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Korean women, especially teenage girls, like to decorate their nails with bright, electric colors. When it comes to looking good, these girls place nail art among their priorities: they often change the design of their nails and try to be original and use glitter, colors, and decorations to achieve a look that differentiates them from other women and other styles. Korean style nail art is very different from others thanks to its creativity and all the possibilities it offers to the styles of each person. Do you want to know about Korean-style nail art? Stay with us!


How is the Korean nail style?


It is easy to recognize the Korean style nail art since Korean women use quite colorful designs on their hands compared to those we use in the West. It is a style somewhat loaded with glitter and appliques. Although not all women like that, in general, Korean Nail Art is within the world’s trends. Glitter, costume jewelry, and stickers are some things that we can find in Korean-style nail art.


How much does the Korean nail style cost?


When we talk about Korean style nail art, the price depends on the degree of difficulty and the accessories you want to have in your nails. Typically, when the job has a lot of accessories, you can pay $250. But if you want something simple, you could pay between $30-50 dollars. The price is probably a bit over the top. However, it is worth it when you see your nails as you envisioned them. Also, the Korean style nail art will make your nails pop wherever you go.


Holographic crystal nails are the new trend in Korean nail style


Crystal nails are the latest trend in South Korea. They look beautiful and like diamonds full of shine that reflect the light on the face. This technique was developed by Eunkyung Park, the owner of the Unistella Salon in Seoul. She does manicures for Korean celebrities. Because of that, K-pop idols are wearing this nail style more often.


The nail artist takes inspiration from abalone, a marine mollusk from which mother-of-pearl is extracted and whose shell shines with a beautiful holographic surface. To create this look, she glues geometric pieces of cellophane on her nail. Now many South Korean salons are replicating the idea and creating increasingly shiny nails.


8 Other Korean Style Nail Art Trends You Should Know About


Syrup nails


korean Fashion Trends - Korean style nail art - nails

Nail artist Choi has been seen doing a lot of syrup nails. She says that this style is very adaptable and easy to do.


The syrup nail style gets its name because it is similar to a drip of syrup. It is a translucent look on the cuticle that gradually melts into a darker tip.


The artist recommends painting thin layers to achieve a gradient effect. We saw this effect in Korean-style makeup, now we also find it in nails. To achieve this, you must apply a layer of color after the base coat under the cuticle.


Then, continue to put thin layers of color underneath to the top of the nail, which should be the darkest. Use a clear color and finish. That will be enough to make your nails look perfect.


Nails that say hello to the future


korean Fashion Trends - Korean style nail art - nails

This style of nail art is evidence that it is expanding into new spaces!


With the futuristic nail style, we are seeing more and more decorative elements.


This design uses thin metal pieces that extend past the cuticle to achieve a caged effect.



Nails of different shades


korean Fashion Trends - Korean style nail art - nails

Artist Choo says that wearing a variety of shades is more popular today.


Especially with a mix of pastel or nude tones.


The manicurist designs in her studio often incorporate different muted hues within the same color family in her creations.


In addition, they are designs that are “usable for any age group” and include beautiful decorations if you prefer.


Matte color nails


korean Fashion Trends - Korean style nail art - nails

A matte finish in neutral or pastel colors on the nails is a must in Korean style.


It is a simple style, but modern and avant-garde.


The combination of colors allows different textures and finishes in matte or glossy.


They are clean and minimalist designs, perfect for those who have a sophisticated style.


Negative space nails


korean Fashion Trends - Korean style nail art - nails

Using negative space on the nails is a trend that we will see more during these days!


These designs leave sections of the nail blank to create geometric designs on them.


Negative space doesn’t just look great against otherwise bold graphics.


It is also totally doable without a gel manicure. 



Marble Finish Nails


korean Fashion Trends - Korean style nail art - nails

Marble-like finishes continue to add additional intrigue to every nail look.


The design mimics a texture that you can not have with the usual polish.


If you want a natural look on your nails, you can combine your favorite color with this unique finish.



Decorated cuticles


korean Fashion Trends - Korean style nail art - nails

Emphasizing the cuticle has been a trend for a while in Korea!


Giving cuticles little metallic lashes, also known as ‘nail shadows’, beautifies the cuticles instead of drawing attention to full shine all over the nail.


Also, decorated cuticles are best suited for short nails, and minimal focus gives the correct accent with almost no drying time.




Half-and-half nails


korean Fashion Trends - Korean style nail art - nails

In Korea, it is so popular to carry on the nails many blocks of color and negative spaces used to create fun graphics; the first was demonstrated with these half and half nails. The fun part about these color block nails is that each nail can have a different color block. Due to that, in the 10 fingers, there can be 20 different colors. And each nail is different from the other without actually clashing.


Korean fashion is not only in clothes! It also reaches your nails with Korean-style nail art! If you liked any of these trends, we invite you to try wearing them. Your nails will appreciate so much love and style. Do you know of another Korean nail style that was not mentioned here? Let us know in the comments! Also, remember that if you liked this blog, you should visit us every day. In that way, you will not miss any recent news about K fashion!


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