5 Korean outfits to combine with your best friend

Korean Fashion Trends - 5 Korean outfits to combine with your best friend

We have talked about the Korean fashion trend of combining looks with your partner. However, many ignore this trend is also valid for those who want to dress the same with one, the family, etc. The trend of dressing alike is not exclusive to couples, even if its origin comes from there. Do you have a date with your best friends or your BFF? Don’t you know which outfit is the right one for the occasion? Don’t worry! Today, we present you the 5 Korean outfits to combine with your best friend. We give you some ideas of looks to shine at your meeting with great style. A special date requires more than a fantastic outfit. No matter what aesthetic you follow or if you are not a fashion lover, we bring you some ideal looks for that next meeting with your BFFs. Stay with us and keep reading!


5 Korean outfits you can recreate if you’re going out with your best friend


Meetings with friends are always liberating, because being with them, chatting with confidence, laughing out loud, reminiscing about old times, and planning new projects together is fun. And one way to take the fun to another level is to dress alike. In addition, it is a creative fashion idea that you can get a lot of use out of. You can use these Korean outfits to combine with your best friend in several ways. If you want, you can wear the same clothes in the same tones. Or if you prefer a different touch, you can wear completely different clothes that match the same colors or at least the same color palette. Remember that the outfits do not have to be exactly a replica of the other to match. However, it’s also a good option if you want identical outfits. Review these 5 Korean outfits to combine with your best friend and choose your favorite to wear with your BFF. Let’s get started!




Korean fashion trends - ATHLEISURE AND NAVY BLUEWe start this list of Korean outfits to combine with your best friend with an athleisure combination in navy blue. As a Korean fashion lover, you have to know that the athleisure style is one of the favorites of K-Fashion.


In addition to being an avant-garde style, it is a very comfortable and casual style that you can wear anywhere. If you have a quiet outing with your best friend and want to wear a comfortable but fashionable look, take note of this recommendation. Wear a navy blue t-shirt and a white tennis skirt. Your friend can wear a white t-shirt and a navy blue skirt. And both can wear white sneakers and white ankle socks.


For accessories, you can choose to wear baseball caps or bucket hats, also in white. You can add sunglasses and other accessories that do not clash with their aesthetics. This type of mixture is ideal for taking walks outdoors or going out for a coffee or to the movies.




Korean Fashion Trends - COTTAGECORE STYLEWe continue with this list of Korean outfits to combine with your best friend with the cottagecore style. But first, what is cottagecore? Cottagecore is an aesthetic that celebrates a return to traditional trades and skills such as wild food harvesting, baking, and pottery making. It is related to aesthetic and nostalgic movements similar to grandmacore, farmcore, goblincore, and faeriecore.


Of course, this style has also come into fashion, and K-Fashion is proof of that, thanks to floral patterns and earth tones. If you want to achieve this type of outfit with your friend or group of friends, we recommend several options. You can wear a brown shirt and a beige romper or jogger on top. Add a bucket hat with floral decorations.


As for your friends, they can wear a beige dress of the length of their choice. Another can wear beige shorts and a camel-colored shirt, and the last one can opt for a beige skirt with a mint green shirt. Everyone can wear a bucket hat. In this way, they will be combined and ready to conquer the streets thanks to their matching looks.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean outfits to combine with your best friendThis list of Korean outfits to combine with your best friend could not miss the option for those friends who love sophisticated style. It is a look that you can wear for a casual moment but also a more elegant one. It’s all in the shoes.


If you wear sneakers, it will be a casual idea look. But if you add heels, it will elevate it and make it a bit dressier. Wear a long-sleeved black blouse. Accompany that blouse with a high cut skirt in mustard color. Add the shoes of your choice, also in black and a clutch bag in the same tone.


Unlike you, your friend can wear a mustard-colored shirt and a black skirt. But the shoes must remain black. If she or you prefer, you can add a black beret. And voila! They have a perfect outfit for any occasion.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean outfits to combine with your best friend - Two korean women wearing denim clothesAnd to continue with these Korean outfits to combine with your best friend, we have the fourth option in denim. Denim is a trend in Korean fashion.


Thanks to that, it is not difficult to see outfits and combinations where these garments stand out. An example of this is Korean celebrities. We’ve seen our favorite idols wear all-denim looks on more than one occasion. If you and your friend like this trend, this option is for you.


In addition, it is a feminine and chic casual combination. Wear a black jumper with a light blue shirt. Also, you can wear some sneakers and add a baseball cap and a white tote bag. Your friend can wear a white shirt, also a black jogger and white tennis shoes. Just like you, she could wear a white baseball cap.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean outfits to combine with your best friend - Two korean women wearing oversize clothesThis last option among the Korean outfits to combine with your best friend is ideal for lovers of Korean street style. In addition, it is a casual and very comfortable look that you can wear on the coldest days.


Do you like clothes with prints? Get ready, because, in this option, you can wear these garments with total confidence. Wear a black oversize hoodie with the print of your choice and add wide-leg trousers in a plaid print. Add some white tennis shoes or combat boots, and finish it off with a pink beanie.


Your friend could wear the same pants but with a white oversize hoodie, also with her favorite print. She can accompany her look with black converse. And voilá! You will be ready to go out and show off your Korean-style street and urban outfit.


The 5 Korean outfits to combine with your best friend are for those friends who are also soulmates. If you have a friend that you consider very special, go out together wearing these combined looks. However, if you want to do it with your girlfriend, sister or cousin because they are very close, you can also do it. These combinations are ideal to use with the person you most prefer. What was your favorite? Tell us in the comments. See you soon!

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