5 Korean Rainy Day Outfits Inspired by Trend-Setter Korean Idols

Korean Fashion Trends - 5 Korean Rainy Day Outfits Inspired by Trend-Setter Korean Idols

2023 fall has graced us with many trends in fashion. And as we all know, K-pop stars are always ahead of the fashion game. Today, we will unveil 5 Korean rainy day outfits inspired by trend-setter Korean idols! This is a chance to analyze how to mix up the trends of the year in various ways! Do you want to wear a style worthy of stealing everyone’s attention even on the rainiest days? You can do it if you continue with us and keep reading! Let’s discover the Korean rainy outfit ideas!


What Should You Wear During The Rainy Season and Why?


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean rainy day outfits - Woman wearing waterproof JacketThe main insiders of Korean fashion and the trend-setters Korean idols will help us today to decipher what you can wear on rainy days. Thanks to them, we can discover the Korean clothes style codes to achieve Korean rainy day outfits that adapt to our tastes and needs. On rainy days, you should choose clothes made of materials that are difficult to absorb water.


Or that if they absorb water, they can dry very quickly. But what are water-resistant fabrics? Some of the water-resistant fabrics are silk, synthetic, and wool. Among the synthetic fabrics, polyester, nylon, and polyamide stand out. These fabrics are the best options to dress well and appropriately on rainy days. If you click here, you can get our Korean rainy outfit ideas even if your budget is tight!


4 Korean Fashion Tips to Dress Correctly on Rainy Days


Before delving into our Korean rainy outfit ideas and ideal proposals to look like a real fashionista even on rainy days, we will unveil four essential tips and tricks. So if you want to succeed recreating the Korean rainy day outfits, keep reading! Are you ready? Let’s see!


  1. Korean Fashion Trends - Korean rainy day outfits - Woman wearing sweaterIn addition to clothing, footwear is the first thing you should consider when creating your look for a rainy day. And you must choose suitable shoes. That way, you can avoid a cold (and also the discomfort of wearing wet socks all day). Some wellies would be a safe bet, although you can opt for boots with track soles or high-heeled ankle boots (always made of waterproof fabric).
  2. It is essential to choose a waterproof outerwear garment. A trench coat, a leather jacket, etc.
  3. If you don’t want to invest too much time doing your hair, get a hat or cap that covers your hair. That way, you can also avoid a bad hair day.
  4. Finally, if you have to go to an event on a rainy day, a total black look, a black umbrella, and your hair in a ponytail will be the solution.


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What to Wear on a Rainy Day? Korean Fashion Picks!


When the rain starts pouring, it’s essential to have the right outfit to keep you both dry and stylish. So, here are some tips on what to wear when it rains. And you can include each of these garments if you want to recreate the Korean rainy day outfits:




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean rainy day outfits - Woman wearing red scarfA scarf not only adds style but also provides an extra layer of protection. Opt for a water-resistant material to keep you dry and warm! Shop here.


Rain Jacket


Opt for a waterproof rain jacket instead of a trench coat. Active and stylish, rain jackets keep you dry and add a touch of personality to your outfit. Shop here.


Stylish Umbrella


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean rainy day outfits - umbrellasDon’t forget a stylish umbrella.


A sleek, well-designed umbrella can complement your outfit and keep you dry as you go about your day. Shop here.


Comfortable Boots


A pair of durable boots is a must for the fall and winter season. They not only protect your feet from puddles but can also be a stylish statement piece. Choose a classic design or something funky to match your style. Shop here.


5 Korean Rainy Day Outfits Inspired by Korean Idols!


Finally, we have reached the most anticipated section of our blog post dedicated to Korean rainy-day outfits! These Korean rainy outfit ideas are ideal if you also want to wear Korean-style clothes on rainy days. Additionally, each look takes inspiration from trend-setter Korean idols’ favorites. So, let’s begin!


Cozy & Casual


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean rainy day outfits - Woman wearing skinny jeans and crop topIf you’re planning to spend a rainy day out for a coffee and reading date or hanging out at a cozy pub for some relaxation and fun, then this is the perfect look to match the vibes! Get inspired by Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and combine flared jeans with a simple yet comfortable tank top.


Add a leather jacket to give it a rebellious edge. To elevate this outfit, trade Taeyeon’s LV cozy flat comfort clogs for a pair of Uggs or leather boots.


Taeyeon takes her fashion game up a notch by incorporating oversized frame glasses, so be sure to give this combination a try! Shop here.


Cool & Comfortable


Korean Fashion Trends - Woman wearing sweet pantsIf you need a quick and comfortable outfit that still looks great, this is the perfect choice! To achieve this look, draw inspiration from MAMAMOO’s Solar and combine your sweatpants with a tube top.


Finish it off with a transparent top to add a cool girl flair.


You can finish off the look with a rain jacket. Remember to complete the outfit with either a pair of Uggs or cozy leather boots, depending on the occasion. Shop here.


Main Character Moment


Korean Fashion Trends - Woman wearing long dressIf you aim to never compromise on style and elegance, this is the perfect outfit to wear on a rainy day.


Draw inspiration From Red Velvet Irene’s Prada FW20 Campaign for this look. Pair a printed sleeveless dress with a black half-sleeve top.


Finish off the look with knee-high boots, flat or heeled. Irene’s look is completed with a midi shoulder bag that ties the overall look together.


So, you can add a shoulder bag to accessorize! Shop here.


Innocent Charm


Korean Fashion Trends - Woman wearing grey jacketRed Velvet members consistently demonstrate their ability to create incredible looks, and it’s evident. So, draw inspiration from Red Velvet member Joy for your next outfit! Combine a black dress with a puffed skirt or opt for a puffed skirt paired with a black-sleeved top.


Complete the ensemble by adding an oversized bomber jacket to bring the entire look together.


To accessorize like Joy, don’t forget to include knee-high socks, over-the-knee leather boots, a heart choker, and a bold ring to complement the choker. This is a look that will capture hearts and leave a lasting impression. Shop here.


Rainy Day Vitamin


Korean Fashion Trends - Woman wearing short jacket and crop topThis look will bring the sun out from where it’s hiding! Lastly, take inspiration from STAYC’s J for a bright rainy-day look. Combine baggy or straight-leg jeans with a cropped colorful cardigan. To elevate this look like J, color match your cardigan with your shoulder bag. And accessorize with a belt and a statement necklace. J also sports a Y2K-style spiked bun with this outfit. So, you can also personalize your look according to your taste. Shop here.


It doesn’t matter if it’s pouring rain outside. You can still rock an amazing style if you recreate these Korean rainy-day outfits inspired by trend-setter Korean Idols! These Korean rainy outfit ideas are easy to achieve, especially if you have enough Korean-style clothes in your closet.


Don’t lose your Korean style even on rainy days! Are you subscribed to our newsletter? You still have time! Don’t miss the news in our daily updates. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, X, Pinterest, YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, and Twitch! See you in the next post on your favorite Korean fashion blog! Click here to buy Korean fashion! That way, you can find discounts on Korean fashion and beauty that YesStyle has for you. Shop here and be a Korean fashionista without breaking the bank!


Rain to be yourself!


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