How is Korean street fashion in men?

Korean Fashion Trends - How is Korean street fashion in men

How is Korean street fashion in men? K-Pop and streetwear take inspiration from American sports, pop, punk, hip hop, and rap. For the same reason, we will find several similarities in clothing and music. For example, Korean fashion and pop have always found a way to stand out by using oversized styles.


However, it is appropriate to point out that the fashion we know is contemporary. This industry began to consolidate until the 1990s, together with a new economic model for the country. Because of that, some styles remain until now, but some modifications have been added to others. One of them is the Korean street style. Its roots remain the same. But a few other things have been added. So how is the Korean street style in men? If you are a man and a lover of this Korean style, you are in the perfect place. Stay with us and keep reading!


8 Trends In Korean Street Fashion For Men


Did you know that the famous style trends that emerged in Korea are unisex? At least most of them. But, as time went on, many of the trends began to deviate a bit to suit men or women. These are some of the basic trends in men’s urban fashion:


Ankle Pants


The Korean street style stands out for its ankle-length pants. Usually, to see a man with straight-cut ankle pants in solid colors is a trend in Korea. The best thing about these pants is that you can create any outfit with them. It can be casual, smart casual, or semi-formal. 


Straight jeans


You can pursue the taste of Korean men by using a pair of straight-leg jeans. To combine it, you can wear a white button-down shirt and a sweater. These garments form a very modern street style look. In addition, you can also complement it with a pair of chunky white sneakers.




The modern Korean street style shows many men wearing bomber jackets thanks to their elegant and casual appearance at the same time. Although the bomber jacket did not originate in Korea, it is worth mentioning as part of what you can wear in a street style. It is because men use them more and more today to improve their style.


Baggy pants 


Nobody looks better than Korean men in baggy pants. These pants are the best option among many! Especially for the summer. You can pair them with checkered or military-style tees and jackets for a stylish look.


Cargo pants


A perfect option for you if you want an authentic Korean street look is cargo pants. Korean people frequently wear cargo pants for stylish streetwear styles. Because yes, street fashion can also include formal elements. To have a proper relaxed look for these pants, you can combine them with vintage-style t-shirts or sweaters.


Sweatshirts with hoodies


Sweaters and sweatshirts are a staple in Korean-inspired closets. They also fall into the category of loose-fitting staples that are used to pair with skinny jeans and pants. Hoodies are a great option. Especially when you need to combine your favorite outfits with a perfect touch. If you want a Korean street style, these sweatshirts cannot be missing from your closet.


Trench coats


Long black wool trench coats are a perfect way to keep warm while staying on trend with men’s Korean street fashion trends. Also, these trench coats are among the best winter jackets for men in Korea.


Korean street style accessories


There are many accessories that you can use when putting together a Korean street style outfit. Along with hair accessories, scarves, and jewelry, one of the most perfect Korean accessories is Korean street-style glasses. They have a round frame and are large with clear lenses. Another accessory that is seen frequently among young Korean men and women is Korean-style backpacks, which are very functional and stylish. Wear these accessories for a suitable Korean street look.


What is street fashion?


The concept of urban fashion refers to a style of clothing designed to withstand the hustle and bustle of the city. These are garments capable of withstanding daily activities and the constant movement that urban life implies. They provide comfort to those who use them and do not risk being easily damaged or spoiled, unlike other more delicate garments. Urban fashion arises from living in big cities and the need to have outfits that, without being ostentatious, give style while providing the security of adjusting to day-to-day tasks. It includes suitable clothing! For example, for bus travel, train seats, and walking on busy streets and places.


What is Korean street style called?


Korean street style clothing is youthful, laid-back, yet fashionable. In Korean street fashion, the essential elements of Korean clothing are mainly unisex. That is, most of the garments are available for women and men. Whether it’s the popular ankle-length pants. Or also the oversized sweatshirts. The trends are similar for all genders, plus some exceptions for women, such as feminine style dresses and tops. Additionally, you will find a host of hip hop, punk, and rock styles fused with the generally laid-back Korean street styles.


Why is Korean street fashion so popular?


The popularity of K-Dramas and K-Pop has increased a lot since the 2000s. Due to the power of Korean celebrities, Korean fashion is so popular. As a result, what these famous Korean stars were wearing became a raging trend. In addition to Korean entertainment being a global phenomenon, Korean fashion designers also take great credit for the popularity of Korean fashion and its different styles. It was they who designed these ulzzang trends by mixing Western styles and contemporary Asian culture. Due to their efforts, Seoul is now considered one of the top fashion capitals in the world. Its streets are authentic fashion catwalks, in which the street style abounds above all, one of the favorites among the younger generation of Korea.


What is Hongdae Street Fashion?


Hongdae is one area of Seoul. Hongdae is known for its street fashion, which probably defines the Korean style entirely. Hongdae street fashion consists of loose, sporty staples that are unisex. Tight-fitting essentials in dark colors are also part of Hongdae’s style. The style that characterizes the Hongdae area is street style. For that reason, if you are interested in this style, the best thing you can do to search for a style source is to visit the Hongdae area in Seoul, Korea.


How is Korean street fashion in men? It is full of elements and garments that make the style comfortable and fashionable. Street style is a favorite among young people in Korea. For that reason, if you are a young fashion enthusiast, you can easily incorporate Korean street fashion style into your outfits. Remember to visit Korean Fashion Trends every day. That way, you won’t miss out on all the K-fashion news.

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