Korean outfit ideas you can make by wearing fishnet stockings

Korean Fashion Trends - Korean outfit ideas you can make by wearing fishnet stockings

Some garments can transform any outfit, so you should not forget to include some fishnet tights in your closet. Especially if you like Korean fashion and girl crush style. Although there are many types of tights you can use throughout the year, sometimes we decide not to include them in our outfits and leave them forgotten. But you should know the impact they have on a set of clothes can make a big difference. With them, you can achieve a creative look. That is why, today at Korean Fashion Trends, we present the Korean outfit ideas you can make by wearing fishnet stockings. Get to know the different outfits and looks that you can complement with fishnet stockings. Here we go!


6 looks you can recreate using fishnet stockings


The fishnet stocking is a garment that adapts to different styles. Also, they will make you look beautiful. When we talk about fishnet stockings, things get even more interesting. But why? Because it is a complement that goes well with many garments such as skirts, shorts, jeans, dresses, and more. Because of that, there are endless alternatives to use them. The important thing is to know how to evaluate the garments and how to mix them. You can wear an outfit where these stockings are the focus of attention.


However, before starting, it is important to remember that although the most popular fishnet stockings are black, they are not the only ones that exist. If you have them in several colors, you can experiment with your looks too. Create new outfits that will also allow you to reinvent other outfits with these Korean outfit ideas you can make by wearing fishnet stockings!


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1. Casual and formal together


That’s how it is! You think you can only create casual looks with fishnet stockings, right? Well, you are wrong! These stockings can also be very formal if you know how to use them correctly. Wear your fishnet stockings in black with a blouse of the same color. Our recommendation is a sweater-textured garment with a high neck. If you add a skirt, it will look great, but try to create a contrast with the color. Therefore, an ideal option would be one in light brown color.


For footwear, we suggest someblack ankle boots with a heel. They will create harmony in this ensemble. Also, you can add a long blazer to this outfit. You can use it for a special outing too. Why? Because although it is still casual, it includes a touch of elegance. This outfit brings together the casual and the formal in an infallible combination, right? That is why it is the first in this list of Korean outfit ideas you can make by wearing fishnet stockings.


2. Cool style


If you are a girl with a much more casual style, don’t worry because we haven’t forgotten you, and that’s why we bring you this recommendation among the Korean outfit ideas you can make by wearing fishnet stockings. You can achieve a fresh look by wearing fishnet stockings with no problems. How can you do it? Get a fresh but stylish look by combining your black fishnet stockings and denim shorts.


But we recommend the shorts are not tight on the legs, as it will make the stockings look better. Add a black crop top to increase the impact of the outfit. And to complement it, you need some black ankle boots of your liking, but an ideal option is combat boots. If you are a little more daring, finish your outfit with fashion accessories. A bucket hat will add a touch of mystery to your look, and a belt will accentuate your figure.


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3. Girly style


The girly style is one of the favorite Korean trends for many. For that reason, this option could not be missing among the Korean outfit ideas you can make by wearing fishnet stockings. If you prefer soft colors when choosing your favorite clothes, you will love this idea. But this time, the key will be some white or nude fishnet tights. Combine them with a skirt in pink. We recommend that you have a slightly lighter hue. You can add a white sweater or a long-sleeved blouse. You can add a pair of white tennis shoes that go well with your look as an extra touch. The sporty ones are a good idea. Wear pink socks that stick out from your shoes and match your skirt to perfect this outfit. Don’t forget accessories like earrings and maybe a nice bucket hat.


4. With basic pieces


The basic pieces should never be missing in your closet. Sometimes, when we have a lot of clothes but we don’t have the basics, we don’t know what to wear. Therefore, the basics are a requirement in every closet that loves Korean fashion and fashion in general. Because of that, we thought of this option among the Korean outfit ideas you can make by wearing fishnet stockings. You will gather several basic garments like blue jeans with rips on the legs. If the ripped part is very showy, your fishnet stockings will show off more. It will also look great if you wear baggy or mom jeans. Add a black shirt or crop top. 


If your jeans are light in color, the color contrast will be even better. To perfect it, wear white tennis shoes. The best alternatives are those that have a thick sole or platform. If your jeans cover your ankles, you can fold them a bit to show off your socks on the bottom. Now only complement with accessories such as belts, glasses, and earrings. That’s a pretty girl crush and urban look. The girls from BlackPink would be proud to see you look like this!


5. All-black style


And just like the basic garments, there are also basic colors that should not be missing in any closet. One of those colors is black. That’s why we present you this black look where fishnet stockings are the star. It is an ideal outfit to go out to a party with your friends. You will only need a short black dress. You can also replace it with a short jumpsuit. Bright accessories such as long necklaces will be your allies and will create a beautiful harmony with the clothes. Complement the outfit with your black fishnet stockings and long boots of the same color. This option is the perfect one among the Korean outfit ideas you can make by wearing fishnet stockings for the most elegant moments. 


The Korean outfit ideas you can make by wearing fishnet stockings are ideal options for any occasion. Add these stockings to your outfits, and you will see how you improve your style without much effort or many garments. Fishnet stockings are beautiful and quite functional. Do you like them? Do you already use them in your outfits? If so, tell us in the comments. See you soon here on your favorite Korean fashion blog!


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