Differences between Korean skincare and American skincare


Skincare is a necessary beauty routine for each person. Whether on this side of the world or in Korea, we should all put skincare into practice. Why? Because it is not only a routine that helps you make your skin more beautiful and smoother. It also helps to keep it healthy, and that is the most important part of it all. What beauty routine do you practice? If you already have an answer to that question, we congratulate you. If not, don’t worry because today, in Korean Fashion Trends, we will talk about the differences between Korean skincare and American skincare. Knowing their differences will help you identify which one best suits your needs and possibilities. Are you ready? Here we go!


What are the differences between Korean skincare and American skincare?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-What-are-the-differences-between-Korean-skincare-and-American-skincare-(subtitulo)Did you know that there is something that men and women have in common regardless of our country of origin? Yes, they are looking young and healthy.


There is even a legend in this regard from the 4th century BC. The Persians sought to know what was the secret of longevity and good health of Ethiopians.


Also, that spawned the myth of the fountain of youth.


Although we now know that no one source makes us immune to the passage of time, the leading brands in cosmetology give us products that help us care for our skin. 


They fund extensive and expensive research to understand human skin and obtain the best ingredients to meet the needs of their consumers. That is the case with many Korean, American, European brands, etc. Each of the brands has its differences. And if you know the differences between Korean skincare and American skincare, you can see that there are also some similarities, as they both care about the health of your skin. Here we leave you some differences between both types of skincare:


It is not the same number of steps to follow


Korean-Fashion-Trends-It-is-not-the-same-number-of-steps-to-follow-(subtitulo)If you are a Korean beauty lover, you know that the Korean skincare routine has ten essential steps, although it can increase to 15 steps depending on the needs of each person.


Koreans love taking care of their skin and taking all the steps daily to have healthy and radiant skin, as, in Korea, clean and glowing skin is synonymous with status.


There, skincare is taught from childhood because the better the person’s face looks, the better status it will give them in different aspects of their life. Therefore, before worrying about makeup, they worry that their skin looks pimple-free and shiny, and if not, many products give that illusion.


On the other hand, the American skincare routine generally consists of three basic steps: cleansing, toning, and hydration. It’s a simple routine that has its main focus on treating acne for smooth, clear skin. But hey, you have to keep in mind that the American skincare routine does not focus much on the use of sunscreen. That is another significant difference from Korean skincare.


They do not focus on the same products


Korean-Fashion-Trends-They-do-not-focus-on-the-same-products-(subtitulo)Did you know that in Korea, they do not consider skincare a luxury and is available to everyone? That’s how it is. Koreans view skincare differently than Americans from this point as well. It is also very evident for its affordable beauty products and, above all, very effective. They are available to everyone. In addition, the ingredients used in K-Beauty products are natural and do not harm the skin.


Contrary to the Korean skincare routine, the American skincare routine focuses much more on the big brands that are most expensive. For that reason, in America, skincare is a luxury. In America, there is brand loyalty because people get attached to unnecessarily expensive brands. They do it even when it is difficult for them to pay. Also, American beauty products have many chemicals, so most of the options are not natural.


Exfoliation days are different


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Exfoliation-days-are-different-(subtitulo)Not everyone knows it, but the American skincare routine regards exfoliation as a weekly procedure.


This procedure removes dead skin cells with the help of a textured scrub.


However, in the Korean skincare routine, this is not the case.


They focus on a gentle and daily exfoliation.


So instead of a textured scrub, Korean scrubs are gentle. Also, many are shaped like masks.


The scents do not have the same importance


Korean-Fashion-Trends-The-scents-do-not-have-the-same-importance-(subtitulo)In the Korean skincare vs American skincare, we also find that the scents do not have the same importance in each one.


In the Korean skincare routine, essences are the secret ingredient that has captivated so many foreigners.


However, it is not part of the American skincare routine, which is a shame because the scents delicately hydrate the skin to provide healthy and beautiful skin.




Masks don’t serve the same purpose


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Masks-don_t-serve-the-same-purpose - Korean skincare and American skincareAlthough both skincare routines include masks, their purposes are not the same.


In the American skincare routine, clay and detox masks are the most commercialized and the most famous.


These masks are used to extract impurities and are effective, as they leave beautiful and smooth skin as a result.


However, in the Korean skincare routine, it is significant the use of paper masks.


These masks are hydrating and nourishing.


The eye cream also does not have the same function


Korean-Fashion-Trends-The-eye-cream-also-does-not-have-the-same-function-(subtitulo)And like masks, eye cream also plays a significant role in the differences between Korean skincare and American skincare.


The eye creams in American skincare aim to manage the damage that already exists.


In the Korean skincare routine, eye cream focuses on prevention. Why? Because the area under the eyes is delicate, and its hydration needs are different.


In the American skincare routine, this cream refreshes and relaxes the eyes. Also, it eliminates dark circles. But in the Korean skincare routine, prevents wrinkles that accumulate on the eyelids, etc.


Which country skincare is best?


As we have seen so far, the differences between Korean skincare and American skincare are significant. But that does not mean that one is better than the other. It just means that they have different approaches. Skincare routines vary depending on each person. You can adjust your needs to both. Even so, if we analyze the Korean skincare vs American skincare, we could say that the Korean is more complete because it worries about future problems, not only those that already exist. In addition, a point in their favor is the importance they give to sunscreen. Although it is not absent in the American skincare routine, it is not as present as in the Korean one. There, it is one of the leading stars.


Is American or Korean skincare better?


We already said that both skincare routines have their benefits. Many think that the Korean skincare routine is better, but if you are someone who has been practicing American skincare all your life and has served you a lot, then the answer may change. For that reason, it is not about black and white, but gray. However, if we remember that most Korean products are natural, that would certainly add a lot of extra points to the Korean skincare routine.


The differences between Korean skincare and American skincare are significant when you need to think about which skincare routine you want to practice. From the use of sunscreen to that of masks and creams, these skincare routines are very different from one another. However, both have their strengths. And depending on your possibilities and desires, you can choose between one and the other with no problem. The important thing is to carry out a beauty routine to have a beautiful and healthy face. See you on the next blog on your favorite Korean fashion trends portal!

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