Korean skin whitening


If you are a K-pop fan, you saw that idols all seem to have perfect and very, very fair skin. Few of the famous people of that country have a slightly dark or very dark tone. Also, if you have Korean friends, you may have noticed that they overly protect themselves from tanning. And those with tanned skin often opt for one of the hottest trends in the country: Korean skin whitening. However, it is true that fashion changes. Little by little, many Asian countries, such as Korea, have sought to include other beauty models, such as a tan or brown skin tone. It is ok because all skin tones are perfect. This change is happening perhaps a little slowly, and that is why there are still many people and celebrities who turn to skin whitening treatments. Curious about what Korean skin whitening is? Keep reading to find out everything about Korean skin whitening.


Why do Koreans whiten their skin?


Beauty standards, while movable, have specific cultural aspects that can be difficult to change. In Korean culture, there is a cultural norm that remains firm: Koreans associate dark skin with fieldwork, which, at the same time, refers to the archetype of rural poverty. On the other hand, we have pale-skinned people. They associate them with a comfortable life, that is, a high socioeconomic level.


From western culture, it is not very different from the idea of ​​blue blood. Having blue blood is explained by not being exposed to the sun. Because of that, having pale skin is distinctive of people with high purchasing power. Until today, in the West, it is still believed that white skin is superior because brown skin means low socioeconomic status. Although in the West it is also usual to seek “whitening”, in South Korea, it is more extreme. In addition, it is not a situation limited only to women, as is generally the case in the West, but this obsession with beauty affects men similarly. It is why Asian country is among those that consume the most beauty products, or where plastic surgeries are performed to get closer to the archetype of beauty: for women, slim and light-skinned; for men, white and androgynous style.


Natural products to achieve a Korean skin whitening


When you apply these tricks, you should not allow the sun’s rays to rub against your skin. The reason is that these ingredients with bleaching properties could cause staining when exposed to the powerful rays of the sun. In the same way, you must use sunscreen even if you do not see that the sun has peeked out. It is essential to preserve the natural tone of your arms and face. With that clear, let’s discover the natural products for Korean skin whitening.





The best way to stimulate the growth of new skin cells is to get rid of the old cells.


Oatmeal helps exfoliate the skin, leaving it smooth and soft.


You can mix the oatmeal with tomato juice and then apply it to your face.


When rinsing, rub gently so the oatmeal can scrub away dead skin cells. Do this daily.


Yogurt, Korean skin whitening



Yogurt is a by-product of milk. It has many nutrients that are good for the skin.


It also contains lactic acid, which has bleaching properties.


You can rub your skin gently with plain yogurt. Mix a tablespoon of fresh yogurt with half a tablespoon of honey.


This method will also help keep your skin smooth and moisturized.


Tomato and lemon, Korean skin whitening



Tomato juice offers a large number of nutrients that are very good for our skin.


Such as vitamins A and C and proteins, as well as lycopene.


It reduces the action of free radicals.


Mix a tablespoon of lemon and tomato juice and apply it with a cotton ball to the face.





Potatoes are efficient thanks to their mild acidic properties (not irritating to the skin).


They work as a natural bleaching agent.


Place pieces of potato on your face and let it act for a few minutes.


Repeat this technique frequently for faster results.



Korean skin whitening creams


If you are one of those people who prefer already-made products for their rapid effectiveness, no problem. Korea always has other alternatives and solutions. Because of that, there are several Korean whitening creams you should know about if you want to whiten your skin. Let’s find out what they are.


NELLA Brightening and Whitening Cream



Nella is a Korean brand that focuses on skincare. Their products repair common skin problems that everyone experiences. They also have great whitening products.


Thanks to that, Nella is a holy grail for those who need to clear their skin. Their whitening cream has many benefits for your skin, ranging from moisturizing, nourishing, and anti-aging.


Also, this cream can brighten your skin and help keep its levels of hydration and elasticity intact. Other ingredients found in this product are honey, avocado oil, vitamin E, and glycerin. All of these ingredients work to improve your skin and help clear up blemishes.


Nude Fantasy Whitening Cream by BOY AND GIRL


It is a Korean beauty brand that offers products that can help improve the skin and its general condition.


Their products address common skin problems and aim to heal and soothe your skin while making sure it looks its best.


However, they also have a whitening cream available. Its name is Nude Fantasy. It was so named because the product helps heal, revitalize, and whiten your skin.


It is a cream with a light texture, and its formula consists of a unique complex based on white flowers, made with eight different types of flowers.

INNISFREE Jeju Cherry Blossom Toning Cream



INNISFREE is a brand that shows the generosity of Jeju Island. This brand is a choice for many skincare enthusiasts due to its wide range of products. Jeju’s Tone-Up Cherry Blossom shows us it is one of the best beauty brands in Korea.


Their toning cream is a morning cream. It has a lightweight formula with extracts of Jeju cherry blossom leaves, along with natural betaine, and leaves an attractive, and glowing finish on the skin. With this cream, your skin will look bright, radiant, and flawless.


This cream has a revitalizing effect on the skin in addition to its whitening and brightening benefits. The moist, almost watery texture makes it super easy to spread on the skin, leaving you looking smooth!


Now that you know why many Koreans bleach their skin and their techniques to achieve it, you can also do it if you desire to achieve whiter skin. Remember to visit this blog every day, so you don’t miss any news about K-fashion and K-beauty! See you soon.

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