What Are the Korean Shoe Brands You Must Know About?

Korean Fashion Trends - What Are the Korean Shoe Brands You Must Know About?

Now that we’ve wrapped up the year, as the KFT team, we have decided to discuss the Korean Shoe Brands You Must Know About! Although most of us lean towards what we know, it doesn’t hurt to have some knowledge of new brands to try when bored of usual choices. Today, at Korean Fashion Trends, join our journey as we discover the Korean Shoe Brands You Must Know About!


What Is the Most Famous Korean Shoe Brand?


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Shoe Brands You Must Know About - ShoopenBefore we delve into the must-know Korean shoe brands of early 2024, let’s discuss which famous Korean shoe brand is at the forefront.


Currently, there are various shoe brands leading Korean fashion trends. However, there is one brand that prevails as a timeless choice.


Part of the SPA conglomerate, the SHOOPEN brand specializes in footwear and boasts numerous stores throughout South Korea. In fact, most Koreans have at least one pair of these shoes due to its timeless designs and superior quality.


Moreover, SHOOPEN shoes are ideal for everyday wear. You can easily pair them with casual or sophisticated ensembles. If you want to revolutionize your style with your footwear selection, we recommend investing in a pair of SHOOPEN shoes!


What Sneakers Do Koreans Frequently Wear?


Korean fashion connoisseurs are aware that sneakers are prevalent in the coveted Korean style. Sneakers are not only comfortable but are also stylish. That’s why Korean celebrities and idols are frequently seen sporting sneakers. However, Koreans tend to lean towards vintage and retro looking sneakers that provide a nostalgic touch to their overall ensembles. Therefore, classic and timeless sneakers such as Adidas Superstar, Nike Air Jordan, and classic SHOOPEN’s are among the top choices. While trends are ever-changing, Koreans remain faithful to their classics. So, you really cannot go wrong with the all-time favorites.


Why Do Koreans Love New Balance?


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Shoe Brands You Must Know About - K-idol wearing sneakersAlong with international sports brands such as Adidas and Nike, Koreans also greatly favor New Balance. New Balance sneakers blend comfort with dexterity, providing versatility for you to wear during active sports or day-to-day activities. Dynamism and comfort are synonymous with New Balance, which is why Koreans adore these shoes.


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What Are the Most Popular Shoes of 2023 – 2024 in Korea?


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Shoe Brands You Must Know About - NikeWe’ve had a year full of sneaker discussions in 2023 – 2024. While some fiercely biased the Adidas Samba’s, some decided to keep things classic with New Balance 530 and 550’s.


Moreover, the Asics found a place at the top of the footwear choices. And these three shoes, along with a variety of Nike’s made their way to the K-pop stars’ wardrobes, as well as the general public.


So, if you were wondering, what are the most popular shoes of 2023-2024 in Korea, the western influence decided for them this year!


What Are the Most Popular Korean Shoe Brands of 2023 – 2024? 


Korean Fashion Trends - 23.65 shoesNow, it’s time to get to know the most popular Korean shoe brands for the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024. Below, we’ve unveiled all the Korean Shoe Brands that you should keep on your style radar this year.




If you are looking for a Korean shoe brand that fosters strong communication with their target audience and designs with brand identity in mind, 23.65 is the way to go. 23.65 states that they focus on practicality and continuity, which sets them apart as an original brand.


KFT’s Shoe Pick:


23.65 Fall/Winter Season Polka1 Bear Slides! 


This is the 22FW season’s best seller shoe from the brand. These shoes not only provide much needed warmth, but are also lightweight, flexible, and water resistant! Supported with nylon padding, these slides will make you feel like you are walking on clouds! Consider styling them with long-length straight jeans or baggy denim for the ultimate edgy touch.




Korean Fashion Trends - Kanghyuk footwearOriginally a high-caliber fashion brand, KANGHYUK has a strong impression and a strong concept.


This year, the South Korean brand KANGHYUK and REEBOK collaborated for a very special project to craft a shoe that is innovative.


With two different color options, they’ve created the  ‘’KANGHYUK x Reebok DMX Run 6 Modern.’’ Which is also KFT’s one and only shoe pick. If you are looking for a unique shoe to add to your footwear repertoire, do not miss this shoe!




Korean Fashion Trends - SappunA known and loved affordable brand, SAPPUN provides Korean-style shoes that have a sophisticated look to them. From sandals to boots and loafers to mary janes, there is nothing you cannot find at SAPPUN.


KFT’s Shoe Pick:


Sylvia Square Mary Jane Flats 


With a classic and minimal design, these flats are giving MIU MIU a run down for their money. And they are so affordable! Style these Mary Jane flats with knee-high socks and mini skirts for the full MIU MIU effect and emulate IVE Jang Wonyoung’s girly and feminine flair on a budget. But, if you are looking for an even more affordable dupe, click here! The KFT team is always here to help you get the best deals.


Matin Kim


Korean Fashion Trends - Matin KimTrendy and comfortable are two words to describe this South Korean fashion and beauty brand. This brand has a variety of products to cater to your special tastes. Their most loved items are their bags. However, we recommend you to give a chance to their footwear selection!


KFT’s Shoe Pick:




Crafted with 100% cow leather, these mid-length boots are the star of the shoe show! These platform boots have intricate buckle details adorned with silver. Moreover, they have a layered look to them that is super original.


Korean Fashion Trends - K-model footwearNo outfit is complete without the ideal footwear. Explore the must-know Korean shoe brands with Korean Fashion Trends for fresh and trendy Korean-style looks. Which Korean shoe brands are among your favorites? Tell us in the comments. Subscribe to the KFT newsletter to receive notifications of our daily updates. Don’t forget to visit us in our next blog post. See you soon, K-lover!


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