5 Korean style looks you can recreate wearing sneakers


Tennis shoes are by far the most comfortable shoes of all. And how not to be? If they are made to do physical activity. Unfortunately, many people believe that we can’t wear sneakers in more formal settings. However, they are wrong. It is possible to achieve comfortable and fashionable looks by wearing sneakers. In addition, using tennis, on some occasions, is necessary. The problem is knowing how to use them without looking casual. But luckily, if we look at Korean fashion, we can discover that there are many ways to stylize sneakers so that we can wear all kinds of outfits, from the most casual to the most sophisticated. And if we want some inspiration, we can also always take a look at the looks of many idols. If you have a pair of sneakers that you want to give more life to in other combinations, these 5 Korean-style looks you can recreate wearing sneakers are for you! Today at Korean Fashion Trends, you can learn how to elevate your outfits with sneakers. Here we go!


5 outfits with Korean-style sneakers


Koreans and their fashion sense show us that basic and very comfortable sneakers can make you look great with the right outfits. They always surprise us with perfect looks for every occasion, wearing fashionable outfits, something more casual for everyday days, sportswear or athleisure, etc. However, we don’t want to compromise on comfort when we dress. But we must clarify that the comfort of footwear doesn’t have to imply boring or unremarkable outfits. They should give you plenty of opportunities to mix and match and create stunning looks, just like the Koreans demonstrate. Now let’s get to know those 5 Korean style looks you can recreate wearing sneakers!




Korean-fashion-trends-TENNIS-WITH-BASIC-PIECESWe start this list of Korean style looks you can recreate by wearing sneakers with basic pieces. The basic garments should never be missing in your closet.


For this look, you need to combine some of them. You need a white shirt with blue denim shorts. It is the combination you need for the hot season.


Of course, you can add tennis but accompanied with ankle socks. It is a fresh, casual look and perfect for more everyday outings with friends, your partner, or going to university.


If you want to make it a bit more sophisticated, try wearing classic baggy or mom jeans. That way, you can make a look that’s comfortable but sophisticated enough to wear to the office.




Korean-fashion-trends-TENNIS-WITH-A-DRESSWe include a dress in this second option among the Korean style looks you can recreate wearing sneakers. Koreans are experts at wearing sneakers with dresses to show they don’t just go well with sportswear.


We recommend wearing a long white dress with sneakers of the same tone if you want to achieve the same. And, as an extra, you can wear an oversized style black jacket. However, it can be a cardigan and even a trench coat instead of a jacket. You have to consider the occasion and even the weather.


Another option to wear sneakers with a dress is to wear an oversize dress or even a midi dress with or without puffed sleeves. You can even wear the dress on top of a white blouse. That will also be a beautiful look, summer and, above all, with Korean style. You can add accessories, such as sunglasses, baseball caps, bucket hats, etc.




Korean-fashion-trends-TENNIS-WITH-A-SKIRTThe third option in these Korean style looks you can recreate wearing sneakers includes a skirt. We already reviewed an outfit with a dress, but you will also get a style if you wear a pair of sneakers with a skirt below the knee, plus you will be very comfortable.


Try to make your skirt in neutral tones if you want it to be a little more formal. You can also combine it with tucked-in tops or blouses. And another tip so that your look with tennis looks good is that you try to make them white or black.


In this way, you will see that few will notice that it is tennis. Midi skirts are a perfect option to wear with tennis shoes and oversized shirts.


However, if you prefer, the skirt can also be shorter and tighter, like a pencil. Combine that skirt with a top, a cardigan and tennis shoes. You will achieve a sophisticated and comfortable look, ready for more special occasions, such as going to work.




Korean-fashion-trends-TENNIS-AND-BLAZER - Korean style looks with sneakersWe continue with this list of Korean style looks you can recreate wearing sneakers with a combination that includes the star piece of Korean fashion: the blazer. If tennis shoes are the shoes that can’t be missing in a Korean-style closet, the blazer is the essential garment. They are helpful not only for sophisticated looks. They can also accompany casual looks. Yes, just like sneakers.


Also, the truth is that if you add a blazer to your outfit with sneakers to go to work, it automatically looks good. However, make sure the pants are not ripped and fold the bottom of the pants up a bit to make them look a little more youthful.


Remember that ripped jeans are synonymous with casual, not sophisticated. It is best to wear classic jeans when it comes to going to the office. You can combine the blazer with the tone of the tennis shoes. And of course, the accessories cannot be missing. Consider earrings, chains, watches, and bracelets. Anything that works to elevate a look the right way is a perfect choice.




Korean-fashion-trends-TENNIS-WITH-A-TAILORED-SUIT - Korean style looks with sneakersThe last option in these Korean style looks you can recreate wearing sneakers is more sophisticated than the previous ones. It is about combining tennis with a tailored suit. Yes! Just as you read, you can mix a suit with tennis and in a look of unusual colors.


It depends on how to open the dress code, but in many, black or gray are no longer the only perfect colors. Therefore, if you want a sophisticated but colorful look perfect for going to the office and a casual outing, we recommend a tailored suit with tennis shoes.


The suit can be in neutral colors, it’s true. But if you want, you can wear it in a pastel color, for example, or maybe a brighter color like orange or yellow. In that case, make sure the sneakers are classic colors, especially white. They are the best for styles of this type. 


The Korean style looks you can recreate wearing sneakers are perfect for casual outfits. But also sophisticated outfits! These looks confirm that sneakers are not only exclusive to sport outfits. You can also use sneakers in looks to go to the office. Everything is in the pieces with which you decide to wear them. You need to learn to combine them well, and you will see that this way, you will achieve a perfect look with tennis. Which of all these was your favorite? Tell us in the comments! See you soon.


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