What is Korean school fashion?

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Korean fashion has no limits, and one example of this is one of the most popular trends in K-fashion: dressing in school style. But what is Korean school fashion? The answer is easier and more fashionista than you imagine. Thanks to the fact that school uniforms in Korea are pretty, many girls tend to dress in the Korean school style. This trend is also strongly influenced by the training world in Korea, who have also taken it upon themselves to take this trend to a new level: not only Korean women dress in school style; foreign girls who love this fashion have also started to do it. If you want to know everything about Korean school fashion, scroll down!


How is the Korean school uniform?


School pride is significant to Korean students, and each school’s uniform style has become more and more modern. Major uniform manufacturers began implementing contemporary looks and founded highly successful ad campaigns with Korean teen idols. Girls immediately talked about how handsome the boys would look in their uniforms and how excited they were to wear miniskirts to school. The parents were concerned. The schools eventually rejected the more stylish uniforms, and the companies agreed, at the behest of the Korean government, to remove the ads. Some Korean schools require some of the most modern uniforms, while others have not updated their appearance since the 1960s. However, more schools have agreed to include the new school uniform, which is the one we can see in school dramas, those uniforms that take our breath away even being just that, school uniforms. Korean school uniforms are called Gyobok fashion.


Components of Korean school uniforms


Every Korean school has summer uniforms for boys and girls, winter uniforms, physical education uniforms for boys and girls, and requirements for socks, shoes, and belts. Summer uniforms tend to be navy blue. The winter uniforms are gray and have a coat, wool jacket, or sweater. Some schools also require a Safari-style summer uniform. Know what pieces make up each uniform. It is essential if you plan to recreate a Korean school style.


Girls Uniform


A typical girl’s uniform includes a pleated skirt, long pants, a white shirt with sleeves and a collar, a vest, a tie, and warm clothing for winter. The socks must be white.


Boys uniforms


A boy’s Korean school uniform generally consists of dress pants, a white shirt with sleeves and a collar, a jacket, a vest, a tie, and warm clothing for winter. Socks must be white, and pants must have belts.


An extra fact about Korean school uniforms


You will see that young people wear Korean school uniforms in high schools and some middle schools. Uniforms differ by region, school, and class level, and people in the community recognize which school a student attends by the uniform they wear. Most students like the way they look in them. Because of that, uniforms are no longer just a garment worn in schools. Of course, it adjusts to the taste of each person and the occasion. However, in Korea, it is usual to see non-high school girls wearing the Korean school style.


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What is the Korean school style?


This style is very famous in the world of K-fashion. It is a style in which the use of school clothes predominates. It is a style in which the use of school clothes reigns. Furthermore, it adapts to other looks and mixes with other pieces. Its popularity is due to the girls who noticed that the uniforms were very fashionable and that wearing them, instead of being boring, was the opposite. However, the most relevant influence comes from the Korean training industry. Many idol groups (whether male or female) used the school style in their concepts. It is a concept that turns out to be a favorite among many fans, as they love to see their idols sporting that youthful style that identifies much of their community of fans. There are also many school K-dramas where you can enjoy watching your favorite actors wearing school uniforms.


Ideas for achieving a Korean school-style


Basic school style


In the basic school style, the garments are not much different from the traditional school uniform. However, you can also combine them with accessories that girls cannot wear at school. You can play with your hair, add accessories, wear other types of shoes, maybe platform shoes, and replace the colors. Knowing what Korean school fashion is, you can recreate many outfits just by wearing a school pleated skirt.


Cute style


It is one of the most limiting styles. To achieve a cute look, you need to wear clothes that fit that concept. That is garments in pastel colors and with adorable motifs. However, any garment of light tones is also valid, and you can even add other clothes and accessories to complement them. One of the most used garments in this style is the school pleated skirt. Thanks to its popularity, it is available in many other shades, so you can wear a school skirt in the color of your choice, combine them with a blouse, or stockings, and even add a jacket. Usually, when the girls wear a cute style, the skirt is also in pastel colors. There are pretty designs that you might love.


Grunge style


This style can also relate to street style. Grunge is a style that integrates dark garments, rocker style, and sometimes also hip-hop style. It is the most versatile style in Korean fashion. You can wear a Korean school look that is also framed in grunge if you prefer. Usually, when girls wear this style, they add pleated skirts of darker shades. They accompany them with accessories such as chains, wear platform shoes, and long tights. They also include the blazer many times, but this one still has grunge decorations. 


As you can see, the Gyobok is the school uniform that all high school students in Korea want to wear. However, interest in Gyobok has grown so much that now the Korean school style is a trend in Korean fashion. If you desire to try this style, all you have to do is get the uniform skirt. The rest is a bit more optional since you can add and remove the clothes you want based on your style. How does your perfect Korean school style look? Tell us in the comments! And visit us every day to know all the trends in Korean fashion.


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