Here are the top 5 Korean skincare products we recommend for fall-winter

Korean Fashion Trends - Here are the top 5 Korean skincare products we recommend for fall-winter

Here are the top 5 Korean skincare products we recommend for fall-winter. The drop in temperatures and the wind during fall and winter can cause dryness and dehydration in the skin. That is why regular skincare is so important. In that way, you prevent damage from happening. Different methods will help you take care of the skin on your face during the colder months. There are also several products that you can buy to keep your skin cared for and protected. That is why today, we present the top 5 Korean skincare products we recommend for fall/winter. Stay with us and discover what they are.


Why is it important to take care of the skin during fall and winter?


Taking care of the skin during the coldest times of the year is as important as doing it during the summer since the effect of the sun on the skin produces cumulative damage. Therefore, although the intensity of the rays is higher in summer, you also have to protect yourself in winter. Because of this, the first thing to keep in mind when taking care of your skin in cold weather is that you have to protect it from the sun. In addition, the saying that the skin has memory is real. And therefore, the more we protect ourselves, the more we will take care of it. That reminds us that we must take care of our skin every day regardless of the time of year in which we are.


4 Methods to take care of the skin during autumn and winter


As the days get shorter, the temperatures drop, and the air gets drier, we realize we are entering fall, a time of transition to the colder months of the year. Summer is behind us! However, it is time to take care of your skin and recover it from the excesses of the sun and leave it in perfect condition to face the cold and dry air of winter. If you don’t take care of your skin during the colder months, your skin can become dry and rough.


That is why autumn is the time to nourish and regenerate the skin. Each season is different, and therefore, you must adapt your skincare according to the climate. The most suitable treatments in summer are not for winter and vice versa. Therefore, we present some tips to take care of your face during autumn and winter.


Cleaning to say goodbye to excess dirt


Thanks to the summer heat, the skin needs a deeper cleaning to remove excess. However, in the fall, this deep cleaning is no longer necessary. And it is too harsh a treatment for the skin. Therefore, it is advisable to switch to a mild soap or soap-free cleanser when your skin feels more sensitive and irritated. Also, try to dry yourself gently with the towel, with small touches, and not drag it on your skin. Do not forget that if you are not clear about the most suitable treatments for your skin at this time of year, you can go to a specialist. The important thing is that you take care of your skin because the less it suffers, the slower it will age. Also, avoid using cold water to wash your face! It would be best to use lukewarm water.


Exfoliation for radiant skin


Regular exfoliation of the face is the key if you want to remove dead cells. In that way, your skin looks radiant. In addition, it is essential to promote the penetration of creams and other skin products. If you use an oil-based scrub, you can remove the accumulation of toxins and hydrate. Remember, the smaller the exfoliation granules, the gentler the treatment will be, and the less they will itch, mark, or damage your skin’s capillaries.


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Nutrition to protect you from the cold


If you want to protect your skin from the oncoming cold, the key is to keep your skin well-nourished. As the weather gets colder, wet and windy conditions can easily damage the skin, leaving it feeling much more sensitive than usual. Look for a cream with ingredients that are especially nourishing for the skin. And don’t forget about inner nutrition! Foods such as eggs and garlic will provide you with sulfur, which works by repairing the internal tissues and returning the skin to its natural elasticity. A cup of green tea a day will help you reduce the action of free radicals, thanks to its antioxidant properties.


Protection against wind, cold, and UV rays


The sun, wind, and cold are factors that can cause dry skin. The sun’s rays are harmful throughout the year. When walking or practicing outdoor sports, we are exposed to its radiation. You can use a facial moisturizer with a suitable sun protection factor for each skin type.


5 Korean Skincare Products You Can Wear During Fall and Winter


As in fashion, in terms of beauty, the basics of the season also change. Each season requires special care for the skin. In addition to a series of essential products to keep it perfect in every climate. Know these top 5 Korean skincare products we recommend for fall/winter.


1. Sunscreen


We will not tire of repeating it: sunscreen is an inexcusable basic in any beauty routine, regardless of whether you stay at home or the days are cloudy. It will help you protect your skin from the glare and the blue light of electronic devices. Sunscreen is significant in the skincare routine, and Koreans know it very well. Therefore, the protector leads the top 5 Korean skincare products we recommend for fall/winter. As a bonus, remember to apply sunscreen throughout the day to keep your skin protected at all times!


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2. Essential oils


Did you know essential oils are important for both skin and hair? Essential oils are excellent allies, especially for the autumn-winter season. You can include them in masks or directly on the area you want to keep moisturized. The best ones you can add to your beauty routine? Almond, coconut, olive, and coffee oil. As expected, products with natural ingredients cannot be missing from the top 5 Korean skincare products we recommend for fall/winter.


3. Lip balm


The lips need a lot of care because they can crack and dry out because of the cold. Using a lip balm will save you from chapped lips and keep them fully protected for the rest of the day. There are even some with a UV filter, allowing you to wear sunscreen on your lips. The presence of lip balm is so important for the fall-winter skincare routine. For that reason, we could not miss these top 5 Korean skincare products we recommend for fall/winter.


4. Moisturizing cream


In autumn and winter, our skin is usually dry, flaky, and red. Nourishing creams that contain moisturizing ingredients are helpful. They are essential for good skincare in autumn/winter. Don’t forget to buy the best Korean moisturizers! They are your best ally when it comes to taking care of your skin during these times of the year. That is why it is ranked number four among the top 5 Korean skincare products we recommend for fall/winter.


5. Tonics


You can give your skin extra hydration! During the fall and winter, it is even more important to take action to keep your skin hydrated, so you should use a facial toner. Many contain the necessary ceramides to combat dryness. Don’t forget to include toners in your beauty routine to maintain healthy skin during the colder months.


In addition to incredible landscapes, changes in temperature, and fallen leaves, autumn is coming with many changes that require us to take care of our skin. And as many of us know, the wonder of Korean skincare and beauty, knowing the top 5 Korean skincare products we recommend for fall/winter is the best thing you can do if you want to keep your skin healthy during these months. Have you already started taking care of your skin in colder climates? We hope so! As well as we hope that you visit us every day. In Korean Fashion Trends, you will find the latest news in Korean fashion and beauty.


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