021. It far surpassed Hyundai, LG, and KEPCO. Headquartered in Suwon, in northwestern South Korea, Samsung is a world leader in the manufacture of consumer electronics and semiconductors. Globally, Samsung produces more smartphones and mobile phones than any other brand and has a strong presence in the tablet, television, and computer component markets. In addition, Samsung is a brand that has other hallmarks. Some of them include fashion design. Therefore, Samsung is not only a leader in the technology market. It is also a leader in those that involve fashion.


Korean suit brands offer a wide variety of options when it comes to clothes that will make you look fashionable. Many of them not only design tailoring! They also design everyday clothes that are full of avant-garde and fashionista designs. If you want to show off the best of Korean fashion, buy clothes from Korean suit brands. Also, remember to stay connected with Korean fashion trends, so you don’t miss any news relevant to Korean fashion.


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