How to dress in Korean style according to your body type?


When we buy clothes, the first thing we think about is our size. But in reality, the matter goes beyond that. Why? Because the size is only a reference that brands give us when buying clothes. And this depends on the country, the fabric, and the type of garment. You will know that the issue of size is very uncertain in K-Fashion, especially if you are a foreigner and want to try this fashion. So how to dress in Korean style according to your body type? What helps us when buying ideal garments is knowing our morphology. Knowing what type of body we have allows us to know what we should highlight and what not. We can achieve the visual balance and the perfect look that we seek. Enough of buying clothes to buy, because they are on sale or looked good on your friend. Instead, focus on recognizing your body and making your clothes work to flatter you. And if you don’t know what body type you have, don’t worry. Today in Korean Fashion Trends, we will talk about how to dress in Korean style according to your body type. Let’s get started!


5 body types that you must recognize to dress correctly in the Korean style


How to dress in Korean style according to your body type? The first thing you need to do is recognize your body type. Today, we have grouped the bodies into five types, although these can vary if your arms are skinny or not. Or if your legs are long or short. However, the main ones are these five body types. If you want to know how to dress in Korean style according to your body type, we recommend you look at these five body morphologies!




Korean-Fashion-Trends-PEAR-SHAPED-BODYWe start this list of how to dress in Korean style according to your body type with the pear-shaped body. This body has the same silhouette as the pear. Women with this shape have their shoulders narrower than their waists. They also generally have less chest and tend to store fat on the hips and sides of the buttocks.


Pear-shaped idols include MAMAMOO’s Hwasa and Oh My GirL’s Arin! You can wear flashy tops, prints, ruffles, and textures. Look for V-neck tops.


Choose straight, unadorned pants or skirts in light fabrics. If they are dark colors, better. Wear straight-leg or bootcut pants and choose jackets fitted at the waist. Avoid garments with embellishments that draw attention to the lower part of the body. Light colors or stiff fabrics for garments that go below the waist are not the best options.


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Korean-Fashion-Trends-INVERTED-TRIANGLE-OR-APPLE-SHAPED-BODYWe have the inverted triangle body to continue this list of how to dress in Korean style according to your body type. This body has a wide waist, round shoulders, and slim legs and arms. The weight is concentrated in the middle of the body and on the chest.


Some idols with this body type are BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Momoland’s Nancy, and RED VELVET’s Joy. Consider that low garments should be the ones that attract attention. One way to do this is with pieces that have pleats, embellishments, or patterns.


In that way, the attention is on this part of the body. You have to opt for wide-leg pants or even bell bottoms. It is the most efficient way to balance small hips with broad shoulders. However, straight pants also work very well. You should use light colors below and dark colors above.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-HOURGLASS-SHAPED-BODYThe third to make it to this list of how to dress in Korean style according to your body type is the hourglass body shape. You can recognize this silhouette if the waist is well defined.


Also, the shoulders and hips have the same proportion. The legs are usually stylized and well turned. The bust is in proportion to how narrow the waist is. Fat is stored evenly throughout the body. This type of body is easy to identify since if you stand in front of a mirror it should be assimilated into an hourglass.


Some Korean idols with this body type are TWICE’s Tzuyu, AOA’s Seolhyun, and A-PINK’s Naeun. If you have an hourglass-shaped body, you must be very creative when dressing. But the most important thing is to draw attention to only one part of your body. You need a balance. If you adjust on one side, you can loosen on the other. Use a belt to mark your curves. Why? Because the waist should be your focus. For that reason, wear pencil skirts and jeans fitted to the hips.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-RECTANGULAR-SHAPED-BODY - Korean style according to your body typeThe rectangular body is the fourth to make it to this list of how to dress in Korean style according to your body type. The measurements of this body shape are very similar in the shoulders, waist, and hips.


For that reason, it is a proportionate and straight body where the middle part of the body stands out little. These bodies usually have little chest and buttocks. Regarding the arms and legs, they are proportionally thin in tune with the rest of the body.


RED VELVET’s Yeri and TWICE’s Chaeyoung have this body type. If you have this type of body, the best thing you can do is mark your waist with a belt. You have to mix garments of different colors, but always leave a lighter tone on top. Also, A-line skirts are perfect for you. It can also be a pencil skirt with a belt. You can combine this with a not-so-tight shirt. Wear layered tops to add dimension to your chest.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-ROUND-SHAPED-BODY - Korean style according to your body typeAnd finally, we have the round body in this list of how to dress in Korean style according to your body type. This body has no waist, the curves stand out a lot, and there may be more volume in the central area of ​​the body.


The objective is to lower the tone of the middle section of the body, which is the widest, styles that seek definition in the waist and try to lengthen the figure. Kyla, a former member of Pristin, is a former idol of this body type.


If you have a round body shape, the best advice is to wear a dress. Especially the wrap dress. Choose shirts that fit slightly at the waist. Wear V-neck tops, highlight your shoulders and wear shirts and jackets that end at the hips. The empire cut is your ideal cut. You can wear a dark top and combine it with a light jacket, always open. In addition, pants and skirts must be straight without textures or embellishments. Cargo pants are perfect.


How to dress in Korean style according to your body type? You must recognize your body type to dress correctly in the Korean style. By doing so, you can consider the ideal garments and textures for you. You can also take inspiration from idols that match your morphology. Do you already know what your body type is? Now you can correctly choose your looks. See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog!


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